April 2011

Hair By Tracee

Author: David Gignilliat | Photographer: Photography by Anne

You may have met Tracee Spencer before. Maybe at the beach, or shopping at Shelter Cove, or perhaps in the checkout line at the local Harris Teeter. After all, she’s the type of cheerful extrovert who wouldn’t think twice about introducing herself to a complete stranger and striking up a conversation. And it’s that same effortless sociability that’s helped her establish Hair by Tracee as one of Hilton Head Island’s must-visit stylist experiences.

“I’m a very outgoing person. I am very confident in myself and my abilities, and I am very rarely shy,” said Spencer, who has 16 years of styling experience, including extensive professional training at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon London Academy. “I think the biggest draw with me for my clients is my communication. I am an incredible listener, and I will always [pay attention] to what a client wants, because, in the end, it has to be what the client wants.”

Equal parts skilled technician, communicator and listener, you get the sense that Spencer is having a ball doing her thing.

“I always liked beauty and fashion,” said Spencer, who grew up in the Detroit suburbs before moving to Hilton Head. “I cannot picture myself ever doing anything else. I don’t know, even if I was forced to pick another profession, what I would do, other than be a therapist maybe.”

Spencer offers a complete suite of cut, color, foil, style and wave treatments, and takes pride in offering a consultative approach to customize each client experience. Among her more popular services is a keratin treatment, a procedure that closes down the cuticle and infuses a protein into the hair, making the strands softer, smoother and straighter (“It makes your hair skinnier,” Spencer joked.)

Spencer is the only local stylist to offer “feather” extensions (made of real feathers that come from the saddle of a rooster), in natural and wild colors. Clients can have them inserted as a group or as a single feather (attached by a micro bead that is secured to a client’s hair) for a playful, change of pace.

“They are absolutely beautiful,” said Spencer, adding that the feathers can be styled, shampooed, flat-ironed or blown dry. “They’re a way to add some fun highlight and detail to your hair without a color change.” Like Spencer herself, the feathers have been quite the conversation starter, marketing themselves quite naturally.

“I had a client call me the other day and she said ‘I just want to tell you, Tracee, my husband loves my feathers, and all the girls at tennis were going just cuckoo over them. They all wanted to know where I had them done.’ As a stylist, it feels good to get that type of feedback,” Spencer said.

Hair by Tracee is located at 1521 Main Street Village on Hilton Head Island, inside of Salon 5200. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact Tracee directly at (843) 368-1247 or by e-mail at spencert1@hotmail.com.

  1. I have gray/silver hair and would like a couple feather extensions-however i will be going in the ocean in 1 week-Can i go inthe water with these? what is the cost for the extensions?

    — heather miller    May 11, 07:26 pm   

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