March 2011

Gorgeous Gardens and Pristine Pools : Pools - Ask A Pool Specialist

Author: Kevin M. Camp of Aqua Blue Pools

You’ve made the decision to build a pool. Your back yard is no longer going to be a desolate piece of your property seldom visited. You’re going to create an oasis that will draw you outdoors into the sunshine time and time again. For years to come, you will cherish the fond memories that owning a swimming pool will provide for you, your family, and friends. Before the memories can begin, your project should be carefully considered. After all, you want to do this right the first time around.

What size pool, shape, and features do you need? Is function most important, aesthetics, or both?
Is exercise important, and do you see yourself executing a flip turn while swimming laps? Are water features something you dream of, and do you hear your family laughing over the faint sound of moving water? Have you ever considered adding fire features to the design aesthetics? Make sure you communicate how your pool will primarily be used.

What type of pool have you considered? Do you want a Shot-Crete, fiberglass, or vinyl pool?
Answering this question depends on the budget amount and completion timeframe you have assigned to your project. Shot-Crete (Concrete) pools are custom designed and provide a multitude of options when it comes to shape, size, interior finishes and other material and design choices that are available to personalize your pool. For these reasons, concrete pools typically take longer to complete than other types of pools. Fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools come in pre-determined shapes and sizes and have a less expensive initial investment. Their long-term cost to own and maintain is typically below that of Shot-Crete pools. Also, they can be installed in half the time as Shot-Crete and can be semi-customized with the surrounding deck, coping, and tile to complement your home and landscape.

Who should you interview to build your pool?
It’s up to you to determine which pool contractor connects with you the most, and one that listens intently and understands what you want. Perhaps it will help you to talk with someone who builds each type of pool. It can be difficult to weed through the different opinions you will hear from each contractor, so to protect yourself from the biased opinions, do your research. Some folks find it helpful to talk with people they know that have owned each type of pool. Another good tip is meeting with a company that specializes and has experience in building the different types of pools. They will be more likely to assist you in determining which pool type is most appropriate for what you want and need.

Who should you hire to build your pool?
Most people prefer to work with a contractor that is knowledgeable and experienced. It’s equally important that you like and trust who you will be working with. As with any construction project, you will be spending a lot of time together. Make sure the same person who helped you realize your vision will be working alongside you, managing your project until the end, not just passing you off to some stranger as soon as the contract is signed.

Now that you have carefully considered the questions above you can feel confident moving forward with your pool project. Soon you will be floating in your pool with a glass of lemonade, marveling at your latest creation.

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