March 2011

MARCH 2011: Editor's Note - Look Before You Leap

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Maybe it’s the spring weather (and long cold winter) making everyone itchy for change, but for some reason it seems that a lot of my friends are contemplating big moves in their lives right now: a new career, a new state, a new relationship, a new beginning.

It has me thinking about humans and their continual quest for “something new.” Boredom seeps into what seems like a humdrum life, and we feel the need to shake things up. Do we like to stir up trouble so we aren’t bored? Perhaps.

If our minds aren’t continually stimulated by new thoughts, ideas and challenges, we get stagnant. But what’s interesting to me is the difference in the things we choose to change as opposed to the things we could change.

Perhaps our attitude is the thing that should change: If only we could shift our own personal paradigm and see our lives in a completely different light. The glass is half full vs. half empty.

I had a friend who needed to get away from Hilton Head because he began to hate it here. I remember thinking that he could travel halfway around the world and still be stuck with what he was most unhappy with—himself. The scenery changes, but if you can’t change what’s inside your head, you’ll still feel the same.

We should all take a lesson from the people (Altruistic Islanders) featured on page 92 of this issue—start thinking less about our own problems and situations and help those who have it much, much worse. A little perspective goes along way.

But if you still feel the need to shake things up this spring, look before you leap. The grass may be greener, but it’s because there’s a lot of manure hiding in it.

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