February 2011

FEBRUARY 2011: Letters To The Editor...

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Dear Ms. Washo,

On behalf of the staff and families of the First Presbyterian Day School, I want to thank you for the publication of Christmas Concert Warms the Heart, featured in the November issue of CH2. The article written by Melissa Koch truly captured the spirit and essence of our school and the upcoming benefit concert. We pride ourselves here at the Day School in being an environment where young children are nurtured and given the tools to become successful lifelong learners.

Again, I extend my gratitude to you for including us in your magazine and to Melissa for her interpretation of our school. Happy Holidays!

Sissy Jarrell, Director



Please pass this note and a big thank you along to David who just had me smiling throughout the whole article on BSOD. Just like any activity that becomes a way of life, dance is its own world and few people outside of that world “get it.” To read David’s “outsider” description of a very typical day here at BSOD was thrilling and he was dead-on. I never thought of my place of business as a clown car, but it really is the perfect description!

David and Krisztian were wonderful to work with and gave the kids a great, professional experience they will remember for a long time. The dancers loved getting interviewed and photographed and I loved that it was about the dance, the studio and the kids—because for all of us here, that is exactly what every day is all about! Thank you again for the experience and on a personal note, I love that you’re dancing too! Keep it up (not that you need encouraging—sounds like the dance fever’s gotten you too) and Happy New Year!

All My Best,
Dawn Rosa
Bluffton School of Dance


Maggie & CH2 Staff,

We want to thank you and everyone at CH2 for following “Get Hitched” over the last year. It was a dream come true for us and something we will never forget. We are so thankful for the generosity of so many wonderful people and businesses in Hilton Head and the surrounding communities who were involved with “Get Hitched”. CH2 has provided us with so many memories of our wedding journey, memories we can cherish with our family, friends, children, and grandchildren.

Thank you to everyone at CH2 for the wonderful memories you published for us over the last year, we truly appreciate your support!

Julie and David Battiste


Dear Editor,

Jersey Joe’s has THE BEST pizza in Bluffton, Hands Down! Sad to see it’s not on here!



Comment Posted on CH2 Website regarding our Pizza Article:

Are you referencing Seaside Heights? My parents use to take us there as little kids and the tradition continued as I got older. I was there for the MTV’s Summer Show back in 1998. The slices are incredibly huge and cheap! Best Pizza ever! Mellow Mushroom is my favorite around here! I was born and raised in Philadelphia so you probably know all about us “food snobs.” LOL. Great article!

Philly Girl

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