February 2011

FEBRUARY 2011: Editor's Note - Momma Morgan

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Ever since I have known Morgan O’Banion Hodsdon (our director of sales) her bright Irish eyes have had babies in them. It was kind of a running joke. I saw a puppy and would coo; she saw a baby and would coo. In March of last year, she finally got her wish, and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone happier than when she broke the news that she was pregnant.

Always a runner, Morgan’s exercise routine was suddenly restricted a bit, so she enlisted my help in keeping her healthy during the pregnancy. We met for eight-mile walks every morning, and it was such a fun thing to get to see such a close friend go through every little bit of the process: the morning sickness, the strange food cravings, the first signs of a baby bump…the exhaustion.

One of the funniest days at the office was when she decided to take a quick nap in the conference room, only to be awakened by our office manager walking in with a client. Never a dull moment at CH2.

When the final weeks approached, Morgan was determined to have the baby on her schedule. She tried eating the right foods to induce labor, walking the baby out, and who knows what else. You have to know Morgan to really appreciate this, but she is the most organized, scheduled person I know.

On November 30, Harper Kelly Hodsdon was finally born—a healthy baby girl with the same smiling Irish eyes as her mother.

And that was a happy day indeed.

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