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Dear Maggie,
On behalf of our Board of Directors and curriculum committee, I would like to thank you for the outstanding article that just appeared in CH2. It was well written and covered all aspects of our organization. As a non-profit, we appreciate any publicity that can get our name and mission statement out to the public. This enables us to give back to the community each year.

You should be proud of your publication. It is excellently produced and provides interesting and timely information.

Again, thank you.

Judy VanCleave
President, Lifelong Learning of HHI

Dear Maggie,
How can I ever begin to thank you for publishing the terrific article about our Lifelong Learning of HHI? We were all so delighted with Courtney’s writing and the professional manner from all. Thank you so much for your generosity. I hope you know that I will gladly support you in any way in the future!

Elizabeth Nantz

The October issue is great!  I loved your editorial.  We are always our own worst critic and I bet your dance will be great.  I look forward to seeing all of you dance. Thanks for the smile this morning, as I read your column and browsed the issue.

With warmest regards,
Deborah Edmondson

Dear Editor:
A very good interview that addresses governing in our state.

Daryl McKee

This is blatant advertising for one candidate and not the other. Were you paid to do this? If not, be fair and give the same space to Sheheen. An ad should say it is an ad. Propaganda does not belong in a magazine for the general public. Please rectify this immediately.

Barbara Kelly

Is anyone going to reply to the protests about the Republican only articles in your magazine before these three events (Programs for Exceptional People Gala, Dancing with the Stars Strive to Excel Fundraiser & CH2’s Bachelor of the Year Party) are added to their boycott list on Facebook and in general?

Just wondering.  If you are not hearing it, then perhaps you should ask.  I spend all day in social media in the HHI / Bluffton / Beaufort area and your publication is taking some bad press.


Maggie –
 I kept quiet when you guys did the not-so-balanced cover piece on Joe Wilson … and for the time being I’m going to hold what I have to say about the Nikki Haley piece until I find out whether you are 1.) planning to do the same for Vincent Sheheen and 2.) your November issue will be out in enough time to have any impact before November 2.

I will tell you that while Democrats are in the minority here, there are still thousands of folks in Southern Beaufort County who voted Democratic in the last election ?? … and since Sheheen has been endorsed by the SC Chamber of Commerce, as well as the SC Hospital Association, SC Education Association and the Conservation Voters of SC, I have found dozens of moderate ??(and even a few conservative) Republicans who have attended his events on HHI and are planning to vote for him.

??CH2’s?? Fox News approach to covering politics may backfire as I have received at least a half dozen Facebook messages and another 5 or 6 emails from people who are so angry that they want to start contacting (or boycotting) your advertisers and I assure you that these folks have grassroots organizing skills and are willing to vote with their wallets if they can’t get satisfaction any other way.

But again, before I REALLY get on my soapbox to discuss what I (as the former owner and publisher of another total market coverage publication, Hilton Head Monthly) think should be the responsibility of a publication that comes into people’s homes unsolicited, I’d like to hear from you about whether you have any plans to provide a sense of balance to your coverage of the race.

There is just way too much at stake in this state right now to cover politics in the same way CH2 covers entertainment. We’re not choosing the Bachelor of the Year here … this is our future and the future of our businesses and the well-being of our state and our community.

Terry Bergeron

Dear CH2,
Right before I declared as a candidate for Mayor of Hilton Head Island, I was visited by an individual who announced to me that he, “represented the power brokers of Hilton Head Island.”  He said that it is impossible to win an election on Hilton Head Island without the support of the power brokers and that “the power brokers had already picked their boy” and therefore I should stay out of the race!  Talk about waving a red flag in front of a bull!

I was told that the power brokers control the press and that I would be characterized as a light weight “showman” and not a serious candidate.  The irony there is that everyone who watched me on Talk of the Town on WHHI TV for the last eight years knows that I’m not a lightweight.  And they didn’t magically develop amnesia and suddenly forget that I started New Leaf Management and Second Nature Landscape and that I created hundreds of jobs for this Island.  They didn’t forget that I found the land for The Boys and Girls Club or that I started The Bluffton Farmers Market (with my fellow Rotarian Diane Fornari) and took it and its jobs and its economic engine over the bridge to Bluffton only after the town of Hilton Head turned it down.
The next power broker maneuver came when a poll was posted on the Hilton Head Monthly website last week.  I found out about it at 8:00 am on Friday morning.  The poll had me at 13%.  I immediately connected with hundreds of my supporters with whom I have built up good solid personal and business relationships over the last 26 years here on Hilton Head Island.  By the end of the day I was up to 44%!  I went online in the evening to see if I could get it to go over 51%, only to discover that the poll had been removed before the published end time.  The results have since been buried and I suspect they will never ever see the light of day. 

The power brokers were not done!  This week they sent an email to the supporters of their “boy” directing them to vote in a new poll that was buried somewhere in the back pages of the HH Monthly website.  The new poll was then quickly removed before I could even inform my supporters that it was there.  I wonder what the results that poll will show and if HH Monthly will publish them!!??

This all reached the tipping point for me on Tuesday evening after the mayoral forum when I met Marc Frey of Hilton Head Monthly. It’s no secret that Mr. Frey supports one of my opponents. ??Monthly?? refused (see attached email) to print my answers to their questionnaire in a nice two page spread with a pretty photo in their magazine like they did for 5 of the other candidates.  Mr. Frey actually said to me, “You should be grateful for the coverage that you got!”

I know that CH2 and its readers believe in freedom and democracy and fair play.  I ask that you embrace that freedom and that you exercise your right as citizens to be fully informed and that you go to my website at edmccullough.com or friend me on facebook and read my answers to the questionnaire before you decide who to vote for on November 2nd.  I humbly ask that you join with me in my mission to see to it that, “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth!”  Thank you!

Ed McCullough


One word is all I need…

“AMAZING”…..thank you guys so very much!

Warren and Midway Blue

Hi Maggie,

I loved the HHDT (Hilton Head Dance Theatre) article and photos in the magazine this month! Thank you so much for running it. Our Board really appreciates the coverage and it was just beautiful!

Thank you again and good luck dancing!

Missy Santorum

Dear Maggie,
On behalf of The Hilton Head Dance Theatre, I would like to say “thank you” for the lovely article, photos and interest given to promote our 25th Anniversary. We sincerely appreciate the quality images it projects in supporting our theme “25 Years of Excellence”.

Again, thanks to you, Krisztian and the rest of the staff that worked on this project for us.

Lea Allen

Hi Maggie,
We just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much we appreciated you running a story on our “Birdies for the Brave” charity golf tournament for the troops. I saw the issue and it looks great.
If you need anything from the golf world that you would need assistance on in the future, please do not hesitate to ask! Thanks so much!

Vanessa Castaneda, Tournament Sales Assistant
Port Royal Golf Club

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