September 2006

Capturing the Moment: Memory-making goes digital

Author: Linda S. Hopkins

How many times have you found yourself frantically digging through a shoebox full of photographs, looking for that one captured moment? Even if you’ve saved your best prints in albums, sometimes finding a particular photo can be an exercise in frustration if not futility.

Thanks to the modern miracle of digital imaging, new methods of preserving your memories can save your time and sanity. If you haven’t joined the digital revolution, you’ll want to start with a new digital camera. For the best selection, visit Island Digital Photo, a full-service camera and photofinishing shop, where digital experts, Mike and Jordan, can help you choose the right equipment to suit your photography needs and budget.

One advantage of digital over film is the ability to review pictures immediately and discard the ones you don’t want. Here are a few options for the keepers, even if you’re not ready to give up your shoeboxes:

Print: Quickly and easily enhance your photos by cropping, adjusting and creating special effects. Island Digital Photo offers two kiosks where you can manipulate your photos and print them yourself or let the trained technicians do the adjusting and printing. Either way, you are assured sharp, consistent, colorful pictures.

Frame: Display your photos or give them as gifts. Island Digital Photo has an eclectic selection of frames as well as traditional photo albums for every need.

Transfer: Create a conversation piece or personalized gift by transferring your digital image to a T-shirt, mouse pad or mug, Stop in and see examples of the latest photo gift—an elegant photo handbag, perfect for the proud soccer mom, dedicated teacher, doting grandmother or fanatical pet lover.

Scrapbook: Produce a unique digital scrapbook with simple theme-based software, available at Island Digital Photo. No more paper, scissors and glue. Take your creation in on CD to be printed and bound as a personal keepsake or treasured gift.

Store: Let Island Digital Photo save your work on CD or DVD for easy access, increased sharing options and assured longevity for future generations.

Digital imaging puts a whole new world of memory-making at your fingertips. When your baby takes her first steps or when you find yourself gazing at the perfect sunset, don’t miss the chance to capture the moment. Go digital for a lasting memento.

And remember the sage advice of Dave Sanders, owner: “A picture isn’t a picture until it’s a print.”

Additional products and services:

  • Extensive line of cameras, memory cards, batteries and chargers, lens covers, tripods and more.
  • Free digital photography and scrap-booking classes
  • Portrait studio—individual or family portraits for newsletters, postcards, résumés, business cards, etc. (appointment recommended)
  • Enlargements on paper or canvas; poster prints
  • Custom DVDs with sound
  • Video, 8MM and 16MM movies transferred to DVD
  • Restoration—damaged photos restored to almost original condition
  • Free online services—upload photos from home or vacation for shipping or pickup at your convenience
  • Holiday photo cards

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