October 2010

October 2010: LETTER TO THE EDITOR...

Author: Anonymous

Ms. Washo,

Regarding your two articles on whether or not marijuana should be legalized, the male point of view was an insulting diatribe on how “people willing to smoke Marijuana are willing to turn anything into a recreational drug”. Really?! An interesting opinion from someone who admits that he never tried it. He seems to be against the use of any drug for recreational purposes. I wonder……does that include alcohol?? One has to wonder why someone who has never tried it and has so many misconceptions about it was chosen for his opinion on it? The female viewpoint, low and behold, YOU on this subject criticized your friend for smoking at the end of her day “like a cocktail”, but implied that your friend was a pothead because “she smoked pot like it was her job”. Does that mean that if your friend chose the legal option of a cocktail or a glass of wine that that would make her a wino?? I wonder if you too ever imbibe with alcohol, because if either you or your male counterpart do then that makes both of you hypocrites in my book. You see, I don’t drink alcohol because it is poison in my system and is a trigger for migraines. A good thing, actually since alcoholism runs RAMPANT in my family history. You know, that good ol’ (not) benign legal hard drug, alcohol? Why would anyone such as yourself who admittedly hasn’t a “strong opinion on the subject or hasn’t conducted any studies on the effects of it on the body or the economy” feel that your opinion has any validity to it?? Why not as the editor of this magazine have pro and con intelligently written articles that just state the FACTS????? Was this designed to provoke letters such as mine or will letters such as mine even make print It seems that you are determined to present only one totally misinformed side to this argument. I hope that you will see fit to indulge intelligent discussion on something that is not just something that an ADULT (nobody ever suggested that it should be legal for children!) should be able to decide for themselves, but it is a way past time to stop making criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens such as myself. Here are some facts if you are interested……

1. Marijuana is not addictive, alcohol is.

2. You cannot OD on marijuana, on alcohol you can (you can’t even get “falling down” stoned, it just isn’t possible!)

3. Marijuana does not impair your judgment that way that alcohol does, that being said, it should still be illegal to DUI no matter what drug you are under the influence of.

4. Marijuana does not incite aggression or depression. Alcohol does. No cop will ever say that he broke up a brawl when there was only marijuana use going on.

5. Alcohol has killed hundreds of thousands of people 100 different ways and ruined millions of lives through dependency. There are no documented deaths attributed to marijuana use.

Marijuana does NOT lead to harder drugs, except alcohol since alcohol IS legal.

I am 52 years old. My husband is a professional. I cannot give my name for that reason, but neither of us have ever missed a day of work or been arrested. We own two homes and raised three sons, all normal, responsible adults. We did not ever smoke around them, drive while high or promote the use of it in their presence. They did not even know about our use until well after they became adults due to it being illegal. The idea that people who use marijuana are the dregs of society must change because the truth is that a lot of people from all walks of life enjoy the option of something less potent than alcohol. Mr. Kelson’s suggestion that “anyone using it just to get high needs to grow up, face facts and life in the real world like the rest of us”. The rest of us meaning the rest of us who use alcohol I suppose. Because if he is saying that most people go through life totally sober, I’m Sorry, but I just can’t believe that he could be that naive! Personally, I lost my mother to suicide when I was barely 15, my older brother to a car accident when he was 28, my younger brother to suicide at 33 and my father to a car accident on Christmas Eve 5 years ago all by the time I was 46, none if it through any fault of my own. This comprised all of my immediate family. Who’s business should it be if I feel that I should have the option to use a less harmful drug than alcohol to relax with the privacy of my own home to take the edge off of life? What in the world are some people so afraid of? Illegal does not equal immoral the same way the legal des not equal moral. For instance abortion to many is immoral and yet it IS legal.

Above all else, please stop the fear mongering. The “Pandora’s box” is already open. IT is time for fairness to prevail and stop the misinformation and insanity that people like you and Mr. Kelson are trying to promote. I thought that was an editors job. Forgive me if I don’t sign my name, but circumstances being what they are I must remain in hiding even though I don’t FEEL that I have anything to hide!


Clearly Mr. Kelson and I are not entitled to an opinion. Unless that opinion supports legalizing marijuana. We stand corrected!

  1. owned. clearly opinion columnist should have some sort of idea of what they are writing about, or at least done some sort of research on the topic. credit to ch2 for printing this letter though, although decredited for having to get the last word in with a sarcastic comment.

    — 2c4s    Oct 7, 02:47 pm   

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