September 2010

Joni & Carolyn's 25 Secrets To Market Street's 25 Years Of Success!

Author: Joni & Carolyn

1985: Change your logo with the times…from a Pegasus to a beach umbrella (definitely more HHI appropriate!).
1986: When your favorite customers get sick, deliver soup to them.
1987: Pay taxes. (This should be done EVERY year.)
1988: Let your waitresses wear leggings if it’s the fad. As long as they have the Market Street T-shirt on too.
1989: A southern snowstorm should not keep you from opening.
1990: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. (The Gyro has been the same for 25 YEARS!)
1991: Homemade desserts are better. Enough said.
1992: Don’t price yourself out of the “market.” Offer great food at reasonable prices.
1993: Have a great location in Coligny Plaza. (Can you say “high traffic area?”)
1994: Cater to the tourists.
1995: Cater to the locals. (This should be first.)
1996: Have GIANT fans for your alfresco guests. It gets pretty hot around here in the summer.
1997: Stay open all afternoon so island visitors have a place to hang out before the 4 p.m. check-in time.
1998: Have waitresses & cooks that have over 100 years combined experience serving guests…at Market Street Cafe.
1999: Stay open during “voluntary” hurricane evacuations. The people have to eat somewhere!
2000: Donate your time to charities that have a place in your heart. The Humane Society is our favorite.
2001: Addendum to 1991: EVERYTHING should be homemade.
2002: Have a place where pets are welcome too.
2003: We actually know how to create separate checks and we don’t mind doing it.
2004: Put photos of your favorite customers on your Web site.
2005: Kid’s don’t like fancy menus. We have hot dogs, pizza and chicken fingers.
2006: Never say never. (Carolyn said once, after spilling a tray of drinks, “I’ll never wait tables again!”) Ha!
2007: Create a Facebook Fan page to stay connected to your out of town customers.
2008: Have over 1,000 fans on that Facebook page.
2009: Be really good friends with your business partner.
2010: Have one hell of a birthday party!

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