June 2010


Author: Maggie Washo

“He’s a Maneater….Tra-La-La-La”

My dog, Woody Brisby, bites people on occasion. Last month, he bit me for the first time. I know some of you are probably wondering why this dog is still alive—especially those of you who were his victims.

I inherited Woody from a roommate and very close friend who died tragically in a car accident six years ago. Woody was only about seven months old at the time, and was my very first foray into canine companionship. I like to think he was already beyond the formative years, and therefore, his bad behavior (sleeping on the couch, growling when protecting his food, biting people) was not my fault, as you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

He was a rescue dog, found wandering down the middle of the road in Beaufort. At only six weeks old, I can’t figure out what must have happened in his first few days to make him so aggressive at times. When I say aggressive, I don’t mean he will run up and bite you for no reason. He is just very protective of me and his food/ toys. “Fetch” is not a game you want to play with Woody. Good luck getting anything out of his mouth without damage to your hands.

I have met other dog owners who tell me he looks like a Carolina Dog. Upon further investigation of this particular breed, I found that these were wild dogs discovered in the 1970s in southern Georgia and South Carolina. They are a “primitive” dog breed and “not completely domesticated.”

No kidding.

So, in honor of our pet issue, I am sending this to Cesar Millan in the hopes that he can help me with my beloved Woody, who makes a great guard dog, but who will have to start wearing a Hannibal Lecter muzzle if we cannot come to terms with the biting.

I’ll let you know if we hear from him. In the meantime, enjoy our pet issue and count yourself lucky if your cuddly creature isn’t aggressive!

  1. Hello Maggie, my name is Natalee Marick and I am a mobile dog trainer. My aunt showed me your article “I need Cesar Millan”. I hope you get him. I have had a few owners that emailed him and received an automated response that simply stated there were so many requests and comments that they may not be able to get to everyone or something to that effect. I work with all breeds, sizes and ages, of dogs and owners. It is only to late to train a dog when they are dead! A lot of my work is based on desensitizing dogs to their surroundings and showing them how to have manners in public and at home. In the end, you are what is going to make or break Woody. I have worked with well trained dogs and near feral dogs in the Beaufort area for the last 6 or so years. I gain most of my owners through word of mouth. My sessions are $20 an hour in the Beaufort area and $25 south of the Broad. I do think I can help you. Feel free to call me at (843)305-9482 or email me at nataleemarick@yahoo.com. My dog training business is In Demand Dog Training. I hope to hear from you, if not good luck and don’t give up!

    — Natalee Marick    Jun 21, 05:53 pm   

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