May 2010

KPM Flooring

Author: Teresa Fitzgibbons

The crisp and cool beauty of stone and tile, the warmth and character of hard woods, the eye-catching statement of an area rug, or the plush luxury of a rich carpet. Whatever flooring choice you make for your home—or any other property you may have—makes a statement about who you are and how you live. Today, the possibilities seem endless.

A beautiful floor does more than make a statement about you. Floors enhance and complete a room. Flooring is about both style and value, and the right choice can add considerable value to your home.

“I think floors are really the basis for everything,” said Kathleen Mayers, president of KPM Flooring. “From stone to wood to carpet to unique specialty products, the floor makes the biggest statement in your home.” While fabrics, furniture, and paints have far more diversity than flooring products, they encounter more style limitations; thankfully they can be changed easier. The right floor choice can continue to complement a room regardless of other changes that are made. “Floors are moody. You can give a room a whole new look and still leave the floor the same if you’ve made a thoughtful decision,” Mayers said.

KPM Flooring is a full service residential and commercial flooring company serving the finest homes and commercial projects in the Lowcountry. Whether you are a specter or end user, KPM’s dedicated staff provides personalized attention and the services needed to bring your project in on time and within budget. Since opening in September of 2007, the company has managed to build up a pretty impressive client list that includes work throughout the United States, a celebrity name or two, and even international projects in Mexico and Italy.

KPM prides itself on its colorful, cutting-edge, and ever-changing inventory. A first glance at KPM’s impressive and expansive 4,900 square foot showrooms invariably brings an audible gasp. For many, that gasp is followed by a sigh of relief. While the store’s reputation for high-end products is well known, many patrons are pleased to discover that the store actually carries a wide variety of products at various price points.

“We certainly carry a lot of medium- to high-end products, but it’s not all we have,” said Mayers. “We can do anything from a basic apartment right up to a luxury services and products.” She stresses that no job is too small; she wants to meet that apartment owner and hopes to see them back again whenever they buy a home. “It’s all about building relationships,” she said.

A wide array of options awaits any customer. The showroom includes a remarkable selection of tile and stone, hardwoods, laminate, and specialty flooring such as leather, cork, and glass. Hundred of rugs hang from the ceiling, and the entire second floor consists of a commercial carpet library. Kathleen and her staff ensure that their inventory includes a plethora of traditional looks as well as an incredible selection of new styles that aren’t necessarily found in the Lowcountry. She logs thousands of miles each year attending markets and trade shows and is constantly researching what is up and coming, not just in flooring, but in home décor as a whole. She’s built a strong reputation in a relatively short time—one that now has designers seeking her out and flooring vendors asking her to carry their lines.

“Some clients have even been referred to us by vendors,” Mayers said. “I never dreamed we’d be in this position.” The company’s growth has afforded it more buying power which allows for even better pricing and selection for customers.

One of KPM’s keys to success has obviously been its dedication to customer service. Like Mayers, each of the employees is focused upon building relationships with those who come in the door. The staff professionally questions potential buyers to make certain they guide them in the right direction. They want to know about a buyer’s lifestyle, their personal taste, and the purpose of the property as well as budget.

“We’re not out to sell you a floor today,” said Mayers. “We want to have a relationship with you and have you come back the next time you move or need new flooring. That’s why I’ve been successful in this business for 18 years. People know they can walk in the door and be assured they are getting great products, prices, and service.”

KPM Flooring is located at 35 Main Street, Ste 110. For more information, call (843) 342-4955 or visit Business hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday and Saturdays by appointment.

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