February 2010

Editor’s Note: February 2010

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography By Anne


“Love” is such an ambiguous word. It can take on many different forms, depending on whom you ask and what situation you speak of. In reference to Valentine’s Day, one most often associates love with romance. With the onslaught of Cupid’s yearly pilgrimage to our general vicinity, I find myself mulling over my past relationships. It’s amusing to me how much my view of romantic love has changed with each man I encountered. Did I learn a few things along the way? You bet I did. I give you a brief history…

First Love
Nothing can compare to it. He had beautiful brown eyes and a warm smile. We met on a camping trip. I was sixteen, he was eighteen. For awhile we didn’t live in the same state so there were love letters (neither one of us had cell phones so texting was not an option), large phone bills and lots of doodling and daydreaming. It was a beautiful thing. Until we grew up and it was over.

The Older Man
There is so much to learn when you date an older man. You find that your musical interests are completely different when you are born in different decades. Generally, a more mature person has a different outlook on life because they have already experienced more of it than you have. This can be a good thing. I learned a lot, specifically, that dating more in my age group was better for me.

The One that Got Away
The conversation was stimulating. We traveled a lot. My friends loved him and his friends loved me…well, all except for one. He was extremely intelligent, outgoing and had unlimited energy for new projects. He pushed me to be a better person, for which I am forever indebted. When I look back at this relationship, I think it is exactly what I would like to find again. I just wasn’t ready at the time.

Peter Pan
It’s a common ailment here in the Lowcountry – the boy who doesn’t want to grow up. He was the life of the party and boy did we have fun. But eventually the fun has to end- or at least be limited to one or two nights a week. This relationship ended on relatively good terms, however, so I still enjoy Peter Pan’s company as a friend.

A Complete Disaster
This dangerous liaison can be summed up with one word…T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Chemistry was the operative influence in this doomed-from-the-beginning association. Different world views, opposing morals and religious views…we couldn’t even really agree on a restaurant. But chemistry is a powerful drug and sometimes blinds one to bad decisions. Lesson learned? No chemistry is worth the utter chaos it can wreak in your life…or is it? Hmmmm…..

Which brings me back to where I started. Single.

But absolutely, positively still in love with “love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

    — Joanne Conway    Feb 4, 07:16 pm   

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