January 2010

Editor’s Note: January 2010

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Anne

Projecting Perfection

Lately I have noticed yet another bad tendency I have that always sets me up for some sort of disappointment in the long run. When I first meet someone of whom I initially think highly, I tend to project perfection upon them. Brilliant, isn’t it?

So, when (inevitably) that person does or says something that I find less than admirable, I’m suddenly scratching my head and thinking, “Wow! How could that have happened? He/she was supposed to be perfect.” It’s understandable, because we continually run into perfect people in our everyday travels, right?

I guess I’m still looking for someone who will never let me down, always say and do the right thing, and act in the most altruistic manner under any and all circumstances.

What is that you say? There is NO such person out there? Really?

Which brings me to my only resolution for the New Year: to stop projecting perfection and accept people for who they are. I will try to embrace imperfections, quirks and bad intentions. I resolve to look for the good in people, even if it is hidden in a tiny nook, in the smallest pinkie toe.

My friends and colleagues all put up with me, so it’s really the least I can do. However, if anyone happens to come across the perfect person, please e-mail me his or her location.

I would still like to think that person exists.

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