December 2009

Sleep in Heavenly Peace: Mattress Firm offers unrivaled inventory, service and expertise… from A to Zzzz

Author: Blanche T. Sullivan

According to sleep experts at the National Sleep Foundation (, “…most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for optimum performance, health and safety. When we don’t get adequate sleep, we accumulate a sleep debt that can be difficult to ‘pay back’ if it becomes too big. The resulting sleep deprivation has been linked to health problems such as obesity and high blood pressure, negative mood and behavior, decreased productivity, and safety issues in the home, on the job and on the road.”

It has been proven, time and time again, that without adequate, quality sleep, we become run down and more susceptible to illness, irritability and making mistakes on the job, which can sometimes be deadly. How often have you seen news reports of traffic accidents caused by drowsy drivers nodding off at the wheel or medical mishaps caused by sleep deprived health professionals?

And yet, only about four in 10 Americans recently polled (2009 “Sleep in America” Poll, National Sleep Foundation) agreed that sleep ranked most important (25 percent) or at least as important (17 percent) as diet and exercise to a person’s overall health and wellness. Countless studies tout the importance of quality sleep. Yet many people are still either unaware of its importance or are aware, but continue depriving themselves of quality sleep by sleeping on dated, worn out mattresses and denying themselves the benefits of a quality mattress, designed for their specific needs.

Adam Fazio, owner of Bluffton’s Mattress Firm store, is familiar with these studies and is irrefutably one of the most sleep savvy experts around. Son of Gary Fazio, CEO of Mattress Firm nationally, Fazio is no stranger to running a successful business. He shares his father’s business philosophy, which can be summed up in three key points: never be satisfied; do the math; and develop a thick skin.

“We’re not successful by accident,” Fazio said. “We do everything we can to provide the best products, the best service, the best experience for our customers.”

With Mattress Firm currently operating nearly 600 stores in 22 states, the only sleep shop operating in all four time zones, and serving as the largest retailer of reputable Tempurpedic brand mattresses in the U.S., that business philosophy appears to be right on target.

Fazio incorporated his Hilton Head Savannah Mattress Firm Franchise as a South Carolina registered LLC in 2007 and attained the Rooms to Go Beds store as part of Mattress Firm corporate acquiring all of the Rooms to Go Beds locations. Mattress Firm typically opens 50-70 new stores annually and has plans to open three new stores in Savannah, GA in 2010. The first, scheduled to open in January or February, will be a Super Center, situated next to Oglethorpe Mall, and will have more mattresses on display than any other Mattress Firm in the United States.

The Oglethorpe store will also feature a “Tempurpedic Sleep Experience Center,” a state-of-the-art, computerized sleep simulator that demonstrates the benefits that each product delivers to the customer. Said Fazio, “The sleep center is an interactive system designed to help us recommend effective, personalized solutions for customers.”

Tempurpedic, recognized by many as a gold standard in the mattress industry, chose Fazio’s store to be one of the first in the country, first in the state, to host this high-tech system. Mattress Firm is also the only Tempurpedic retailer in the state of South Carolina to display all 10 Tempurpedic mattress models.

Mattress Firm is also the only Simmons dealership offering mattresses with Allercare™, a silver derivative that is antimicrobial. Mattress Firm also has an exclusive upgrade within their Sealy mattresses—fabric that is real silk and wool. These fibers are naturally antimicrobial and better regulate ambient sleep.
But Mattress Firm offers much more than a vast inventory and selection of high quality mattresses and bed accessories. This company is keenly focused on providing unrivaled customer service and expertise.

“We are not just your average bed store. We strive to excel in every detail, no matter how small,” Fazio stated.

In regard to expertise, Fazio’s father successfully served as vice president of sales for Sealy for 27 years prior to taking the helm at Mattress Firm, and Fazio must’ve been inspired. Fazio owned a pizza franchise after college before starting a computer company with two friends. A D.C.-based intelligence consulting firm later successfully acquired the computer company, and he worked for the purchaser for two years before beginning his Mattress Firm business.

In 2008, Fazio unofficially won the national sales contest (franchises aren’t officially recognized), and he is consistently recognized as a “million dollar writer”—an honor annually bestowed upon top Mattress Firm managers for personal sales.

But Fazio is not alone in terms of expertise and is proud to report that every member of his team holds at least a bachelor’s degree and is a graduate of Mattress Firm’s “Sleep University” in Houston, TX. The training Mattress Firm team members receive there is designed to help them provide consumers with the most educated guidance possible with regard to achieving higher quality sleep.

Robert Moul, for example, Mattress Firm’s manager of operations, has a bachelor’s degree in research and intelligence analysis and was with a D.C.-based intelligence firm prior to joining Mattress Firm. He is also a graduate of Mercyhurst College, Fazio’s alma mater.

“Our team members complete about 200 hours of professional training. They receive not only product training, but customer service training as well,” Fazio said.

Mattress Firm carries more than 200 mattress types in the store, and they are color-coded according to their level of comfort and firmness. Once a customer meets with a friendly and knowledgeable Mattress Firm sleep expert to determine needs and preferences, the color-coded system makes it easy for that customer to quickly identify models best suited for him or her.

Once a customer has been matched with an appropriate sleep system, the white glove service and expertise continues with Mattress Firm’s “Red Carpet” delivery. Mattress Firm professionals take pride in delivering orders in not only a timely fashion, but with the precision and care of a world-class surgeon; team members wear protective booties, to avoid tracking dirt into a customer’s home and will even leave mints on the customer’s pillow once the delivery has been completed. According to Fazio, customers who place an order by 3 p.m. can often have mattresses delivered to them that same day.

Dr. Stephen Luther, a local Mattress Firm customer, was very pleased with his experience. “We were looking for a mattress set and were expecting the typical sales experience. But Adam was caring and compassionate, a kind person who really cared about our best interests. You spend a third of your life in bed, and this was a wise use of our resources.”

Fazio practices what he preaches about customer service and manages the store until dinnertime, seven days a week. So what inspired a kid who grew up in Pittsburgh to set up shop in the Lowcountry? Fazio, a proud single parent, wanted to raise his 9-year-old daughter in what he believed was a great, family-friendly community and saw a business opportunity here, as well. “I really want to be a part of this great community and service customers, not sell them,” he said.

That mentality should offer customers peace of mind and peaceful sleep.

Learn more about Mattress Firm and its many fine products and services at or by calling (843) 837-FIRM (3476).

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