November 2009

Things to Do: A Holiday List that Leads to Pure Bliss

Author: Kate Hanzalik

There is a little inscription on my electric pink to-do list stationery that reads, “I want to be Barbie—that bitch has everything.” Well, my list is several pages and counting this month, and I often imagine what it would feel like to just shred up that cutesy, annoyingly lined paper covered in skinny Barbie sketches and stuff it down the garbage disposal. I can’t help it, the holidays are upon us.

We all have so many things to do this month: construct the perfect Thanksgiving menu, plan the guest list, book the tickets, shine the silver, call the parents, hit the mall. And needless to say, we all know stress is the consequence of a big to-do list.

The good news is that there are simple ways to make this holiday season what it should be: pure bliss. Patricia Owen, owner of FACES Day Spa, and Hope Mims, esthetician and manager of FACES, offer some vital items to add to your to-do list this month.

1: Treat Yourself Right
Owen has spent 26 years dealing with the stress of a busy calendar, but her approach to treating herself right makes all the difference. November is FACES’ busiest month, with its annual open house and month-long customer appreciation promotion, so her days are filled with last-minute preparations, but she doesn’t fret.

“Make time and space for yourself so you can better give of yourself to others,” she said. “It is important to keep everything organized so I know what needs to be tackled today, tomorrow, next week and next month…I am somewhat of an Outlook junkie and even carry my appointments and tasks with me everywhere I go on my Smart Phone. I also try not to over-commit so I can always give 100 percent.”

Mims, suggests treating yourself to a Lava Shell massage, which uses tiger clams from the pacific, algae, seaweed and saltwater, or the Great Escape Salt Scrub, which includes three aromas, sea salt scrub and three types of finishing lotions and oils.

“Because of the economy and because of everyone’s budget, we have found that people aren’t necessarily looking to cut back on taking care of themselves, they are just looking for more economical ways to do it,” she said.

2: Treat your Man Right
Be good to your mate—he might like a little bit of pampering this season. If you have a golfer in your life, he can manage his muscle woes with the Bogey Buster massage. “It is a really great way to loosen up those muscles and take care of that person who may be experiencing fatigue because of their golf game,” said Mims. If he’s afraid to brave the spa alone, opt for the couples massage. Still not into the spa? Give him some at-home skincare products from the FACES line for men.

3: Accept Breakouts
You wouldn’t know it by looking at Mims’ flawless face, but she divulged that estheticians do, in fact, get pimples on occasion. If she feels like she’s going to break out, she prepares. “It happens, and I do get breakouts from time to time. If you think you’re going to get a pimple, you normally do; I don’t think that way, I don’t let my mind go there, but cleansing is something that I am always doing. I do have different complexes at home, so if I am feeling a little stressed or I’m feeling like I might get a break out, I start using them immediately,” she said.

She suggests the Signature Skin facial or the Myotonology treatment, which uses microcurrents to stimulate muscles that lie beneath new skin. “It’s for somebody who’s got a special event coming up, maybe a reunion, a holiday party; it is a nice firming treatment for the face so the makeup goes on smoother, stays on longer, and the skin has a great glow because of the facial that’s done, but not only that, the expression lines are taken care of.”

4: Accept Freebies
Why not accept gifts? FACES is handing out complimentary goodie bags filled with candles, lip balm, and other trinkets at its open house on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Discounted gift certificates will be sold as well, and free makeup touchups are available with all services. “We really go all out for it. We basically put on display all of the services we offer so if people have questions they can ask, they can see the service being performed,” said Mims.

5: Stay Home
Home is where the heart is, so why not do all of your spa treatments and holiday shopping there?

Mims’ favorite at-home goodies revolve around bamboo microfiber. “The Bearfoot Treatment robes are so soft, and they get better and better every time you wash them. I can vouch for this because everyone in my family owns one,” she said. “We also have our microfiber comfy sheets. It’s hard enough to get out of the bed, but if you have these sheets on, you really don’t want to. I gave myself some for Christmas.”

And the shop sells an at-home electrolysis kit as well as other convenient spa gadgets. Mims also suggests candles, music, and the line of FACES signature scents, from classic lavender-citrus to soothing green tea. All of these items and more are available online at and in the shop.

6: Never stop giving (to yourself). Okay, and to others.
To Owen and Mims, it’s all about giving back, hence their line of work. Gift certificates are great and, of course, the elaborate list of facials, massages, and skin treatments are perfect for friends and family this time of year, you can conveniently purchase these gift certificates online ( But when Owen feels like putting herself first, she opts for FACES’ Pedicure of the Month. “Put me in a reclining chair that massages up and down my back while my feet are soaked in warm luxurious footbath, softened with a sugar scrub, and massaged to a state of pure relaxation and my type-A personality just slips away,” she said.

Mims makes sure her travel plans include facials. “It gives me a renewed sense of why I do what I do. I am constantly taking notes throughout the facial, so I’ve had them in a lot of places, and our Signature Skin facial is probably one of the best I’ve ever received.”

For more information on de-stressors to add to your to-do list, contact FACES DaySpa, located in the Village at Wexford, 1000 William Hilton Parkway, Suite
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