November 2009

RADIANCE: Harbour Town Boutique is Love at First Sight

Author: Kate Hanzalik

If you want directions to an adorable shopping experience, take Greenwood Drive in Sea Pines to Plantation Drive, then take a right at Lighthouse Road. Take that to the edge of Calibogue Sound, park in the Lighthouse lot and walk quickly to Radiance, a boutique you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

You just feel good when you open the door to citrus walls clad in henna-inspired art by manager, Jessie Renew. But just a quick word of caution before going in: You will probably drool at the selection; if you don’t, congratulations.

Tolani scarves—favorites of Mary-Kate Olsen and Jessica Alba—are scattered throughout the shop in colorful shades, and in striped and print patterns. Cotton dresses and tops by Velvet are on the racks, as are Hobo leather bags, Paige jeans, and skirts, dresses, tops and jackets from grassroots design houses such as Project e, Theme, and Whish.

“We’re trying to offer stuff for all different ages of women, from teenagers with homecoming dresses to soccer moms looking for yoga wear and everything in between,” said manager Renew, who works closely with many of the designers when selecting items for the shop.

Owner Dave Richards says they are going for chic, not trendy. “We don’t want to be out on that cutting edge. It’s more of a conservative vibe,” he said. Richards also owns Planet Hilton Head and a business brokerage.

Radiance is the brainchild of his wife, Linda. The couple decided to open the shop a year ago, because they felt the need for women’s clothes of this type was not being addressed.

“Most of the lines that we carry weren’t available on Hilton Head prior to us bringing them here,” said Richards, adding, “Even though we are in Harbour Town, we are a place for locals because this isn’t a place you find elsewhere in Hilton Head…It’s more of a personal feel than going to a department store.”

Radiance is a one-stop shop for work wear, going out wear, beach wear, yoga wear, all sorts of wear. New items constantly roll into the store, especially when seasons change. Yoga wear is by Prana. And sweatshirts are not just regular sweatshirts at this boutique. For example, one of the current selections is made with the softest cotton, thin, cut in an A-line like a blouse and colored in muted sienna, splattered with paisley cloth patches. Totally faux-retro. And there are even ’60s-inspired reversible Messy Girl dresses for girls ages two to six, with matching headbands, of course.

Handcrafted sterling silver necklaces of all different shapes and sizes are available at the register. And the supply of affordably priced shoes, from tall boots and heels to Havaiana flip-flops is truly heart-pounding.

“We try to find the right style of clothing at the right price point,” said Richards. “We’re looking for the right value. There is something for everybody, for sure.”

And the shop prioritizes sustainability. Yoga clothes by Prana are made out of recycled polyester. Smart Glass bracelets, rings and necklaces are made from recycled glass. Reusable shopping bags that fold up in your purse are perfect for the farmers market.

The options for holiday gift giving are endless. Aside from all of the clothes, Renew suggests bath and body items and accessories. “We have a whole line of perfumes and candles and bath products that are really unique scents and make really great gifts…and we have all the shoes, the hats, the bags.”

Steady traffic proves that the community has responded well to Radiance. “The key’s in the buy, whether it’s a gift store or clothing store. Understand who your customer is and don’t stray,” said Richards. “Don’t try to be all things to all people, or you’ll end up being nothing to everybody.”

Radiance is located at 149 Lighthouse Rd., Suite A (directly across from the
Waterfront Café and in between the Christmas Tree Shop and Knickers). Visit
Radiance on Facebook in the Savannah network and follow them on twitter at The Web site is coming soon. For more information, call
(843) 363-5176.

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