October 2009

Patricia's: The Elegant Island Boutique





This is one thing men and women can both agree on.

When women want to feel beautiful, they go shopping.
When women are sad, they go shopping.
When women lose weight, they go shopping.
When women gain weight, they go shopping.
When women want to bond with each other, they go shopping
But mostly, women just like to go shopping.

Or as Carrie Bradshaw so delightfully put it, “I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet.”

We suggest hanging a few of these delightful items in your closet this fall!


  1. good pictures

    — linda saxon    Oct 3, 07:13 am   

  2. Excellent photos, hair and make up! Fabulous clothes! I want to know more! Is there any way to see these photos up close?
    Where do I find these excellent choices in womens wear?

    — Terri Thrush    Oct 4, 08:20 pm   

  3. you find them at patricias

    — linda saxon    Oct 7, 12:26 pm   

  4. I enjoy your e-mails especialy with pictures; the only problem is I think you need to send me a different format as I have a “mac” and cannot open all of them. Thanks.

    — Vonna Burke    Nov 1, 12:00 pm   

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