October 2009

The Auto Spa: Where Cars Get the Royal Treatment

Author: Craig Hysell

Thirteen years ago, The Auto Spa opened its garage bay doors on Hilton Head Island. Since that time, owner, Ryan Brogan, has steadily pushed his company beyond a mere “wash and wax” auto-detailing business with progressively larger and more customer-oriented technological advancements. That has always been his plan. Always. But how could you be expected to know that unless you knew what to look for? Or, more importantly, why?

Brogan is a down-to-earth guy. Watching him work on a car is like watching a panther move through the jungle: all his moves are calculating and fluid in the same moment. In the garage, Brogan slides more than walks, stalks more than hesitates and exudes both confidence and humility in the same breath. If you mixed a surgeon with a surfer you would get the professionalism and demeanor of Ryan Brogan. Perhaps it’s this unique blend of character traits that has kept him in business for so long. Or maybe it’s just the fact that he does an excellent job taking care of cars.

“We do it all, as long as you understand what we’re doing and you don’t think we’re doing a wash and wax. If you want it done right the first time, if you want that attention to detail, we’re the shop to see. We pride ourselves on customer service; if you have an odd request we can take care of it,” says Brogan. Above and beyond the odd request, what exactly does The Auto Spa do?

And we’re not talking about teenagers tinting their windows in order to look “fly.” Technology has pushed window tinting way beyond the “cool” stage and actually into a functional realm of both safety and energy saving efficiency. Ryan speaks of window tinting the way artisans speak of their life’s pursuit. The Auto Spa uses 3M Crystalline Automotive Films which offer as much as a 50 percent decrease in solar heat. What does that mean in English? It means that if you live in South Carolina, your car doesn’t actually have to feel like an oven every time you get into it during the summer. That also means the air-conditioner runs less, the kids stay cooler in the backseat and UV light is blocked out, preventing sun damage to your upholstery. All this, and the tint doesn’t have to be the color of your tires. Lightly tinted options are available and will keep your windows from smashing into tiny little bits and pieces of flying glass if you’re ever in an accident, giving soccer moms all over the world a little more peace of mind and a little more gas money in their pockets. “If there is really one service that will continually protect and, day in and day out, repay you, tinting is the one,” says Brogan.

Paint Protection Film.
Ryan went all the way to Texas to take an advanced training course from 3M in paint protection film. When he received his certification a few years back he was one of only three guys in the state of South Carolina offering this particular service. That’s the kind of devotion this guy has to what he does, and that’s why he stays at the forefront of his industry. The Auto Spa does a lot of higher end cars with this package, as it has evolved into a great way for their clients to protect their sizable investments. “It prevents damage from occurring wherever the film sits, whether from rocks, bugs, road debris or light abrasions,” says Ryan.

The pros at The Auto Spa do interior and exterior detailing. They’ll get in there and clean out your a/c vents with Q-tips, shampoo your carpets, mats and upholstery, hand wash your exterior, polish and wax all your chrome, glass and exterior with Meguiars Detailing Products, dress your tires and even vacuum your trunk. Nice!

Ultimately, the biggest asset at The Auto Spa is pride in what they do. That kind of commitment always starts at the top, works its way down to the rest of the staff and seeps into every satisfied customer’s grin.

Outside the garage, the afternoon sun is high. The day is big, blue and inviting. A cool breeze keeps the early autumn heat manageable. Three Mercedes, a Lexus and a BMW sit in The Auto Spa’s parking lot waiting for their appointments with Brogan and his staff. A soccer mom in a big ol’ SUV pulls in. It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day for making cars beautiful, and plenty of people know it.

For more information call (843)842-2001, check out autospahhi.com or just
swing by 30 Palmetto Bay Road and see what sunshine glinting off perfectly
??detailed cars with lightly tinted, energy saving, heat reducing windows looks
like. Be sure and bring your shades, the future is awfully bright for The Auto

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