September 2009

Things Are Happening At Coligny Plaza


Now We Get to Play in the Fountain!
Maybe the timing was a little off but that’s all washed away with the tide. The new Coligny Beach Park is complete and with the summer season coming to an end, we get to have all the fun. Mayor Tom Peeples said that the 1.4+ million project has done what it was intended. Even more. “One of the items that was pointed out back at the “Bridge to the Beach” charette, must have been ten years ago or more, was that we had a beach park and you couldn’t see the beach,” said Peeples. He said the new park opened up the view considerably. “That goal was accomplished,” he stated.

But the new park, built by Nix Construction, is more than that. “It was designed in house, which helped control the cost and which has produced a fantastic park,” Peeples said. “Every time I go around that circle and see kids out in that fountain, which is every time I go around that circle, it’s just shows you that it was a great idea.”

Interesting Information About the New Park From Joe Nix and his Staff
Most often asked question: “Can you tell me how to get to the beach?”
Greatest distraction for workers: Bikinis.
Additions/expansions: (1) fountain, handicap parking lot, paver beach drop zone, pedestrian boardwalks, vehicular boardwalks, (2) bathrooms, (4) changing rooms, pergola with integrated outdoor showers, (2) raised swing platforms, (1) gazebo, drinking fountains, benches, benches, and benches.

Coligny Park Beach: The Numbers
The number of large pizzas Papa John’s delivered to the crew of 45 in two hours. It was Nix’s treat.
Gallons of water in the underground reservoir that keeps the fountain going.
Number of feet high the fountain’s water jets rise.
Number of years the Cumaru, a Brazilian hardwood used in the decking, will last. It is responsibly harvested from a managed forest and is a renewable resource.
Telescope. Thanks to Stephen Nix. The kids love it!

Derek, longtime Tiki Hut barkeep, gives CH2 the Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Tiki Hut in September:
1. It is a formalized local institution with an elected mayor: Jerry Piccioli.
2. There are still beautiful bodies in bathing suits-even in September.
3. It’s the only place where a beach bum and a millionaire can have fun together.
4. You can play volleyball… without waiting.
5. SET drink prices for locals (bet you didn’t know that).
6. Live music. Everyday. Even in September.
7. Everyone is always in a good mood.
8. No shortage of characters.
9. You can still smoke here.
10. The view is beautiful- and we don’t mean the beach.

Java Joe’s has a new location!
Still in Coligny Plaza, but with a bigger outside area for reading the paper and sipping on your favorite latte.

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