May 2009

Editor’s Note: May 2009

Author: Maggie Washo

Are you a Thief of Joy? You are officially on notice.

I find that most people in my life can be categorized quite simply:

There are those who create problems and those who solve them.
There are those who suck my energy and those who increase it by their very presence.
There are those who complain about everything and those who are grateful for everything.
There are those who give and those who take, and take…and take.
There are those who stir up trouble and those who steer away from it.
There are those who whine and those who giggle.
There are those who make excuses and those who say “I’m sorry.”
There are those who frown and those who grin.

Which kind of person are you? Take an honest look at yourself and ask, “Am I a pleasure to be around, or a Thief of Joy?” (Yes, I stole this from Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin.)

This is not to say that we don’t all have extenuating circumstances at times that may put us under the weather. However, have you noticed that those who have the most adversity are often the ones with the best attitude?

When I was in Walt Disney World last month, I saw something heartwarming. I caught myself observing a family which included a paraplegic man in his 20s. I got to thinking about how much of a burden this man might have been on his parents and siblings, and yet was touched to see how much fun they all seemed to be having. Directly behind them, a similar family, all of its members beautiful and healthy, was just about as miserable as one could imagine.

We were in the happiest place on earth for crying out loud!

It is said that you cannot change people. You can only change yourself. I think there is a lot of truth to this. So, starting today, if you are a thief of joy, you are no longer welcome in my sunshine state. Change your attitude and resubmit your application for review at a future date.

I suggest you all do this. It is very liberating.

Have a magnificent May!

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