April 2009

Editor’s Note: April 2009

Author: Maggie Washo

Deadlines, Story Ideas, and other Pertinent Information.

Or, in the words of Jerry McGuire…
Help Me Help You!

We (CH2 & CB2) like to tell stories creatively. And by “creatively,” I don’t mean “the fish that got away was HUGE!” stories, but more like “a fresh approach to the same thing you’ve seen before” stories. A good example in this issue might be Salty Dog Couture (page 68). You may have thought about wearing your T-shirt to the beach…but look what happens when you pair it with a stylish hat, scarf and hip jeans. Voila! Couture.

You get the picture.

To do this takes innovative young minds, an avant-garde view, perhaps a cocktail or two and most importantly—TIME! In our world, it is already June. We must think ahead to get each issue out by the first of the month. So, for all of you brilliant members of our community on which we take delight in highlighting, keep recommending interesting islanders for us to spotlight, worthwhile charities to devote pages to, and silly nonsense that just might keep us all sane. Just do it sooner. If you want to get something into our December issue, you are already too late. (Just kidding.) Happy April Fool’s Day!

On another note, I am going to Walt Disney World with my 10-year-old niece next week, and I can’t wait! Why is this relevant? It’s not. I just thought you should know.

Have an exuberant April!

Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief

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