April 2009

Spring Into Clean

Author: Amy Ross

It’s that time again…SPRING! It’s time for warmer weather, outdoor activities, and most importantly—a good spring cleaning. Now some of you may think that the dust bunnies in the corners of your floor and the gray fuzz on your ceiling fans add character to your home, but you are mistaken. When your friends come over and refuse to sit on your furniture or ask if you’ve painted your baseboards gray, these are signs that your home is in need of a deep clean.
There are many reasons why cleaning is just annoying, time-consuming and avoided. You may say “Ugggh, How did my house get so dirty?” (Because you let it get that way.) Or maybe you wonder, “Why does it always take me ALL day to clean my home?” If this is the case, you may need to start focusing on a few quick cleaning practices. The key to keeping a clean home, office or vehicle is simple upkeep. Just a little dusting, wiping and bleaching each week will keep your friends from avoiding your dinner invitations and keep your family from hiding on cleaning day.

Here are a few tips to prevent the dreaded “All-Day Clean”:
Scenario: You slop something all over the kitchen counters.
Solution: Grab a paper towel and wipe it up then—not a week later.
Scenario: The toilets in your home are wearing a lovely black ring.
Solution: Pick up some Clorox Automatic Toilet Cleaner. They are inexpensive cleansing tabs which contain a toilets best friend—bleach! You just drop them in and Sha*Zam! Your bowl gets a clean every time you flush!
Scenario: Your suede couch is not so fresh smelling due to pets, children, and perhaps stinky friends.
Solution: Grab a couple of dryer sheets and rub them along the cushions. Not only will you see the dirt that the sheet picks up, your couch will smell better too!

And all you parents out there… don’t be afraid to ask the children to help. Make it fun. Our five-year-old thinks sweeping the floor is the most exciting thing ever! (I’m certainly not going to argue).
The most popular reason for having a dirty home is our busy schedules. When you take into account our jobs, our spouses, our children and our pets, we must accommodate all of those things first, so cleaning naturally comes last on our lists. Good news though: There are actually people out there who have decided to make cleaning their profession, and some really do enjoy it.
So, this spring, let someone help! You have enough to do. Enjoy the nice weather, the drive to work, the kids’ baseball games, and let someone else worry about your dust bunnies! Some local businesses offer free estimates and will certainly work around your schedules in order to get your home looking and smelling fabulous.

A few of my cleaning favorites
Clorox Clean Up With Bleach: I swear by this stuff. It gets tubs, sinks and toilets bright white! It kills mold and germs. It’s perfect for the busiest of homes.
Swiffer Duster with Extendable Handle: This thing is fantastic. It reaches vents ceiling fans and baseboards. It goes under chairs and tables; it loves spider webs and its extremely light weight. Go get one!
Mr. Cleans Magic Erasers: These little things are crazy! I have to admit, at first I was skeptical. But once I tried them I was just confused. How on earth do the dirt and marks on the walls just disappear? It’s magic.
The Reputable & Praiseworthy Yellow Rubber Gloves: All women should own a pair. They protect our pretty little hands and nails from dirt, bleach, germs, and of course—dry hands. They are inexpensive, not to mention STYLISH!

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