April 2009

Better “Boo”-lieve It! Two-time Heritage Winner, Boo Weekley, is shootin’ for his third jacket & jackpot

Author: Blanche T. Sullivan

Call it a “turkey” (three consecutive strikes in bowling), a “hat trick” (hockey lingo) or “trifecta” (horse racing), whatever term you like, but two-time Verizon Heritage winner Boo Weekley is back and shootin’ to win his third stylin’ plaid jacket and $1 million-plus, first-place jackpot. And no one could be more thrilled than the Heritage Classic Foundation, organizers of the 41st annual tournament at Harbour Town Golf Links. The man has quite an enthusiastic following!
Yet, in spite of his wins, success overseas with the American team and the Ryder Cup, as well as increased celebrity status, Thomas “Boo” Weekley, seems to have not let the fame and fortune go to his hunting- and fishing-oriented head. CH2 was thrilled and honored to steal a few moments of his time off the course (and out of the blind!) to get up close and personal…

Celebrate Hilton Head: What is the most significant change you have experienced, as a professional golfer, since your two Verizon Heritage wins as well as Ryder Cup success? Are you still the same Boo?
Boo Weekley: Yes Ma’am I’m still the same Boo—just more confident.

CH2: Would your wife, Karyn, agree?
BW: Depends on the day; reckon you would have to ask her.

CH2: You have two boys now—Thomas Parker, age 7, and Aiden, 8 months. What do you find most challenging about being a dad? Do you help change diapers?
BW: Trying to spend enough time with them. If Karyn can hunt me down and find me I do, but not by choice.

CH2: Anyone ever refer to you as Thomas?
BW: No one, unless I’m in trouble with my dad or the law.

CH2: You have garnered a huge, devoted fan base. How do you handle enthusiastic female fans? Anyone throwing articles of clothing at you or asking you to autograph anything unusual?
BW: Have you seen me lately? No one’s throwin’ anything my way.

CH2: If you were to do something other than golf for a living, what would it be and why?
BW: I would hunt; I love to be in the woods.

CH2: If you were a superhero, what would you call yourself and what special powers would you possess?
BW: Uh, no comment.

CH2: I know you like comfortable ‘camo’ attire, but… boxer or briefs?
BW: Come on now, I gotta leave somethin’ to the imagination.

CH2: What is your ‘dip’ of choice?
BW: It used to be Redman, but I quit.

CH2: You’re going into the remote wilderness and can only take a few essentials. Other than your gun, fishing pole and dip, what three things can you absolutely not do without?
BW: I guess I better say my family, so I don;’t get in trouble.

CH2: Now that you have your own clothing line, can we expect to see you on the cover of GQ or giving fashion advice?
BW: Do I look like some kinda fashion guru? I don’t think so.

CH2: In light of our country’s current economic crisis, what advice would you give to President Obama? To the rest of us?
BW: No taxes for at least five years, I wanna retire.

CH2: I hear talk of you possibly starting a horse riding club (a la Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore). Any chance we’ll have a riding workshop opportunity during Heritage week?
BW: All depends on how I play.

CH2: Throw us some pearls of wisdom. If we were to sum up Boo Weekley in one sentence, what would it be?
BW: I just wanna have fun, spend time with my boys, and

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