March 2009

DKY Style File


Elizabeth Shaver – 29 years old

GetStyled! by DK Style, Goes Green!

Salon 5200 – Danielle Keasling,
Kim Harrison & Priscilla Ortiz
Hilton Head Aesthetic & Laser Center – Tavia Osterstock

JBanks – 35 Main Street*
Anna Ruby, VP Creative

Sophyto Organic Skincare, SPAritual,
Provana, Copolla Smoothing System.
Cargo, Tarte

Linda Richards, Owner

Photography by Anne
Multimedia Makeup Artist Krista Marie
Nikki Mitchell, Blades Salon

Michelle Gowland of MDG Designs

Before meeting the DK STYLE team, how would you best describe your style?
My style revolves around my career. I’m in my chef’s coat most of the time. Outside the kitchen, I’m pretty casual, but I love a great pair of heels.

Tell us about your last hair cut?
I was visiting my girlfriends back home at Christmas. After a few martinis, they decided to give me highlights. Needless to say, what we saw the next day proves…”Do not drink and style.”

When was the last time you had a facial?
I’ve never had a facial done professionally… Does the steam in the kitchen count?

After your visits with our skin specialist, Tavia, how did you feel?
Tavia is the greatest! Her warmth, kindness and exceptional talent resulted in a rejuvenating experience. My skin felt radiant and clean. I can’t wait for my next session.

The Sophyto Organic Skincare line was used on Liz to refine and tone her complexion. The line uses complete chemical-free formulas to deliver outstanding health benefits while honoring nature. Organic yogurt, honey, and papaya were blended into a hydrating mask, followed by a facial massage of strawberry and lemon, which provide an exfoliating and brightening effect.

Elizabeth also had our nail artist, Nikki Mitchell, treat her to a manicure and pedicure.
Nikki used OPI axium pink and white gel to create maintenance-free enhancements for Elizabeth. She also enjoyed a spa pedicure with vegan products by SPAritual, which included “love me, love my skin” scrub, “close your eyes” calming lotion and finishing with “pretty in pink” polish.

You “wear” your hair every day. How do you feel about your new style?
It’s so easy to maintain a stylish and polished look. I love my new cut and color. Thanks, Danielle and Kim!

Lights. Camera. Pose! What was it like for you starring in a professional photo shoot?
All the ladies were so sweet and very supportive. I’m used to being behind the scenes; after being styled by this talented crew, I was ready for America’s Next Top Model. Fierce!

You’ve been Styled! What do other winners have to look forward to?

I had so much fun! From start to finish, it was an exhilarating emotional and physical makeover. Wow! Nikki’s nails, Krista’s makeup, Anne’s beautiful photographs. I’ll never forget my DK Style makeover. Thanks for everything

DK Style is all about making people look good and feel great about themselves. We created a first-class “team” of professionals, all successful and super creative. CH2 readers have an opportunity to enter a “contest” put on by DK Style. Each month, one very lucky winner (21 and older please), randomly selected by DK Style, will Get Styled! The winner’s stylin’ will consist of skin care, makeup, hairstyling, manicure, wardrobe and a professional photo shoot showcasing the final result.

The estimated retail value of the Get Styled! package is $3,500.

Feel free to enter the contest each month.
Also, if you don’t want to enter yourself, you can submit a friend—just make sure you have a recent photo.

  1. Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — Georgia    Mar 3, 08:49 pm   

  2. YOU GUYS DO A GREAT JOB IM LEAVING TARAS SALON SPACE AVALIable !!! i have my own clientelle

    — LINDA SAXON!!!    Mar 28, 07:22 pm   

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