March 2009

Pana Roofing

Author:  Mary Frances Stocks

I went to meet German Batisita, owner and operator of Pana Roofing, at his office off of Spanish Wells Road. I met German about 10 years ago when his business was only about three years old. Back then, his business was beginning to build a reputation for hard work and quality service. I moved away for eight years. When I returned, so much of this community had grown. And Pana Roofing had grown right along with it.

When Pana Roofing started in 1996, German had no vision, no mission, or tools. It began with the desire to have a successful business and grew into a strong company with strong core values. Batista’s philosophy was, and still is, “Do good work and be on time.” Could it be that Pana Roofing’s simple philosophy was something that was missing in their industry and, by tapping into a core belief that all customers desire, led to their success?

Pana Roofing has now installed over 15,000 roofs in our community. Today, it is the only roofing company in our area that can claim to have built seven entire subdivisions/plantations including Eagle’s Point and The Crescent. And they can say they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

German Batista is passionate about his business and his customers’ satisfaction. In the office, the floors are made out of metal roofing sheets and the baseboards and crown molding are copper gutters. I chuckled to myself to see such a creative way to use some of his products. The floor was very cool looking, and I could totally see it being used in a fun, hip club. As I waited for German and glanced around the office, I could not help but notice his framed Purple Heart and a framed Armed Services Air Medal. The Air Medal commemorates flying in combat, and the Purple Heart is for an injury Batista suffered in the Gulf—stepping on a land mine. There is a sense of pride that resonates from the office; it is not arrogant, but rather respectful of a tour of duty and a commitment to our Armed services. This explains why Pana Roofing gives a five percent discount to all military personnel (active, reserve, retired and military families).

We conducted the rest of our interview in the Pana Roofing showroom, which is fairly new and something German is very excited about for his customers. “We want to encourage customers to come visit our showroom to help educate them to make a better buying decision, even if they decide not to go with us,” he said. It used to be that a large portion of his customers were builders; but in today’s economic times, his customer base has evolved to include many homeowners who are either making renovations or repairs, he explained. These customers need to be educated on all that is out there and all their options. The showroom gives the customer a hands-on opportunity to see the various products and materials.

Your roof is a large investment and one that a customer should be well advised about. The enthusiasm for the new showroom is palpable, and it is a desire of the company to use it in multiple ways. With the materials available to Pana Roofing, German Batisita envisions one day having a metal crafts workshop for the youth of the community. “Teaching kids skills that allow them to use their creativity and learn about something new empowers them to be confident,” Batista beamed.

“Let you roof make a statement” is the business tag line. So I asked, “What statement does it make about his company? Without hesitation, Batisita answered, “Beauty, quality, dependable and secure.” It must be so, considering how the small roofing company that began in 1996, with no mission, no vision and no tools, has flourished through referrals. Today, due to perseverance, patience and keeping promises his Vision is… Mission statement is… Tools are… his “community, customers and employees.”

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