March 2009

Editor’s Note: March 2008

Author: Maggie Washo

Things to do when you’re bored…

Even though it’s March now…when I wrote this, it was January. Ugh. January. Not a whole lot going on in January. So I got to thinking… how does one amuse oneself during a lull in island activities?

Here are a few suggestions from someone who needs constant creative stimulation. I tend to have a short attention span and crave excitement. My solution? Create your own!

Play Dress-Up.
Now I know what you are thinking: That’s for kids. And they are always having fun—so take note. Get all dressed up and take silly pictures. And then post them on Facebook so everyone knows how strange you are.

Go Bowling.
You can do this when it’s cold out. You can do this when it’s raining. It’s fun for everyone—especially if you aren’t very good at it. That way, everyone in the bowling alley is amused. Did I mention there is a bar?

Grab your iPod. Get in the car. Roll down the windows. Blare your favorite song. DRIVE! To Savannah. To Beaufort. To Charleston. To Tybee. Wherever. Just drive and enjoy the scenery and the music.

Think of a person who is fond of you. Someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. Pull out a pen, grab some paper and say hello. Make their day. Don’t forget to mail it.

Borrow small children for the day.
I am obviously speaking to those who do not currently have children living in their house. I guarantee that you will NOT BE BORED after spending the day amusing, refereeing, and cleaning up after little ones. You will also have the added benefit of coming up with answers to the big questions in life, such as “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is Tom’s cheeseburger bigger than mine?” and my personal favorite “Why can’t I be on the cover of the magazine?”

Of course, by the time you read this, it will be March and you will be busy attending WineFest, WingFest and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, along the Equestrian Event out at Rose Hill.

Just file this away. It will come in handy next year.


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