February 2009

A home run for sports fans

Author: Lindsey Hawkins | Photographer: photography by anne

“The perfect job description?” chuckles Woody Rennie, owner of Casey’s Sports Bar and Grille. “Well, like most people, I like sports, and I like to have a couple of drinks.”

Twelve years back Woody, like some of us these days, worked 25 years for a major corporation. He threw his happy-go-lucky arms up in the air and said, “That’s it. I can’t take it anymore!”

Woody, while collecting his thoughts and collecting his things, announced to his wife with a drum roll, “Honey we’re gonna move to Hilton Head and open a bar.”

“I told her somebody’s got to live there, and she called me crazy,” he laughed.

Most of us know the bar and restaurant industry isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a labor of love, but when you have the right ingredients it can create great memories, and Casey’s has done just that.

There is a lot to be said for good friends, football and spirits, but there is even more to be said for keeping it classy Hilton Head, and Casey’s has the perfect recipe for a little rowdy, laid-back fun.

“The secret to this thing is great employees,” said Woody.

Casey’s has employees who have been around since the beginning, including an 11-year veteran bar manager and 10-year veteran kitchen manager. Add an owner whom you can spot at the giant u-shaped bar most nights, and you have a group of friends that are irreplaceable to Casey’s regulars while always greeting the newcomers with high-fives.

The second most important thing, besides keeping the beer flowing like Niagara Falls, is to have great food. When you can smell the grill and buffalo sauce and not the grease from the fryer, when your French fries still have some potato skin on them and don’t go limp when you go for the ketchup, when CSI Hilton Head can see your fingerprints on your frosty beer mug and the inside of your enormous hamburger steams with every bite, life is a beautiful thing!

“Hundreds of people have told me we have the best wings on the island,” said Woody.

The likes of John Cougar Mellancamp, the coach of the Baltimore Colts and members of the U.S. Senate have graced the plentiful swivel chairs of the sports fan-friendly bar, not to mention some of our most eligible locals and localettes.

Casey’s is the perfect fans melting pot. Every age and every fan is represented daily and nightly. With 40 high-quality televisions, including a few large projection screens, you literally need eyes in the back of your head to view them all. Though local Steelers fans will tell you they have camped out at this indoor tailgate for years, all fans are welcomed and every NFL game is shown. Not to mention baseball, basketball, hockey and, let us not forget our bread and butter, the good old PGA.

There is one very important fact not to leave out when enjoying the true Casey’s experience. When you or your friends decide you’ve had enough fun for one evening, you will still have money left over for the toll! Casey’s has nightly specials that justify good times for everyone, including Hilton Head’s Longest happy hour, running all February from noon until 8 p.m. Enjoy awesome prices on food and cocktails daily and nightly. Don’t miss out on Tuesday nights, Ladies’ Night, with $1 drinks for the ladies and $1.50 domestic drafts for the men.

Now if a few Rumplemintz shots make you feel like an American Idol, look no further, because Casey’s has two infamous Karaoke nights! Yes, Tuesdays and Fridays can be your opportunity to impersonate Whitney and laugh at your friends. And if trivia is your guilty pleasure you can even impersonate Ben Stein on Thursdays with Team Trivia Night, where you can win $100 in Casey’s Cash.

All in all, Casey’s has a charm about it created by a very open air environment where you truly can meet people, but can still carry on a perfectly good conversation while breaking eye-contact and seeing the winning touchdown pass from various angles.

In addition to the large and in-charge u-shaped watering hole, there are plenty of high-top bar tables and comfortable restaurant tables available. The walls are saturated with autographed sports memorabilia and photographs, including the famous wall of video games where you, too, can be a member of the PGA and PBA with two local favorites, Silver Strike and Golden Tee!

Casey’s is a year round place to be and a true member of our community. So the next time you are in the neighborhood—which if you live anywhere here then you are—stop in and shake Woody’s hand. He will give you the lowdown, invite you to his charity golf tournament and surely leave you with a good laugh and a full stomach

  1. Woody and Reggie are great neighbors and really good people.

    — Charles Hyer    Jan 30, 04:20 pm   

  2. I LOVE hamburgers.

    — B.Ross    Jan 30, 04:24 pm   

  3. We used to live on the Island, and Casey’s was always one of our favorite spots. We still stop in when we are visiting. See you in March.

    — marti doty    Jan 31, 08:47 am   

  4. The food’s great, the atmosphere is fun and friendly and Woody and Reggie are wonderful hosts. You can always find a corner with like-minded fans for almost any game where you can join in. Whenever I’m in Hilton Head I don’t miss wings and Guinness at Casey’s.

    — Brian F.    Feb 2, 08:58 am   

  5. We moved from HHI to Columbia (WHY?)2 yrs ago and still haven’t found an eatery as good as Caseys. Miss it a bunch.

    — bill p    Feb 4, 07:53 pm   

  6. Woody and Regi are two of my favorite people- and we go WAY back!! Go CASEY’S!!!!

    — Ginny    Feb 4, 09:30 pm   

  7. I use to work with Woody back in his corparate days and have heard nothing but great things about Casey’s. Now that I live in SC I need to make a trip to get a beer and a hamberger myself.

    Bob Pedley

    — Bob Pedley    Feb 6, 02:54 pm   

  8. I have known Woody and Regi for many years, though I have not yet been to Hilton Head. I am sure that their hospitality, genuine kindness and great sense of humor are the key ingredients to their success. We will get there soon, we promise.

    — Suzie OP    Feb 7, 09:02 am   

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