January 2009

5 Ways to burn fat starting today

Author: Theresa Jackson

Today is the worst day to start a fat-loss program. You’re busy. You have a special dinner tonight. And you left your workout clothes at home.

But you know you’ll find excuses like that every day. So while today is the worst day, it’s also the best day to start changing your health and body. Here are five ways to start burning fat today.

1. Start Strength Training. A recent study showed resistance training boosts metabolism by 10 percent and increases fat burning by 100 percent! If you don’t have a gym membership, start with some beginner pushups and bodyweight squats at home. You’ll be done in less than 10 minutes.

2. Try Interval Training. Recent research from Australia shows interval training leads to more weight loss than long, slow cardio workouts. So if you are doing traditional cardio, switch to interval training. Strength training and interval training is the “one-two punch” that can blowtorch fat off your body. Visit www.16minuteworkout.com and check out these convenient workouts that you can do from work or home.

3. Eat 6 Small Meals of Whole, Natural Foods. Fruits and vegetables, protein, nuts and healthy fats—it’s that simple. Don’t spend another dollar on the latest fad diet. You already know what to do!

4.* Avoid Alcohol, Sugar, Trans Fats and Inactivity.* Plan ahead to avoid eating poorly or drinking too much at cocktail parties. Substitute a glass of sparkling water for alcoholic beverages. And avoid processed foods and late-night eating.

5. Move Your Body and Eat Something You Love. If you’re a beginner and you hate the idea of exercise and big nutritional change, just do something you love! Don’t make healthy lifestyle a prison sentence. Enjoy what you eat and do. Just don’t eat garbage and don’t look at exercise as punishment.

Theresa Jackson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Nutritional Counselor who is also pursuing a doctorate in Natural Health. She is the Founder & President of Wellness Within Centers with programs in weight reduction, smoking cessation, stress relief, healing from chronic illness, business and motivation, and golf performance improvement. You can reach the Wellness Within office at 843-986-9700.

Have a question you might like answered? You can email your questions to theresa@wellnesswithincenters.com.

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