December 2008

The Honey Do List!

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: photography by anne


While I’m out Christmas shopping, would you mind doing a few things around
the house? There is a whole chicken for roasting in the refrigerator. I left
your favorite cookbook on the counter. Let’s have dinner ready by seven,
shall we? I’ll pick up a nice pinot noir at the Wine Shop…


After you’ve gotten dinner started, please take a few moments to get the
hall floor cleaned up. The children tracked mud all over the tile playing
with that new toy you gave them. It’s filthy!

…and speaking of children, don’t forget to change Lily’s diaper more than
once today! How would you like to sit in a poopie diaper all day? I mean
really, darling, how could you forget? Oh yes! I almost forgot, I bought a
new bedtime story for you to read to her as well…


Speaking of small creatures that need caring for…please don’t neglect
Chanel today! I’ve left her favorite sweater laid out on the doggy bed. It’s
going to be cold out!

I’ve invited John and Lovey Barrington over for dinner this evening, so be
sure to dust the chandelier over the dining table. It was a bit dusty last
time they dined with us and I know Lovey noticed. She can be so snobbish at

Hmmm, yes, snobbish. That reminds me! Your parents are coming to town this
weekend so we’ll need to get the car cleaned for picking them up at the
airport. You know how your father adores a well cared for automobile.

While you’re out there, please make sure and mow the lawn as well. But
please take care to avoid my mums!

Could you be a dear and wash the clothes I left in the laundry room? And
remember darling, my unmentionables DO NOT go into the dryer…

One more thing…could you please give the guestroom bath tub a good scrub for
your parents? And honey…please refrain from smoking those smelly cigars in
the house! They really are bad for you anyway.

(from left to right)

Front row Bachelors:

Chris Lewis
Occupation: Teacher
Age: 27

Victor Smith
Occupation: Sales
Age: 25

Dave Bizousky
Occupation: Sales
Age: 25

Edward Sires
Occupation: Golf Professional
Age: 43

Second Row Bachelors:

Erik Olson
Occupation: Engineer
Age: 26

Marty Mulligan
Occupation: Financial Specialist
Age: 33

Matt Daniels
Occupation: Business Owner
Age: 25

Greg Moore
Occupation: Marketing
Age: 24

Third Row Bachelors:

Rush Lowther
Occupation: Sales Executive for Hilton Head Lakes
Age: 24

Jacob Raehn
Occupation: Real Estate Sales
Age: 23

  1. Dave Bizousky is HOT!!!
    He’s got my Vote..

    — lea kunkle    Dec 16, 09:28 am   

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