November 2008

DKY Style File

Author: DK Style Squad | Photographer: photography by anne

Sheryle Wolfe – 34 years old, wife of Samm, mother of Sadie and Samantha, owns Wolfe Graphic Design.

GetStyled! by DK STYLE, goes Modern Vintage!

Salon 5200 – Danielle Keasling, Carrie Smoot-Sexton & Priscilla Ortiz
Hilton Head Wellness Center – Tavia Osterstock
Photography by Anne Studio
13 Wexford Club Drive – Palatial Homes

Logics, L’Oreal Professional, SkinMedica, Cutera and Bare Minerals.

It’s Like, Patricia’s, Target and TJ Maxx

Before meeting the DK STYLE team how would you best describes your style?
T-shirt and flip flops. And on a special day, T-shirt, skirt and flip flops

Tell us about your last hair cut?
You may get a bigger kick out of where I had my last hair cut – a local retirement community beauty salon and okay, it was probably closer to nine months ago. How did it get to be September anyway?

When was the last time you had a facial?
Um, I can’t remember the last time.

After your visits with our skin specialist Tavia, how did you feel?
Amazing! I thought I had pretty good skin, but it was shocking how many layers were uncovered. They should ditch the scary name Chemical Peel and call it a “Necessary Peel.” Regarding laser treatments, that was new to me. I talked with Tavia about her experience with laser, etc. and she’s obviously passionate and has kept up with the research out there, which is important to me. I totally trust her, and I don’t say that lightly when everyone and their brother is out there waving around a machine of some sort. I only had one treatment but with the results I saw, I may become an addict.

Sheryle’s custom facial was purifying and rejuvenating using SkinMedica products. Next, SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel was used improving skin texture and brightening Sheryle’s complexion. We then utilized Cutera’s Laser Genesis to stimulate collagen and elastin production for even skin tone, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

You “wear” your hair every day – how do you feel about your new style?
I had literally been walking around for some time, catching glimpses of myself thinking “Wow! I’m such a ‘before’ picture.” I knew I needed a hair cut and I’ve been dying to get back to the natural red color of my younger days, especially when everyone asks where my six year old daughter gets her red hair. I was to the point where I would roll my eyes and wonder why no one could tell I had red hair too. So after my new more auburn color, I was psyched when a stranger said I can see where your daughter gets her beautiful red hair. Another important thing to note, I’m not into high maintenance anything, so when Danielle explained how she was going to cut my hair so that it would be easy to do quickly, she wasn’t kidding. There’s nothing like getting a GOOD hair cut.

Lights. Camera. Pose! What was it like for you starring in a professional photo shoot?
I was surprisingly calm. I usually work “behind the scenes” but being in front of the camera makes you feel silly – I couldn’t crack enough jokes about my self.

You’ve been Styled! What do other winners have to look forward to?
It’s been a great motivator to schedule some time for me into my busy schedule. So take it from me, just say no to another committee or club and do something for yourself. I have nice clothes, just ask my mother, who wants to know where they are. Hilton Head can be so casual, you’re overdressed if you’re not in a t-shirt and flip flops (which by they way, how long are you going to hold my flip flops hostage?). I’m not typically a gusher, but these girls deserve a medal, if for nothing else than for breaking me out of a serious rut. I’ve made a deal with myself not to leave the salon without an appointment for the next time. One of my friends pointed out how she’d love to have a professional photo shoot of herself after a professional group of stylists worked her over. She kept saying, “just think how much fun it will be to look back at this when you’re much older.” So look around Hilton Head, before you poke fun at me, I’d say most of you are due for a little refresher course yourself!

DK STYLE is all about making people look good and feel great about themselves. We created a 1st class “team” of professionals, all successful and super creative. CH2 readers have an opportunity to enter a “contest” put on by DK STYLE where each month one very lucky winner (21 and older please), randomly selected by DK STYLE, will Get Styled! The winner’s stylin’ will consist of skin care, make-up, hair styling, wardrobe and a professional photo shoot showcasing the final result.

The estimated retail value of the Get Styled! package is $1,000.

Also, if you don’t want to enter yourself, you can submit a friend – just make sure you have a recent photo

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