October 2008

The Lowrey Group’s Wine & Spirits Club

Author: Lindsey Hawkins

“As early as the 6th Century B.C., the Greeks were toasting to the health of their friend’s for a highly practical reason — to assure them that the wine they were about to drink wasn’t poisoned. To spike the wine with poison had become an all too common means of dealing with social problems — disposing of an enemy, silencing the competition, preventing a messy divorce, and the like. It thus became a symbol of friendship for the host to pour wine from a common pitcher, drink it before his guests, and satisfied that it was a good experience; raise his glass to his friends to do likewise.” – Anonymous, ““History of Toasting, www.intowine.com”“

Now a days, in our society, we might say that just drinking wine is an all too common way of gossiping about an enemy, gossiping about the competition and well, gossiping about a messy divorce. Of course there isn’t any poisoning to worry about, as far as the news has reported recently, but there still is quite a bit of toasting. Toasting to the good times and toasting to heal the bad times, wine has become a custom and pop-culture in its own right, not to mention it has been an appreciated, historical mainstay in many cultures.

Wine has been written about and savored historically, religiously, politically, agriculturally and socially. It is complex and diverse and now even more readily available to our LOCAL community to taste, learn about and buy online through the Lowrey Group’s new Wine and Spirits Club!

We’re celebrating Hilton Head Island’s first LOCAL wine and spirits club. It’s about time wine collectors, wine enthusiasts and wannabe wine gurus have an interactive wine and spirits club and Web site to be a part of year round. Thanks to The Lowrey Group’s new Wine and Spirits Club now you can taste, think and learn about wines from all over the world, then buy them online to conveniently enhance your collection and share delicious bottles with friends.

Lately, it has been more and more of a luxury to enjoy great wine, especially when eating out. It is truly amazing the effect wine has on food and the whole entertaining process. The Lowrey Group has come up with a local way to inexpensively educate our community on finding their individually unique wine palettes to enhance the dining-in experience whether it be everyday dinner or at home parties.

Starting in October, 2008 you can now enjoy exploring the Wine and Spirits club’s monthly wine and spirits featured recipes, food pairings and about 200 featured wines just by visiting ““www.wineandspiritsclub.com”“. You will be able to interact with the Lowrey Group’s Wine & Spirits Director Chris Cunningham by leaving your thoughts and interests on his monthly blog. In addition, members receive monthly eBlast newsletters and insider information on Lowrey Group restaurants’ wine tastings and dinners. Members can even download photos from our event photo archives and print free pictures from the events they attend. Catching up on international wine news and trends will be another perk of perusing the club’s Web site.

But the best part is now locals can order wine on-line at exclusive club member discounted retail rates. Members are able to click and scroll through the club’s interactive, educational wine shop and fill electronic shopping carts with classic wine favorites and hard to get boutique wines. Members will be able to send their order with ease and pick it up within days. No more tasting bad wine you can’t return. The Wine and Spirit’s Club wine shop has detailed descriptions to help you develop your palette and purchase wines that you will truly enjoy drinking and giving as gifts.

Becoming a member is easy and truly inexpensive. All locals have to do is fill out an online application for becoming a Celebrate Hilton Head, Diamond Club member at ““www.celebratehiltonhead.com”“ and you automatically receive the new Wine & Spirits Club membership and benefits with all the additional benefits of being a Diamond Club member. If you are already a Diamond Club member then you already have access to the new Wine & Spirit Club member benefits and online shopping. Mail-in applications are available by calling 843.342.9190.

The idea behind the club is to really introduce wine culture to everyone and make it as fun and available as it is to people in the industry. Wine selection can seem overwhelming some times and the interactive Web site was created to teach people how to find wines that they are really going to love. Three-cheers or shall we say three-toasts for the Lowrey group Wine and Spirits Club!

For further information on becoming a member or just wine in general, visit ““www.wineandspiritsclub.com.”“

  1. Dear Chris, I am sure you are aware that we are doing a cooking event at the Ocean Grille along with their cooking class, where we are promoting a Med cruise on Regent which is a spotlight on food and wine, and is sailing in September of 2009. The event will take place on Novevember 12, 2008 at the Ocean Grille, and thought some of your members might also be interested in attending the cooking school and presentation on the cruise. Let me know what you think, thanks, Boo

    — Boo Ring    Oct 22, 08:41 am   

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