October 2008

With Just a Spark of Imagination…

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: photography by anne

Don’t you dare buy a pre-fabricated plastic costume from buycheapcostumes.com for your little pumpkin! With just a spot of imagination and a little bit of preparation you can most likely find something mundane (right in your own house or garage) and make it marvelous!

The CH2 Team took these toddlers and transformed them into visions of Halloween loveliness – with minimal work and an even smaller budget. And just for the record, we had no help from Martha Stewart on this one…and most of us don’t even have children!

After using these photos for inspiration, we want to see what YOU come up with! Submit your child’s photo for our Harrowing Halloween Costume contest and enter to win a $50 Gift certificate to Island Playground and a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice! The winner will get their child’s photo placed in the December issue of CH2.

Madison Cramer A Grape Vine

Isabella Grace Burt Bumble Bee

Charlie Stebbing Gerber Daisy

Madison & Piper Hern Movie Popcorn and Movie Star

Marcus Cramer Michael Phelps:USA

Will Richardson Spider

Sophie Rose Marzbanian Dorothy and Toto

  1. How cute! The YouTube video is awesome – you girls rock!

    — Anne    Oct 1, 06:08 pm   

  2. Thanks for letting the gang be a part of your story. They loved it!

    — Isabella, Madison & Marcus's Mom :)    Oct 2, 11:49 am   

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