October 2020 Issue

Where Hair Meets Art: Local stylist with a flair for hair enters the industry’s most prestigious competition

Who would imagine that a dog cone wrapped in hair could be a work of art? Local hairstylist Erica Horton would! She also found chicken wire and Styrofoam to be helpful props when creating her first collection of competition hair, designed to look like hats. The…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Outside In: For Don and Becky Kimble, it all started with a marsh view. It ended with a Sea Pines home that exults in the extraordinary.

8 Bunk beds flank this game room that was designed to entertain and serve as an added media room. If there is a single defining element to the elegant Sea Pines Resort home of Don and Becky Kimble, it’s the marsh. That nearly uninterrupted view across…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Zen and the Art of Knarly Gav

Photography by Steven Diaz His tattoos adorn the likes of world-famous celebrities and local-famous islanders alike. But don’t let the smiling cat with the watermelon mouth fool you. The art of Knarly Gav is far more than skin deep. To speak with Gavan Daly is to leap…
Author:Barry Kaufman

An Eye for Music: Known for their imaginatively dazzling commercial videos, Harden Creative cuts its teeth on music videos, and the beat goes on.

Eddie Tucker & Trevor Harden It’s around 9 a.m. on a Monday, and musician Jevon Daly is submerged up to his shoulders in the briny waters of the May River. He’s attempting to go completely under the waves, but the floppy hood of his shark costume…
Author:Barry Kaufman

News from 'The Sound'

Despite the limitations of Covid-19, and with necessity birthing some much-needed online software tools (thank you Zoom, Audio Movers and ListenTo!), the summer and fall of 2020 ushers in the release of some brand new music projects, all produced at my studio, The Sound, located…
Author:Greg Critchley

Taking Back Soundboy Sunday

Before they were the Traveling Wilburys, they were just Jeff, Bob, Roy, George and Tom—five guys who had already changed the world of music. When they came together to form the legendary supergroup, it wasn’t because of each individual’s status in the pantheon of rock…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Musings from a Woman in the Music Biz

The middle-aged man with the dri-fit polo and five o’clock shadow looks me up and down. “You sound great, if only you would just smile for us more.” I grimace and reluctantly glance in his direction. “Thanks for the tip,” I tell him, trying not…
Author:Taylor Kent

A Note from our Mayors

A Note from Mayor McCann Your Taxes Already Pay for Law Enforcement, So Why the Extra Fee? As mayor, I want to bring you up to date about an ongoing situation between Beaufort County and the Town of Hilton Head Island regarding law enforcement services that you,…
Author:John McCann, Lisa Sulka

So Sandra The Latest Fashions: A Little Gossip. A Whole Lot of Fun

Special thanks to Barbara, Betsey, Terry and Mary Ann for their super-duper modeling skills.

Author:Special to CH2

Craving Connection? Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island dishing up friendship, fun, and opportunities to serve

We were not meant to be alone in this world. Neuroscience suggests that we are hardwired to interact and connect with one another. While COVID-19 may have caused a temporary power disruption, the Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island (WAHHI) is busy restoring the circuits,…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Comfort Food Crosses the Bridge: Hilton Head Island’s famed Plantation Café brings its unique charms to Bluffton.

To call Plantation Café and Deli an island institution would be an understatement. Since 1974, it has existed as one of those places that simply is so vital to the fabric of the community that it’s hard to picture Hilton Head Island without it. One…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Mike Kavanaugh: From ‘No Cover’ to Unlike Any Other

That is the magic of Mike Kavanaugh, the architect of the island’s most beloved band, JoJo Squirrell and the Home Pickles. He has played more than 6,000 shows in the Lowcountry and booked another 40,000 performances in the 25 years of his second stint on…
Author:Tim Wood

What’s Cookin’? Trends in kitchen design

While following most trends may feel like trivial pursuits, kitchen trends typically outlast their time in the spotlight, and the return they offer will make the investment worth both any time and money spent. From cabinetry to the kitchen sink, from backsplashes to countertops, from…
Author:Cheryl Alexander

Women Who Rock:The Lowcountry’s greatest hits

The past few years have seen a surge of women worldwide making strides and breaking records in just about every industry imaginable. Although trending hashtags are #girlpower and #bosslady, sadly, a Google search for famous women musicians from South Carolina offers scarce results. However, three…
Author:Cheryl Alexander

Let Us Entertain You:Maggie and Jevon Doin’ Lowcountry Stuff

Maggie Washo and Jevon Daly fight over the radio and a bedazzled carpool karaoke microphone. It’s the odd couple meets 2020. it works, but it’s weird. You’ll definitely laugh a lot and you’ll for sure be confused, but so are we. at the same time you’ll…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Home Is Where the SMART Is: What’s your home’s intelligence level?

Our homes are our havens for security and comfort, so making our houses safer and more convenient is a high priority. Improving a home’s intelligence is a big market, and in a world where technology changes seemingly overnight, it can be hard to keep up.…
Author:Cheryl Alexander

The Evolution of an Artist: Pam White’s journey to a career that was meant to be

Pam White is photographed in her garage studio in Sea Pines. On a steamy August morning, artist Pam (PJ) White answers the door at her Sea Pines home, her sassy blond hair casually tousled to complement her “office” attire (shorts, T-shirt, sandals, and work apron). She…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Musicians in Bathrooms featuring Groove Town Assault

Special thanks to the Island Rec Center for hosting our shoot in their locker room.

Author:Special to CH2

The Difference of Design: Kelly Caron Designs puts a premium on professionalism and experience.

There’s a certain look to Lowcountry homes and businesses, one that is often emulated beyond the confines of the 843 area code, but never truly duplicated. It lies at the intersection of comfort and sophistication—where nickel-gap shiplap accent walls and craftsman style millwork in crisp…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: Call the Gutter Pro, Troy Dolin.

“Troy Dolin, Gutter Pro” is more than the name behind the owner-operated and locally invested business. The phrase represents a philosophy and promise to keep it simple and personal for a purpose: “From phone call to sign-off,” Dolin assures, “you’re going to get me directly.”…
Author:Amy Bartlett

Kyle Wareham: Happy days, Magical sounds

In just a short time as part of the Lowcountry music scene, Kyle Wareham has become an icon among diehard fans and fellow musicians. He melts crowds with his piercing crooner vocals and lyrics as part of bands like Pretty Darn and Soundboy and has…
Author:Tim Wood

7 Musicians, 7 Questions, 49 Answers

We asked seven popular Lowcountry musicians to come up with seven questions for their musically- inclined peers. They opened up about everything from the importance of original songwriting and what songs make them cry to what local musicians they like to listen to and their…
Author:Special to CH2

The new normal at Bannon Law Group: The husband-wife duo navigates the uncharted waters of COVID-19 to continue delivering exceptional legal representation.

If you take a large enough step back and look at the world of 2020, you’ll notice some unusual things happening. Air pollution around major cities plummeted while solar output around the country soared, spurred on by cleaner air from fewer commuters on the road.…
Author:Barry Kaufman

15 Days to the Kitchen and Bath Experience You Deserve

Contractor horror stories are so plentiful that they have become clichés. HGTV has launched shows all about cleaning up the mistakes of crooked handymen. Internet recommendation services meant to solve the problem have instead created another layer of glossy smooth talk that makes a disappointing…
Author:Tim Wood

Clearly the Best Dressed: Carolina Window Designs upgrades any view

The Carolina Window Designs Team: (from left to right): Ana, Darren, Teresa, Sheri, Jennifer, Bob, Luisa Draperies or shades can transform any room, adding warmth and style to a once drab space and enhancing views out any window. The right window dressing will even create…
Author:Cheryl Alexander

Beyond the Surface: How Rob Cavano and Charles Arriola took a leap of faith, building Coastal Countertops and Tile from the ground up.

3cm. Honed Calacatta Matarazzo Brazilian Quartzite with Full Height Backsplash and Farm Sink Cut-Out If there is a single moment that defines the American spirit, it’s the moment in which someone decides to start their own business, fearlessly putting all their chips on the table and…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Editor's Note: October 2020

I remember listening to my Grandpa Ross sing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” at the Ross Madison House (a restaurant he owned with my grandma) in upstate New York when I was just a child. It’s strange that this particular memory is burned into my brain.…
Author:Maggie Washo

Sergio Raynal:A Life’s Second Act Forged Against the Grain

Open the door to Sergio Raynal’s understated, runway-adjacent Hunter Road office park woodworking studio, and you immediately realize you’re in for an inspiring encounter. The bass guitar-shaped piece of rare Hawaiian Koa wood hung on the greeting room wall and the nine-foot-long family table forged…
Author:Tim Wood

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