September 2019

Coastal Restaurants and Bars (CRAB) Group Takes Ownership of Old Oyster Factory Restaurant, Announces Fundraiser for Bahamas

Hilton Head Island, SC, September 6, 2019: The Old Oyster Factory restaurant has officially joined Coastal Restaurants and Bars (CRAB) family of restaurants. Coastal Restaurants and Bars is a local, family-owned company, primarily by the Kennewegs and Reilleys, dating back to 1973, when Peter…
Author:CH2 Press Release

CH2 Takes You Window Shopping for Fall Fashion!

Set Design by Hunter Kostylo and Ella Patrick
Styling by Kaila Jeffcoat

Author:Special to CH2

Expanding Access: Beaufort Memorial offers area residents new options for care

Dr. Chip Fowlkes sees a patient at Beaufort Memorial’s new Express Care & Occupational Health clinic in Bluffton. The practice, located at 1 Burnt Church Road, will be open 7 days a week. (Photo by Paul Nurnberg.) If you’ve driven through Bluffton and Hardeeville lately, you…
Author:M. Johannemann

5 Drinks with: Marshall Sampson of Santa Fe Cafe and Pizza Co.

He’s drinking: Herradura I’m drinking: the el camino [El Jimador Reposado tequila, lemon juice, organic agave nectar, ginger oil and Montelobos Mezcal] Marshall Sampson has reached an interesting time in his restaurant career. For 13 years, he’s owned Santa Fe Café with his business partner Sean Crosby,…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Daufuskie Island Vines and Tides: Foodie heaven with a side of adventure

The candy-striped Harbour Town lighthouse is seen off in the distance from the deck of the Haig Point Beach house on Daufuskie Island Those who have always wondered about—but never taken the time to visit—the tiny island just across the Calibogue Sound should start planning their…
Author:Taryn Scher

September 2019: Editor's Note

It’s ironic that I’m flipping burgers in this photo since I was tasked with writing about my go-to healthy lunch for this, our tenth annual Love Affair with Food, issue. I’ll spare you the anticipation and tell you right here; it’s the Sedona salad with…
Author:Maggie Washo

Do You Need a Family CFO?

As you accumulate significant wealth, your financial world becomes increasingly complex. Your wealth may include not only stocks and bonds, but also private equity investments, real estate and perhaps a family business. Your estate plan may be complicated as well and may include a private…
Author:Joel Goodman, CFA

8 Tips for Living on a Fixed Income

Living on a fixed income isn’t just for the retired; it’s a smart way to live. With downsizing, frugality, early retirement, and tiny homes increasing in popularity, the fixed income lifestyle is definitely not the one your parents lived. Here are some simple tips for…
Author:Kent Thune

Lamb & Gray Associates, LLC : Leap of Faith

April Gray, Lydia DePauw, and Amanda Lamb took a leap of faith, operating on a strong belief in God and their God-given talents. A leap of faith is about trading certainty for uncertainty—taking a chance, and believing the reward is worth the risk. It was with…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Some Like it Hot

While I’ve never made the connection between my proclivity for thrill rides and my obsession with spicy food, I’m warming up to the idea. According to the website Thrillist, affection for peppery food often points to particular personality qualities (mine). “Based on studies from the…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

The Merle Norman Spirit: Meet the mother-daughter duo who are continuing a legacy of beauty and entrepreneurial drive.

The Merle Norman showroom located in the Village at Sheridan Park. You may have heard the name Merle Norman Cosmetics, but the spirit behind that name has largely gone unsung. Unlike fictional figureheads such as Betty Crocker or Uncle Ben, there was a real Merle Norman,…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Peak Performance Fitness Center: Personalized Training, Real Results

From left to right: Christina Lindstedt: BS in health and exercise science; ACSM, TPI Level 3; TRX suspension, rip training, and functional training. Stacey Saritelli: BS in commercial recreation and health education; AFPA Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor certifications; ACE Lifestyle &…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

How Tariffs Affect You!

If you pay even the slightest attention to the news, you’ve likely heard about tariffs and the greater trade war with China. But how does this macro-economic, geo-political confrontation impact the micro-economic bottom line? In different words, how do tariffs affect you financially? Does the…
Author:Kent Thune

Musicians in Bathrooms: Target the Band

Special thanks to John Donaldson for hosting our shoot at his Rose Hill Estate.

Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Flora and Branco Raiac of Flora’s Italian Café

What is your favorite restaurant in the area (other than the one you own) and why? My backyard. Is there a bucket list restaurant that you’re dying to try There are a bunch of them in Italy! Cellphones at the table: is that acceptable in our current climate or…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Robert Costello of Munchies Hilton Head

Robert Costello spent years on Hilton Head Island working at such iconic restaurants as Alligator Grille and Robert Irvine’s Eat! He spent the last two years in Savannah helping renowned Savannah Chef Roberto Leoci, recently nominated for Best Chef in Savannah, open Leocis Mercato Italiano. Costello…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Billy Watterson of Pizza Co. and Burnt Churt Distillery

Owners, Billy Watterson and Marshall Sampson What is your favorite restaurant in the area (other than the one you own) and why? Ombra is my favorite restaurant! They have the best filet on island, pasta is crazy delicious, and I appreciate the professionalism of the wait staff. Is…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Marshall Samspon of Santa Fe Cafe and Pizza Co.

Owners, Marshall and Rachel Sampson Not Pictured: Owner, Sean Crosby What is your favorite restaurant in the area (other than ones you own) and why? I’m always working at dinner, so I split my lunches between Gruby’s Deli, Sunrise Café, and Bullies BBQ. Is there any food you wouldn’t…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Amie Baima and Evan Berkner of Skillets Café and Grill

What do you love about the food and beverage industry? Amie: The people I meet… well, most of them. Evan: The free food and perks. Is there a bucket list restaurant you’re dying to try? Amie: Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, S.C. Evan: Anywhere in Tokyo. Cellphones at the table: is that…
Author:Special to CH2

Local Financial Advisors: Oak Advisors, LLC

John Chiacchiero and Michelle Myhre, CFP® Since 2005, Oak Advisors, LLC has been one of Hilton Head Island’s most respected wealth management firms. The company, a fee-only, Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment advisor, creates customized investment management and financial planning solutions. As a fee-only firm, the…
Author:Special to CH2

Local Financial Advisors: Matthew G. Kovalcik, CFP of Kovalcik & Geraghty Wealth Partners

Matt Kovalcik lives by the mantra, “Today will be what I make it.” And that philosophy applies both at home and in business. Kovalcik and his wife Kris have three children: Jimmy, Ellie, and Mary. Kris is a full-time mom. Jimmy and Ellie are seniors…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Nunzio Patruno of Nunzio Restaurant + Bar

What is your favorite restaurant in the area (other than the one where you work) and why? One of our favorite restaurants would be Hinoki. It is the opposite of Italian cuisine but shares the same quest for freshness and outstanding flavors. Is there any food you…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Dave Peck of Bad Biscuit

What is your favorite restaurant in the area (other than the one you own) and why? Hinoki, because just ask for the Jeremy Special: spicy tuna mixed with Japanese mayo, sesame and spices, seaweed salad, paper thin onions and cucumbers, soy vinaigrette. DANGIT, just talking about…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces of F&B: Clayton Rollison of Lucky Rooster Kitchen + Bar and Lucky Rooster Market Street

Is there any food you wouldn’t eat as a child that you would eat now? I hated Brussels sprouts and all green veggies. Now, they are my favorite part of meals. Is there a bucket list restaurant you’re dying to try? There are a ton on my list,…
Author:Special to CH2

Treasure Hunting: Branches designers see art in everything

Lauren McAvoy and Sarah Perry on a recent treasure-hunting trip across Georgia to find items for their store Branches, located in the Village at Wexford. Henry David Thoreau said, “The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Do you look at everyday items and see…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Keeping Bluffton Eccentric: The State of Mind lives on at Eggs ‘N’ Tricities

The front room of Eggs ‘N’ Tricities simply gleams. There’s no other way to put it. Amid wall displays of sophisticated clothing and tables bedecked in jewelry, there’s a vibe that mirrors the newly emerging sensibility of Southern charm. It’s not ostentatious, but it ain’t…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Women Chefs in the Lowcountry: Recipes for Success

Leslie Rohland, owner of The Cottage Cafe, Bakery & Tea Room in Old Town Bluffton. According to the National Restaurant Association, the number of woman-owned food establishments has increased by more than 50 percent in the last decade—yet the statistics remain startling: only 20 percent of…
Author:Lucy Rosen

8 Local Restaurants to Grab a Quick, Healthy Lunch

Gone are the days when a quick lunch meant getting something thrown out a window at you in a brown paper bag. Today’s consumer is looking for fast, healthy options during a 30-minute break from the office, and local eateries are rising to the occasion…
Author:Special to CH2

7 New Restaurants to Savor in the Lowcountry

There’s nothing like a new restaurant in town to get the masses excited. What’s the concept? How’s the price point? Is it close to my house or convenient to work? The Lowcountry has no shortage of budding restaurateurs and career service staff, all working in…
Author:Special to CH2

A Note From Our Mayors - September 2019

Come Tell US What You Think About the U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Project Alternatives In 1956, when state and local officials stood on the newly erected draw bridge to Hilton Head Island, they ushered in a new era and created a gateway to an island that…
Author:John McCann, Lisa Sulka

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