May 2019 Issue


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Author:CH2 Subscription Form

AR Workshop: Everybody's Doing It!

Christine Clegg, owner of AR Workshop in the Village at Wexford There are two kinds of people in the world: artsy/craftsy DIYers and the rest of us. The good news is, AR Workshop is for everybody, from the HGTV Joanna Gaines wanna-be to the most craft-averse.…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Summer Camps

Alliance Dance Academy Princess Camp I : June 3-7 Monday thru Friday 11:00-4:00. Each day we celebrate a different Princess through crafts, books, music, movies and dance! Animal Action Camp: July 22-26 Monday thru Friday from 11:00-4:00. Each day we celebrate a different…
Author:Special to CH2

Smooth Moves

I help people move into their dream homes or sell their former dream homes every day. I see the stress. I do all I can to minimize the strain. I intellectually understand all the parts of purchasing and selling property. And this month, I dove…
Author:Meredith Bannon, Esq.

The Future is Now! - What’s new in pediatric dentistry

“When did going to the dentist become such a cool experience?” These words came from the father of a beautiful 13-year-old girl named Claire who just finished her appointment. When Claire first started coming to the dentist several years ago, she reacted the way most…
Author:James F. Mason, DDS

My Three Daughters Could Not Be More Different

When Ransom was born at 5:55 a.m. on May 8, 2007, she came into this world screaming. Stubborn almost to the point of being inconsolable, she only ceased fussing when she was swaddled so tight she looked more like a burrito than a baby or…
Author:Becca Edwards

Amos Hummell: The Man Behind the Mayfest Poster

Local artist Amos Hummell has colored outside the lines of convention for over four decades. His artwork is bright, busy and energetic, just like Amos. Hummell’s illustration for this year’s Mayfest highlights the uniqueness of the event, while encompassing all the charm and beauty of…
Author:Lisa Carroll

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from John McCann Batter up for Parks and Recreation Planning Most of you who know me know of my lifelong passion for our country’s “national pastime” and of my diehard support for the New York Yankees. While their season may not have gotten off to…
Author:John McCann, Lisa Sulka

Loggerhead Landing: An Escape within an Escape

We all need an escape every now and again. Even those of us fortunate enough to already live on an island where most of the country goes to escape. We need just that one afternoon in the sun, with the roar of the ocean accompanying…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Haskins & Co.: Where Life Meets Style and Girls Go to Have Fun

Rocking a pair of white jeans, a light blue seersucker top, and a classic jean jacket, Brody Haskins Kenneweg smiles for the camera. Wherever you see her—whether she’s at her Coligny Plaza boutique and gift shop (Haskins & Co.), tooling about town, or dressed up…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Editor's Note: May 2019

For me, May means celebrating moms—even more than Memorial Day weekend, going to the beach or the start of summer fun. Think about it: none of you would be here reading this without your mom, right? (Technically you wouldn’t be here without dad either, but…
Author:Maggie Washo

8 Do’s and Don’ts for Divorcing Parents

As a family court lawyer, I dedicate a great deal of my practice to custody and visitation issues. One of the first orders of business is discussing with a client his or her custody goals. Part of determining a client’s goals is exploring the reasons…
Author:Beth Ann Prince

The Last Call: A reminder to call yo’ mama while you can

“Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours began.” — Mitch Albom i have very few regrets in life, but the one that I find most difficult to put behind me is one that can’t be rectified. It was nothing I said…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins


It bites when you have a child who bites. You worry you will become a social pariah with the parents of non-biters, who also conveniently have perfect Instagram posts of their children with their hair brushed, actually wearing clothes that match. You ask yourself, “Did…
Author:Becca Edwards

A Chorus Line: Spring’s singular sensation

As the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina’s number one audience choice for a musical for the 2018-19 Theater Season, A Chorus Line is an enduring favorite and arguably one of the most iconic shows of the American stage. Running from May 1 through June 2,…
Author:Andrea Gannon

5 Drinks with: Molly O. Hornbeck, Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton

For 20 years, “Miss Molly” has been a fearless force for change in Bluffton. Through her constant effort and boundless enthusiasm, she has forged a path for the Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton that has taken it from a handful of dilapidated trailers to…
Author:Barry Kaufman

More than Just an All-Natural Slice: New York City Pizza: everything you want in Italian food and nothing you don’t

Ask any New Yorker, and they’ll tell you New York City’s pizza is the best in the world. They may not have invented it, but they certainly perfected it. At its ideal, a slice of real NYC pizza represents a perfect balance of fresh mozzarella…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Cute Clothes for the Carpool Lane (and for other stuff moms do)

Styling by Kaila Jeffcoat
Hair & Makeup bySalon Karma
Classic Car courtesy of Carolyn K.
Modeled by Mary Elaine of Halo Model & Talent

Author:Special to CH2

Modern Barn: A fresh approach to home décor and gifts

Decorating a new home or sprucing up a room? You know that shelf that is calling for a curio, the sofa begging for a throw pillow, or the bare countertop asking for a pop of color? Head on over to Modern Barn, Hilton Head Island’s…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Get the Party Started at Gifted: When getting ready for your next big soiree, your first stop should be Gifted Hilton Head.

The advent of spring means that party season is in full swing. A glance over your social calendar for the next few months will show a packed schedule of birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and your classic, “It’s warm out so let’s day-drink” parties.…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Mixx on Main: The Neighborhood Eatery that Knows you by Name

Any restaurant can serve good food. But what makes a good restaurant great is the combination of tasty food, friendly service, and an inviting atmosphere. Many people would say it’s an overall feeling—the kind you get at Mixx on Main, one of Hilton Head Island’s…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Musicians in Bathrooms: John Morris Russell, Conductor of the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra

What’s your sign? Gemini Most underrated song that, in your opinion, should be a classic: Schubert’s Symphony No. 4 – the Tragic. It is fantastic. Biggest compliment you’ve ever gotten from a fan? There are so many I can’t keep track. But seriously, those who come to the concerts…
Author:Special to CH2

Sandwiches, Omens and Fish: A writer, a publisher and two culinary men of the sea hit the briny blue like wolves among the sheepshead.

The day began, as all great days do, with sandwiches, omens and the promise of catching fish. The sandwiches came courtesy of this magazine’s publisher, Maggie Washo, who not only invited me along on this fishing trip but plied me, Linh Craig and Broderick “Brodie”…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Coastal Treasures: Let us Entertain You!

“Some people go sky diving. Some people go ziplining. And some people go shopping—for entertainment!” said Kathy Kaess, store manager at Coastal Treasures, the iconic Hilton Head Island gift shop with one of the Lowcountry’s most coveted addresses. “We are so fortunate to be here…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

At Home in Old Town Bluffton: Jaime Toomer finds the right fit with Built Right Homes

When Jaime Toomer decided to build her first house from the ground up, she knew she wanted a Lowcountry-style home that was durable and fit her lifestyle. When not at MUSC working as a nurse, Toomer spends as much free time as possible boating on…
Author:Special to CH2

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