November 2017

Atlantic Spray Foam: Mission Accomplished

Sleeping soundly, knowing your home and roof are sealed up tight, is something TJ Anderson appreciates on a personal and professional level. “During this past storm [Hurricane Irma], I slept better at night knowing that what was in my roof was such a hard, ridged…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Avis Rollison Going Out in Style: Goodbye Porcupine, Hello New Adventures

Sitting in a corner booth at The Lucky Rooster Kitchen + Bar, Avis Rollison takes her first deep breath of the day over a glass of cabernet. We’re here to talk about the closing of her beloved, one-of-a-kind boutique, The Porcupine, serving Hilton Head Island…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Forsythe Jewelers

Dreams do come true. After all, three times a year, Andrea Bragg jets off to New York and Las Vegas to shop (you are invited to pause to let that sink in, if only to contemplate the possibilities). Now, if the story stopped there, life…
Author:Kitty Bartell

2017 Gift Guide for Him

Club Car of Hilton Head Lifted Club Car Onward. Four Passenger comes with a brush guard, rear flip seat, LED lighting system and 14” rims and all terrain tires. Zija – Cristina Rizk The Staycation Kit from ZIJA includes an Améo AirTherapy Aerify Diffuser, both Améo Essential Oil…
Author:Special to CH2

The Southern Gentlemen

Styling by Kim Molloy
Photography by: M.Kat
Special thanks to Brandon with Halo Model and Talent Agency

Author:Kim Molloy

Cocktails at Birdie's

Cocktails at Birdie’s was a lifestyle event that challenged owner Michelle Taylor and her creative team in a whole new way. In their first year on Hilton Head Island, they’ve stayed true to their mission, “offering a beautiful space for women to gather, laugh, shop,…
Author:Special to CH2

Let's Talk About Money! Financial Professional Profiles

Roger Tennyson, CFP® Martin Financial Services, LLC Investments, Financial Planning, Risk Management , Social Security Planning Roger Tennyson, a practicing financial advisor since 2005, has been on Hilton Head Island since 2009. He has continually worked to further his professional education and business acumen to better serve his…
Author:Special to CH2

2017 Staying Power

C2 is proud to present local businesses who have withstood the test of time with hard work and determination. They’ve survived hurricanes, bad economies, a shortage in cash or a workforce and every other obstacle that an entrepreneur is presented with. Congratulations on your success – you…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Overcoming the Worst Enemy of Personal Finance

When it comes to money, who or what is your worst enemy? The first culprits that come to your mind might include inflation, taxes or debt. While these have great potential to be formidable financial adversaries, there’s still a greater enemy that you need to…
Author:Kent Thune

Village at Wexford Kicks Off Holiday Season: Santa’s Arrival, Cookie Decorating, Food and Fun

On November 18 at 3 p.m., Santa will arrive at the Village at Wexford, bringing excited smiles to kids of all ages, and officially kicking off the holiday season in the Lowcountry. Santa’s arrival is just part of the exciting lineup of special events happening…
Author:Special to CH2

VanLandingham Rotary: A Small but Mighty Force

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person. On Hilton Head Island, 60-70 busy VanLandingham Rotary Club members are proving that a small group of dedicated people can make a whopping difference in a community. Since its inception in 1983, the club…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

It’s Not All About the Benjamins: Appreciating Affordable Luxury

At age 18, I boldly stood in front of my family and told them that I planned to earn a bachelor’s degree in English. Naturally, they demanded to know what I planned to do with that degree—especially when teaching (the obvious answer in their eyes)…
Author:Denise K. James

Kick Off the Holidays with Taste of the Season

The Lowcountry’s much-anticipated annual holiday culinary tradition has a new venue this year. The Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce will present Taste of the Season Under the Stars on Nov. 17, tented on the green at the Country Club of Hilton Head. Under the…
Author:Special to CH2

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Let’s Plan on It! This quote is considered a Berra-ism—one of many attributed to the late, great Yogi Berra: “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up somewhere else.” How true. So, let’s be thankful for the planning…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka


Opinion 1: Barry Kaufamn Before we begin, special thanks to Matt Jording for saving Courtney and me a ton of work this month by inadvertently inspiring our topic. I applaud any and all readers who enable my laziness, and doubly so those who make a mean…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

Lawton Stables: Home Sweet, Equine Home

Known for its extraordinary real estate—oceanside, harborside, golf, wooded, and lagoon views—Hilton Head Island is an exceptional place to call home, and that isn’t only for the human set; the equine residents at Lawton Stables have a rather fine address as well. The elegant buildings…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Holiday Manual for Couples: Keeping love alive from Thanksgiving to New Year’s

What is supposed to be the happiest time of the year can be a challenging time for couples. It’s tough even if you are fortunate enough to have an intact family (same husband you started with and a set of mutually conceived kids). But for…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Holiday Hook Up- Reinventing Retail: Your one-stop shopping extravaganza

What’s the quickest way to turn less into more? According to two local boutique owners, the secret lies in collaboration. While they could be considered competitors, Jackie Wells-Lindstrom of Too Belles Boutique and her friend Brody Kenneweg of Traveling Chic Boutique envision a future where…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

THE FRENCH BAKERY: Fondue, Friends, and Family

It all began with shepherds and tucked away bits of cheese and bread. “After working with their herds, the cheese was dry and the bread was stale,” said Marek Belka, owner of The French Bakery on Hilton Head Island. “They had wine, so they melted…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Flora’s Italian Café

Arugula, tomatoes, peppers, figs, lemons… Branco and Flora Raiac, owners of Flora’s Italian Café on Hilton Head Island spend much of their free time tending to the ingredients found in the dishes and on the plates at their 14-year-old, beloved restaurant. “Right now, we’re waiting…
Author:Kitty Bartell

FACES DaySpa: It’s Time To #SpaLocal

Garnering accolades across their 34-year history, FACES DaySpa in Village at Wexford, has consistently been awarded Best Day Spa, Best Manicure and Pedicure, and Best Massage, time and again. And if these weren’t enough to draw your attention, their 2017 Island Packet Readers’ Choice Award…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Editor's Note: One + One = Three

For over 10 years, I was greeted with this saying as I walked into the office: “SUCCESS — You can have everything in life you want, if you will help enough people get what they want.” I would round the corner to our internal company…
Author:Maggie Washo

Chronic Busyness: The epidemic that has America in a tizzy

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Branches: A Boutique Floral Design Company

Greenhouses and garden dirt seems like a bit of a distance from the elegant tablescapes and arrangements emerging from the work space at Branches in Village at Wexford. However, for sisters Sarah Perry and Lauren McAvoy, owners and caretakers of the creative floral design boutique…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Counting Down the 5 Worst Financial Mistakes

Mistake Number #5: Failing to Ask for Help People can be reluctant to ask for help when making important financial decisions. Effectively managing potentially complex finances takes skill. In a study conducted at Yale and Princeton, psychologists gave students questionnaires asking how they compare with their…
Author:Brenda Blisk

Timeless Wisdom on the Art of Being Thankful

Thanksgiving goes back in time far beyond the Pilgrims. From early religious scripture to ancient philosophy, giving thanks and finding contentment in life has been a significant aspect of human history for thousands of years. So, for this Thanksgiving, and perhaps for many more to come,…
Author:Kent Thune

Born to Dance

Karena Brock-Carlyle doesn’t like to talk about herself. Unless specifically asked, she will not tell you that she shared the stage at Lincoln Center with such notable dancers as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Cynthia Gregory and Carla Fracci. She may “forget” to mention…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Almost, Maine

Hilton Head Preparatory School opens the new school year with the Upper School performance of John Cariani’s Almost, Maine. Love, winter and the fictional town of Almost, Maine will come alive when Prep’s fall show runs at the Hilton Head Preparatory School Main Street Theatre…
Author:Special to CH2

Six Easy Ways to Find Extra Money

If getting a raise at work is about as likely for you as winning the lottery, now may be an appropriate time to focus on some of the more controllable aspects of putting extra money in your pocket. In fact, the most reliable and quickest…
Author:Kent Thune

The Five-Minute Retirement Plan

What is your definition of retirement? If your definition includes something about saving money, the end of employment, or age 65, you may need to rethink your definition. For most people, retirement is defined by the government, mass media, the financial planning industry, or some combination…
Author:Kent Thune

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