October 2017

Hilton Head Insurance & Brokerage: Focusing on Customer and Community Makes for Good Business

The Team at Hilton Head Insurance and Brokerage (Left to right) Gary Davis, Nicole Hedden, Coley Davis and Jeff Hedden. _______ “We are an independent insurance agency. As an independent agency, we can equip ourselves with up to 30 or 40 insurance carriers, and we can navigate between…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Muse Gallery

Hali Lookabaugh, owner of Muse Gallery, stands next to a few pieces currently on display. To muse is to ponder over something; to be a muse, is to be one of the nine art-presiding daughters of Zeus, or one of their inspiring kin. To be the…
Author:James J. Strickland

The Color Purple: A Soaring Musical that Celebrates the Human Spirit

The Color Purple, named Best Revival in the 2016 Tony Awards, played its final performance on Broadway on January 8 of this year. The critically-acclaimed and audience-beloved revival opened December 10, 2015, and starred Cynthia Erivo, who won the Tony for Best Actress in a…
Author:Andrea Gannon

Notes from The Cone of Uncertainty: Eternal vigilance the price of paradise

I sit here in my home office, typing away, without a single home maintenance issue to think about beyond a doghouse that needs fixed, and I’m grateful. I’m grateful because my Bluffton home escaped the wrath of yet another hurricane, protected in the same bubble…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Tropical Storm Irma

Every action movie follows the same narrative arc/plot line. We begin with the exposition as we meet the protagonist and antagonist. An inciting incident leads to the rising action and eventually the climactic scene in which the protagonist and the antagonist duke it out in…
Author:Becca Edwards

13th Annual Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival Planned for October

The Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival is back for the thirteenth year—and still growing. What started as a one-day event in 2005 has quickly become a week of festivities in historic Bluffton, showcasing the arts and locally harvested seafood. Festival events are scheduled Saturday, October…
Author:Special to CH2

Fresh Fall Updates: Living Room

Fall is here, and it’s a great time to freshen up your interiors. There are many ways to update your living room without a total re-haul and ordering all new furniture. Here are some of my favorite tips: Swap out throw pillows and blankets. If you…
Author:Anne Hagerty

October 2017: Builder Spotlight

It is a beautiful thing to be able to create something so lasting as a home—to conduct an orchestra of craftsmanship to achieve the homeowner’s visio

Author:Special to CH2

Chip’ing Away at the Reality of Renovations

It’s taken awhile, but I’ve finally become comfortable with having another “Chip” in the world of real estate, and honestly, I like him a lot. He’s funny, skilled and charismatic. He’s a family man and a doting husband. He’s humble and he clearly cares about…
Author:Chip Collins

Downsizing:Overcoming Decorating Dilemmas

Downsizing can present some furnishing and decorating dilemmas. It’s often accompanied with various levels of stress and anxiety. What do I keep? What will work in my new space? How do I make some rooms multi-functional? What colors do I keep and/or change? And what…
Author:Saudah Muhammad

October 2017: Editor's Note

When the first spaghetti models on Hurricane Irma showed it possibly affecting the East Coast, I made hotel reservations in Atlanta. If memory serves, I think it was 10 days before we were going to feel any effects. After staying for Hurricane Matthew, I decided…
Author:Maggie Washo

Animal Ambassador “Jungle Jack” Hanna to visit the Lowcountry: CH2’s exclusive interview

For over 30 years, he’s been a regular guest on late night TV, daytime talk shows, and wildlife programs. He’s rubbed shoulders with celebrity hosts like David Letterman, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden and others. He’s traveled the world, producing his own…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Jevon & Stu Make Beats

Jevon is a talker, a writer, a philosopher, a lyricist, a musician. He has a lot to say. If Jevon calls you, he will leave you a voicemail. Ten seconds later, he will send you an e-mail to let you know he left you a…
Author:Courtney Hampson

Line in the Sand: Toxic Masculinity

Barry Kaufman I’m here today because, in my failure to check my privilege, I have opted to debate Courtney on toxic masculinity, mansplaining and manspreading. After all, adding the prefix man- to things that annoy us appears to be the hot new trend these days, and…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

Main Street Youth Theatre: A Milestone Anniversary with One-of-a-Kind Event

It’s a big year for The Main Street Youth Theatre. It actually began as The Hilton Head Community and Youth Theater in the early ’90s until 2006 when the name was officially changed to The Main Street Youth Theatre. Productions were originally staged at the…
Author:Special to CH2

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Way Too Early, or Perhaps Too Late Did you know that MSNBC’s Morning Joe does a show before morning actually arrives? Well it does—and Hilton Head Island was represented for a few short minutes recently. Even though Irma’s storm surge had receded…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

Two-Year-Old Becomes One of First Kids in Country to Have Genomic Screening to Help Doctors Target Her Cancer

Victoria Thompson, clutching a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips while she watches the TV show Paw Patrol, is a pint-sized pioneer. She doesn’t know it, but this two-year-old girl is part of an international precision medicine trial through MUSC Children’s Health for children…
Author:Special to CH2

Real Estate Closings and the Law

Many people are surprised to discover that, in South Carolina, you must hire a South Carolina licensed attorney to handle your real estate closing. Our Supreme Court has made it clear that handling a real estate closing is the practice of law and requires the…
Author:Craig T. Smith, Esquire

OMBRA Cucina Rustica: with Chef Michael Cirafesi, the Lowcountry’s Master of Italian cuisine

Wearing his standard white chef coat and apron, a slight hint of designer stubble framing his smile, Michael Cirafesi greets me at the door with a bear hug and a hearty welcome to his world at OMBRA Cucina Rustica. It’s 11 a.m. on a Thursday,…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Tailgating for a Cause: 24th Annual Polo for Charity Event

Imagine a cool, autumn breeze with the Lowcountry sun shining down on your oversized hat; surrounded by neighbors and friends, you are munching on a variety of tailgate food and sipping your favorite drink, while observing the “Sport of Kings.” Sounds like a pretty perfect…
Author:Emily Campbell

Set Your Coordinates for the Lowcountry: Real Estate Where Marinas and Waterways Hold Sway

Given the Lowcountry’s proximity to waterways, rivers, and the deep, blue Atlantic, the appetite for living in communities purposefully planned to take advantage of access to the tides is gratified from the tippy-tippy-toe of Hilton Head Island, to the Palmetto Bluff end of the May…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Your Blind Spot: Budget Blinds ensures that the greatest views in your house aren’t outside

The Budget Blinds Family seated in the showroom in Bluffton Front Row (left to right) Mary Springer, Adam Clough, Owner Bob Engler, Brendan Ryan and Jessica Brown. Back Row: Sharon George, Evan Roberts, Christie Linares, Joe Christensen, Josh Lauener and Bill Bradley ________ Step into the Budget…
Author:Barry Kaufman

Fifty Shades of Red

Photography by M.Kat
Styling by Kim Molloy
Hair & Makeup by Bride’s Side Beauty
Andresa and Mary Elaine courtesy of Halo Model & Talent Agency
Special thanks to Coastal Rentals for hosting our shoot in this unique
Berkeley Hall Estate, which is currently available as a long-term rental.

Author:Special to CH2

Lowcountry Living

OUR DESIGNS ARE OFTEN INSPIRED BY THE BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE THAT SURROUNDS US, BEHIND THE TREE SITS A LOW COUNTRY MASTERPIECE. And through proper finishes, colors, and touches a house becomes a home. Get inspired by the amazing vaulted ceiling and windows, which allows more sunlight and brightens…
Author:Special to CH2

Street Meet American Tavern: Creating Catering Connections

Over the course of their 12 years on Hilton Head Island, perpetual motion may be the best way to describe Street Meet American Tavern. “We’re always trying to be better and do more for the community,” said owner Carey Basciano. The energy level at this…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Vitoria International

Like an abstract painting that tells a story or invokes a feeling, slabs of natural stone emerge from quarries around the world with unpredictable patterns, hues, and tones, telling stories and creating moods without intrusion from a painter’s brush or a critic’s opinion. Since 2006,…
Author:Kitty Bartell

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