April 2017

April 2017 Editor's Note

I always wait until the last possible minute to put my thoughts on paper regarding the latest issue of CH2 and CB2. The reason is, in part, my undying devotion to procrastination. But mostly, it’s because I want to see the magazine put together in…
Author:Maggie Washo

Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical

Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical will premiere at the Main Street Theatre on Hilton Head Island, April 4-9. Based on the life of Rosemary Clooney, America’s “girl singer,” comes to life on stage in this exhilarating and inspiring musical biography. Tenderly is not a typical…
Author:Special to CH2

Heritage fashion: Transitioning from day to night

Cute and Casual Buddy Love Maxi: $96 Nina Hoop Gold Earrings: $82 Quay French Kiss Sunglasses: $60 Kitzi Bracelets: $40 each Available at Coastal Bliss Dressing up Cartise Dress: $228 Vaneli Natural Serpy Cork Shoes – $138 Gold Hoop Earrings: $98 Gold Cuff: $138 Available at The Back Door Day Wear Up! Fiji Pant: $118 Grace Baker Bow…
Author:Kim Molloy

Real Estate and the .com: Where the Search Begins

As much as potential real estate buyers may prefer, they will never find the Lowcountry landscape dotted with FOR SALE yard signs, primarily, in thanks to neighborhood, community, resort, and plantation by-laws prohibiting their display. Area Realtors often hear the lament, “We did a little…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Love Affair with The Drowsy Chaperone

I have always been intrigued by the titles of Broadway plays. How many times have you attended a show, and by the time you left the theatre, were still trying to figure out what the title had to do with the play? This was my…
Author:Barbara K. Clark

Teeing It Up in the Lowcountry: What to Know About Buying in a Golf Course Community

The azaleas are blooming. Sun and blue skies are here to stay. And it’s Heritage time! In the Lowcountry, there is no better time than spring. This area has so much to offer both visitors and residents. While many hit the beach, shop at local…
Author:Kevin King

Kennedy & Blackshire, LLC: A Partnership of Legal Advocates for Families

A little over two years into their partnership, veteran family law attorneys Bree Kennedy and Pamela Blackshire have built a team singularly focused on client advocacy—being empathic when empathy is needed, and being fierce when ferocity is required. “We both feel like we have a…
Author:Kitty Bartell

House Hunting: Picture Yourself There

No question, much of what is seen on episodes of HGTV’s House Hunters and House Hunters International is staged—fake-ish, a set-up. And honestly, I don’t care. The charming couple, or rambunctious family, or adventurous singleton, may have already selected their new address before ever contracting…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Tradition Dictates… It’s Time to Get Your Plaid On

The Heritage remains timeless; celebrating its forty-ninth year, and holding close to the traditions of its early incarnation, all the while the sands of time have done some shifting under once-spiked, now spike-less, foot. The 2017 RBC Heritage sponsored by Boeing, one of only three…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Gifted Hilton Head: All the blessings, none of the headaches

Most of us don’t like to admit it, but for all the blessedness it’s said to bestow, gift-giving can be downright terrifying. What if she doesn’t like it? What if he already has one? What if it is the wrong size, wrong color, wrong price…?…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Darius Rucker Intercollegiate Golf Tournament a Win for Everyone

What do blowfish, country music and golf have in common? No, the answer is not a punchline to some odd joke. All are associated with Darius Rucker: the front man and singer of the multi-platinum ’90s pop-rock band Hootie and the Blowfish, the country music…
Author:Kent Thune

Bridging the Communication Gap between Men and Women

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This phrase is not just the title of a famous book. The fact that Mars and Venus are about 74 million miles away from each other also makes the planets a good reference for describing how…
Author:Kent Thune

Sister Act: It’s Rainin’ Nuns, Hallelujah!

Sister Act is the feel-amazing musical comedy hit based on the hit 1992 film that has had audiences jumping to their feet! Featuring original music by Tony, and eight-time Oscar winner, Alan Menken (Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors), this uplifting musical…
Author:Andrea Gannon

Alexander’s Restaurant & Wine Bar: Now open at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

On an island blessed with over 250 dining establishments, only a handful stand out. Alexander’s, located mid-island in Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, is one of those few and has been on the tips of tongues since 1977—a favorite among Hilton Head Islanders and visitors alike.…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Knickers Dresses the Part:Where the Colors are a Little Brighter

Styling by Kim Molloy

Author:Lynnie Leavenworth

Life is a Garden

If you start a Google search and type in the words, “life is a,” the top completed search terms you’ll see will include life is a highway, life is a journey, life is a dream, life is a game, and life is a gift. These…
Author:Kent Thune

Line in the Sand

Opinion 1: Barry Kaufman Kids today, amiright? Always focused on themselves; it’s insane. I’ve never seen so many people so enamored with their own image, so narcissistic that it’s a wonder they can see past the mirror. Is any of this sounding familiar, members of the…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Matthew No Match for RBC Heritage Certainly, we love April on Hilton Head Island. Spring has arrived, and with it comes the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing. I had the opportunity to speak at Media Day for the tournament, and would like…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

Real Estate for Retirement: Buy now to secure your future in paradise

I often catch myself daydreaming about the many places we’ll visit and the beautiful home we hope to own when retired. While having three boys under the age of four may prolong our retirement goals, it’s never too soon for my wife and me to…
Author:Ryan Stefonik

Hilton Head Island Sells Itself

Much of what we know about today’s Hilton Head Island, recognized around the world as one of the finest oceanfront residential resort communities on the East Coast, owes a tremendous debt to its early developers. Thanks to their brilliant forward thinking, land planning, design and…
Author:Philip A. Schembra

The Good Earth: Rural Real Estate Remains a Smart Purchase

Back when I was a kid, a close friend of the family would pick me and my little sister up on Sunday afternoons and take us out to “the farm”—an expanse of land featuring a simple cabin, a quiet lake and plenty of wide open…
Author:Denise K. James

Wanderlust: Sightseeing in Sea Pines

All fashion for Ashley provided by Too Belles Boutique in the Fresh Market Shoppes
All fashion for Logan provided by Knickers in Harbour Town
Hair and Make-up by Bride’s Side Beauty
Styling by Kim Molloy

Author:Special to CH2

Superior Heating & Air Expands to Lake Oconee Area

After much thought and careful consideration, Dave Miller, owner of Superior Heating & Air, has decided to expand his family owned and operated business to a third location. Superior currently oversees offices throughout the states of South Carolina and Georgia. As local HVAC experts, the…
Author:Special to CH2

Too Belles: Too Fabulous!

Hair and make-up by Bride’s Side Beauty
Styling by Kim Molloy

Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Trattoria Divina: A Remarkable Balance of Wine Yin to Culinary Yang

It all began with a bottle of Brunello, said Tami Bream of their storia d’amore con il vino (love affair with wine), that she and husband Harry Morales share with guests at their sublime Italian restaurant, Trattoria Divina, located on Hilton Head Island. The prized…
Author:Kitty Bartell

2017 Lowcountry Realtors

2017 Lowcountry Realtors

Author:Special to CH2

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