February 2017

Chiropractic Care for your Pets

What’s the fuss with animal chiropractic, and why do my pets need it? The easiest answer is to keep them happy and healthy. Chiropractic affects the spine and nervous system, which is essentially the computer of your pet’s body. Bones of the spine can become misaligned,…
Author:Dr. Courtney VanAcker

How Animals Can Make Us Better Humans

There’s hope for the decline of Western civilization as we know it: Be more like animals! How many times have you thought to yourself, “If only I could be more loving, more forgiving, more carefree, and a better friend—like my dog.” Or when was the last…
Author:Kent Thune

Leading Ladies - How far will two guys go for $3 million bucks

February warms up with a hilarious comedy at the Arts Center, Leading Ladies, onstage February 7-26. It’s the story of Leo (Ethan Saks) and Jack (Jack Lafferty), two down-on-their-luck British actors in 1950s America, touring Scenes from Shakespeare at lackluster venues such as the local…
Author:Andrea Gannon

Children’s Dentistry Seaside: Working Miracles in Children’s Mouths

A soft, fuzzy toy to hold makes the dentist less scary. Dr. Morse takes time to get to know the family. Combine the precision of an engineer with the creativity of an artist; add the insight of a psychologist and the heart of a doting dad,…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Chow Daddy’s Kitchen and Bar: Smoking Up a Storm & Quenching Appetites

“Take up your paddles and step to the edge of the table; Chow Daddy’s has changed things up a bit.” Owners Price and Karen Beall have brought ping pong to their two Lowcountry locations. “We wanted to have a game that all ages could enjoy,” Karen…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Annual Cooks & Books is back!

On Sunday, March 5, The Literacy Center’s signature fundraising event, Cooks & Books is back by overwhelming demand. The event supports programs of The Literacy Center, whose mission is to improve literacy for all people in Beaufort County by providing the reading, writing, math and…
Author:Special to CH2

State of the Union: Divorce-Proof your Marriage

Depending on the moon phase, the availability of chocolate, and the frequency and quality of sex—not necessarily in that exact order—marriage can be hell on earth or the greatest thing this side of heaven. It can even be both in the same day. So, what…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

February 2017 Editor's Note

Generally speaking, the humans who work at the magazine come up with the monthly content – except for this month. We deferred to our canine companions for the annual Pet Issue, and once it was all put together, I really enjoyed reading the carefully curated…
Author:Maggie Washo

Why Your Business Will Fail

What an awful title, right? It’s just that every article about business success is full of how to be successful—how to be sure your business stays solvent. No one really wants to talk about why you are going to fail…except me. Your business is going…
Author:Lucy Rosen

Jewels and Jeans: Denim, dancing and dining for a great cause

This is the fun event you’ve probably never attended, but really should. As far as fundraisers go, this one places the emphasis on fun. The Foundation for Educational Excellence’s annual “Jewels and Jeans” event will take place on Saturday, March 4. Don’t miss this evening…
Author:Lisa Carroll

Gateway Mortgage Group: Bringing People Home

The Gateway Mortgage Team Front Row: Nicky Fowlkes, Paddi Bailey, Tayloe Stevenson, Jaclyn Borja and Lucy Waldorf Back Row: George Spradlin, Steve Ross, Eric Stafford, Sheri Little, Jack Little, Betty Hahn and Lindsay Franklin Gateway Mortgage Group is in the business of building: building character, building families, building…
Author:Lynnie Leavenworth

Happiness and the Elusive Work-Life Balance

The idea and application of work-life balance is among the most prevalent trends in the overlapping realms of career, health, fitness, and psychology. And now that we’ve entered a New Year, this self-improvement idea is even more relevant and present. Unfortunately, too many people think…
Author:Kent Thune

Growth Mindset: Christian Academy Heads to Bluffton

“Progress is not possible without change.” ~ George Bernard Shaw Bursting at the seams, bursting with good news, bursting with potential: Hilton Head Christian Academy finds itself bursting in very good ways. So much so, that a big announcement is at hand. They’re moving to Bluffton. “We…
Author:Mary Delle Robinson

Hilton Head Humane Association: The Story of Miller and Sparky

The story of Hilton Head Humane Association begins and ends with the story of the animals and their adoptive parents. Meet Miller and Sparky—two nine-year old dogs that were orphaned when their lifelong owner passed away last July. The wonderful folks at Hilton Head Humane…
Author:Kent Thune

Hilton Head Preparatory School to Perform Roald Dahl’s: James and the Giant Peach February 23-26

Hilton Head Preparatory School presents its second show of the school year with the upper school performance of the musical adaptation of the curiously quirky book, James and the Giant Peach. Featuring a wickedly tuneful score by the Tony Award nominated team of Pasek and…
Author:Special to CH2

Deli … cious! Island Bagel & Deli: New York Style in the Lowcountry

Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a toasted everything bagel. A selection of fresh cheese and berry danishes Real bagels are labor intensive,” said Mark Stone, owner of Island Bagel & Deli. When made right, they are so worth the wait: slightly crispy crust, that distinctive…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Who’s the Leader of Your Pack?

Every day, I am confronted with pet behavioral complaints. The answer to the issue is usually simple to see but difficult to correct. The problem is that most owners are not the leaders of their pack. Dogs are pack animals, and there is a pecking…
Author:Kirk Dixon, DVM

Line in the Sand: What is Love?

Opinion 1: Barry Kaufman As we prepare for the annual February rite of severing bundles of plant genitals so our loved ones know that we own a calendar, let us not forget the reason for this holiday: commemorating one (or possibly several) saints who were mercilessly…
Author:Barry Kaufman, Courtney Hampson

Love and the Single Adult

We might not talk about it, but if we’re over the age of 30 and single, we’ve likely reviewed the reasons why. Reasons such as, we accidentally dumped our soul mate a few years back when he or she put on weight or changed medications.…
Author:Denise K. James

Loving the Animals of the World

I lost the banana spider that lived on our back porch during a Lowcountry cold snap this winter. Over coffee one morning, I looked out at her web, saw her legs crumpled and knew right away that she was gone. Unlike most people, I felt…
Author:Denise K. James

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Treasure Hunting The words have been spoken so often during the past few months that they bear repeating here. Hilton Head Island is full of undiscovered treasures. Of course, it’s replete with discovered treasures, too, like our beautiful beaches and marshes, and…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

Boeing, Boeing: A Play Without a Plane

Boeing, Boeing—the name of an airplane, the name of a play. However, there isn’t even a plane or a scene on a plane in this classic farce, written by French playwright Marc Amoretti. The English language adaptation was first staged in London at the Apollo…
Author:Barbara K. Clark

Bringing Hope Home

I was sitting in Amy Campanini’s office at Palmetto Animal League when the call came in. Amy is PAL’s president, and the caller on the other end was a worker at a Virginia animal shelter. The news was hard to take. Hope, a sweet dog…
Author:Lindsay Perry

Real Estate Trends: It’s All About the Team

It’s hard not to notice how Real Estate is fast becoming a “team” sport. While certainly not new, the teaming, or partnering, or work sharing concept is becoming the rule or the norm, rather than the exception. The benefits of this trend are plentiful; each…
Author:David Carroll, Tracy Dayton, and Kitty Bartell

The Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival Celebrates 10 Years of the Island’s Best Seafood and More

The Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival, presented by Publix, takes place throughout the island February 20-26, 2017. And even if you are not a huge seafood fan, there’s something planned to please everybody’s taste buds this year. The main event on Saturday returns to Shelter…
Author:Special to CH2

Beyond Ordinary:The Silver Garden Forges Wearable Art

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped and Coiled Carnelian Stone Bracelet- $275.00 Jim and Linda Saylor being silly in their location off of Palmetto Bay Road Everything we do is with hand tools, and saws, and hammers, and a big torch,” said Linda Saylor, of the work she…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Four-Legged Satisfaction:Tail Wiggles Evokes Tail Wagging

I don’t think I’ve had a single day in my life when I haven’t had a cat or dog or horse or fish or something. Our family has generations of pet lovers,” said Janet Wiggers, owner of Tail Wiggles, the darling shop she owns with…
Author:Kitty Bartell

United Way of the Lowcountry Approaches Local Issues With a Better Perspective

When Marty Gleason retired to Hilton Head Island 15 years ago, he began playing tennis 10 times a week. It was fun, but he started to wonder, “Is this all there is?” Gleason was used to long hours in his previous life as co-owner of…
Author:Don McCloud

The Truth about St. Valentine’s Day

February 14, which is currently recognized as Valentine’s Day, was originally designated by the Catholic Church to honor a man by the name of Valentinus. Valentinus was a Christian Roman Catholic priest and a physician, who possessed a power for healing. Valentinus lived in the Third…
Author:John V. Esposito, J.D.

C2 Pet fashion for the pooch & feline

Special thanks to Hilton Head Humane for providing our wonderful and ADOPTABLE models! All apparel provided by Tail Wiggles, Village at Wexford
Author:Kim Molloy

2017 Local Entrepreneurs

2017 Local Entrepreneurs

Author:Special to CH2

7th Annual Most Adorable Pet Contest

Thank you for the over 200 wonderful pet pictures submitted. We clearly LOVE our fur or feather babies. Here are a few of our entries… Congratulations Zooey! At over 1,000 votes, people clearly like you as much as you like sand. For more fun contests, please follow…
Author:Special to CH2

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