February 2016

2016 Gentlemen of the South


Author:Special to CH2

Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap: Suspects & Suspense Afoot

“The cleverest murder mystery of all!”
The Telegraph

“A truly entertaining classic thriller!”
The Sunday Times

Author:Andrea Gannon

How to Cure Affluenza

If you pay much attention to mass media, you may have heard about the wealthy “affluenza teen,” who killed four people while driving recklessly and intoxicated. Rather than a prison sentence, the teenager’s attorneys were able to convince the judge that a lighter punishment of…
Author:Kent Thune

The Waddell Mariculture Center Is No Fish Tale

On November 8, the Waddell Mariculture Center on Sawmill Creek Road hosted a fund-raising party, the eighth annual “Taste of Waddell,” sponsored by “Friends of Waddell”—a group of mostly local Lowcountry folks and organizations who understand the extraordinary value of the center’s work, locally and…
Author:Paul deVere

Beach House Hilton Head Island:Beachside boutique and chic

Independent thinking, art appreciation, creativity, intelligence, witty banter, and indie rock… elements of a day in the life of the quintessential hipster. A casual cool state of mind with a decidedly relaxed sense of style accurately describes your 30-something neighbor who heads off to his…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Bluffton Center for Dentistry: Artistry, health, and humanity

Scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, doctors, armchair psychologists, and professional psychologists, for that matter, have pondered and prognosticated about why things happen. Why two or more things come together at just the right time, as though they were fulfilling the destiny of many a cliché: It was…

Catch 22:Celebrating 15 Years of Making Friends and Fabulous Food

They say that when you find your sweet spot—are in the zone doing something you love—and the passage of time is imperceptible, you have found your happy place. The implication of finding this place professionally translates to honing in on your true calling. The significance…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Children’s Relief Fund Celebrates 25 years of Helping Special Needs Children

CRF Founder Rose Fotia with one of her “kids.” 20th Annual Evening of Love Valentine’s Dinner Dance Feb. 13 Once again, as it has for the past 19 years, the Lowcountry community will gather for An Evening of Love to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Children’s Relief…
Author:Special to CH2

Children's Dentistry:More fun, less fear

Nothing is sweeter or more heartwarming than the deep down, from your toes, smile of a child. It reveals itself right there in their eyes: the glint of genuine delight, happiness, contentment, or satisfaction. It may come with a wrinkled up tiny nose, a giggle,…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Trending with Truffles and Chow Daddy’s

Price and Karen Beall, owners of Truffles Café and Chow-Daddy’s Food trends have set the culinary stage for decades. Maybe even centuries. Postwar America in the 1950s boomed with prepackaged foods and canned good-based concoctions like tuna casserole. Julia Child brought French cuisine to haute in…
Author:Becca Edwards

Cooks and Books Celebrates 10 Years of Literacy in the Lowcountry

Reading is a ticket to Budapest and puts you in the front seat on a rocket to the moon launching from China. It builds human dignity and builds self reliance. Literacy makes all things possible to all people—the great equalizer. For more than 40 years,…
Author:Joe Nehilia

#UwillbeOK: CSM Divorce Solutions Helps Prepare for Life After Divorce

Growing up, Catherine Shanahan’s mom said she should become a therapist. Friends came to her for advice, and much like her mother and grandmother, she was known to be a particularly good judge of character—rather an old soul. However, as far as career choices, she…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Deer Scat

Illustrations by Catherine Davies

Author:Paul deVere


You’ve seen them at local offices. Hard-working animals who toil by their owner’s side all day long. Long hours. Cheap pay. Big jobs. We caught up with a few of these professional pets and interviewed them on what it’s like to be a working furry.…
Author:Special to CH2

Editor's Note: Because the More You Know...

Reading has always been a preferred method of entertainment and escape for me. I can remember settling into a cracked blue bench seat with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the daily bus ride home from school. The smell of diesel would slowly drift away…
Author:Maggie Washo


Coral Leather Seamed Dress – $499 White Leather Geometric Collette Wristlet – $99.20 Sam Edelman Opal Black Heels – $110 (Heels Available at Porcupine) All other items available at Worth Entire look available at Radiance Tribal Straight Leg Pants – $64 Lilla P Microstripe Tank – $68 Lilla P Microstripe Cardigan – $99 Horn…
Author:Special to CH2

A Picture is Worth… 1,000 Pets!

Have you ever looked at a picture of a cat or dog and instantly fallen in love? If so, you have something in common with most human beings on the planet. And if for some reason you need evidence of this “love-at-first-sight” phenomenon to believe…
Author:Kent Thune

Karina Smirnoff comes to Bluffton!

Styling by Kim Malloy
Fashion and Accessories from The Porcupine
Hair & Makeup by Bride’s Side Beauty
Special thanks to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio for hosting our shoot and bringing such a vibrant talent to Bluffton!

Kinghorn Insurance: Accountability Creates Growth Opportunity

The Kinghorn Team: Bill Fuge, Evan Jeffords, Missy Layman and James Rowe The ominous black wall of clouds is marching the summer storm over the tree tops. Lightning cracks horizontally and vertically across the horizon, followed by waves of rumbling thunder. The rain falls with a…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Well-Adusted Pets

I had a play date a couple days ago with my favorite girlfriend, the one with the long blonde hair and the pink collar. I guess I chased her around too much, because boy am I sore! I might be getting too old to play…
Author:Courtney Van Acker

Line in the Sand: Shall We Kill Every Cat in the U.S.?

Opinion 1: Barry Kaufman If you’re wondering how Courtney and I happened on the subject of felinicide this month, you have the Island Packet’s Liz Farrell to thank for that. A while back, Liz tagged the pair of us in a Facebook post linking to a…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

Are You Lonely, Too?

Just as there are varying degrees of love (like eros, philos and agape), there are varying degrees of loneliness. I’m sure at some point you have felt some form of loneliness. I know I have. Whether it was that exhilarating, yet disturbingly ultra-quiet morning I…
Author:Becca Edwards

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Projects Update Our island begins its beach renourishment program this month. It is one of several major capital projects that will be underway in 2016 aimed at helping to support both our island economy and quality of life—and it certainly is the…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

The May River Oyster Company:Promoting sustainability, quality and a whole lot of passion

The May River Oyster Team When we are around people who are exuberant, excited and enthusiastic, it can be contagious…and that is a great ‘thing’ to catch! That excitement is exuded by the owners of the May River Oyster Company, a company located in Bluffton, owned…
Author:Laura R. Wilson

Smoke on the Mountain Promises Contagious Laughter

Choosing a season of shows for community theatre is always a challenge for those tasked with the decisions. I recently had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge of the theatre with family and friends. Their comments were: “We didn’t know so much went into a…
Author:Barbara K. Clark

Budding Baes: Featuring Artful Expressions from the pack at Noah’s Arks.

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a not-for-profit organization that supplies emergency medical and surgical care to abused and neglected animals. Their focus is on giving them a second chance at life by supplying them with the medical care they need to survive and thrive.

Author:Special to CH2

Joy Rediscovered:How a dog brought new meaning and purpose to my shattered life

Attempting to claw my way out of extreme grief, I sought help to find a place where, just for a moment, I did not cry to have my son alive again. The words, “What do you love to do?” somehow penetrated my bruised brain. How could…
Author:Elisabeth Nantz

Piano Palooza Comes to Hilton Head

They did it in Tel Aviv; they did it in New York and China, then in Santa Monica and Toronto and Omaha… and now it’s happening in our own backyard: Piano Palooza—painted pianos throughout the community! Five local artists and two high school art classes…
Author:Special to CH2

‘Planned Parenthood’: Finding the Right Pet

Owning a pet comes with many advantages, including companionship and comfort as well as numerous health and social benefits. But there can be some disadvantages, too, especially if you choose an animal that is not well-suited to your personality, lifestyle and budget. Committing to pet ownership…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Savor the Lowcountry

It’s nourishment for the soul and nosh for the history hungry. It provisions local economies and delivers morsels of insight into cultures. And like a well-plated version of your favorite fare, Savor the Lowcountry infuses all of these delicious notes into their culinary walking tours. “Savor…
Author:Becca Edwards

What is a Southern Gentleman,exactly?

If we put any faith into stereotypes, all Southern gentlemen would be named Rhett, Ashley, Wilson, and Huntley. They’d wear seersucker and bow ties and speak with a drawl. Their charming smile would slide slowly from one side of their mouth to the other, starting…
Author:Courtney Hampson

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