December 2015

SCYC’s Sailing Program is Picking Up Speed

Newman would also tell you sailing is a family sport. “With sailing, it is not like you have one kid in baseball, one in soccer. Usually, if one sails, they all sail. The whole family gets involved.” After having married a sailor who convinced me…
Author:Becca Edwards

Maximize Your Energy

At XP Fitness, we teach this formula for maximizing energy: Sleep + Nutrition + Exercise. Despite its simplicity, almost everyone fails to establish these basic body-nourishing habits. Now let’s talk about these three factors and how to implement them so that they go to…
Author:Scott Middleston

Trattoria Divina: Simply Divine!

Are you looking for an Italian dining experience that is simply divine? If so, you’ll find it in Trattoria Divina. The definition of trattoria is “an Italian restaurant serving simple food” and divina is Latin for divine. But Trattoria Divina takes their divine simplicity to…
Author:Kent Thune

Tiny Houses Make Big Impact

Interior view from the bedroom loft in Ben Kennedy’s newly built tiny home on May River Road in downtown Bluffton. Unless you’ve been living in one and have been off the grid, you’ve probably already heard of the tiny house movement. What constitutes a tiny house?…
Author:Jane Fielden

Sunspire Health Shines on Hilton Head Island

Sunspire Health, a leader in the treatment of addictive disorders, recently opened its newest facility, Sunspire Health Hilton Head. It is located at 2200 Main Street in the former boutique hotel, Main Street Inn & Spa, which was remodeled with a floor plan designed to…
Author:Kent Thune

Southpaw Pet Resort: Canine care and keeping in Lowcountry Luxury

Like a luxurious spa where guests are pampered, well-fed, and provided with recreation and a customized retreat experience, the clients at Southpaw Pet Resort have their own Lowcountry get-away on Hilton Head Island, where owners Stuart and Brecken Campagna and their team aspire to create…
Author:Kitty Bartell

5 Tips to Save You Money in 2016

Will Rogers once said, “The best way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.” Although he delivered this comment in a humorous way with his famous folksy wit, and the quote may be as much…
Author:Kent Thune

Impossible things are happening!- Hilton head preparatory school presents Rodgers & Hammerstein’s G2K Cinderella

Glass slippers are so back! G2K Cinderella, a timeless magical fairy tale, reborn with the Rodgers & Hammerstein hallmarks of originality and charm, will be presented by the middle school performers of Hilton Head Preparatory School at the school’s Main Street Theatre January 14, 15,…
Author:Special to CH2

Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery – What’s The Difference?

People have always thought that these are one and the same. However, there is a difference in the medical training received by the physician. A plastic surgeon continues his/her training after a surgical residency, which is normally three years. The plastic surgery fellowship can take…
Author:Special to CH2

Meet the Doctors

C2 Meet the Doctors

Author:Special to CH2

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Exercising Community It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Since I celebrated my daughter Kate’s half marathon finish in Savannah last November, my dream (vision) has been to compete along side her in the 2016 New York City Marathon. In order to…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

Line in the Sand: No nudes in Playboy

Opinion 1: Barry Kaufman I can’t tell you how old I was when I first glimpsed a naked woman, but I can tell you it was in the pages of Playboy magazine. I can also tell you that it led to me matter-of-factly telling my parents…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

Stayin’ Alive- How outsourcing can help keep you in business

There are two kinds of people: those who like numbers and those who don’t. But even if you are a mathematical genius, if you are in business for yourself, bookkeeping may be the paper cut that slowly bleeds you out. While large corporations often have whole…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Are You Struggling to Conceive?

Pregnancy, or even the thought of becoming pregnant, is one of life’s greatest juxtapositions. In one respect, you—the expectant mother—feel completely empowered. Your body was meant to do this. Your mother, your mother’s mother, and all the women in your family did this. And society,…
Author:Becca Edwards

Caught in Traffic: The sad reality of modern-day slavery

If you think slavery ended with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, you might be surprised to learn that, worldwide, as many as 27 million people are being bought and sold today—more than any time in history. According to the U.S. Department of…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

HUB International Southeast Keeping the Lowcountry Safe and Sound

Whether you realize it or not, risk management is a big part of your life. Concerned about getting the flu? Vaccinate. Mountain biking? Wear a helmet. Spending a day at the beach? Slather on the sunscreen. There are individuals and organizations whose sole purpose is…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Diploma with Distinction

Rocket ships destined to explore the distant reaches of the universe begin their journey on the launch pad. Prior to lift off, there’s a lot of focused, challenging work that goes into preparing for ignition. Mechanics make certain all the nuts and bolts are torqued…
Author:Kitty Bartell

January 2016: Editor's Note

When I was younger, I had a mad crush on David Hasselhoff. Not the David Hasselhoff who ran around in a red bathing suit with a flotation device. The David Hasselhoff who spoke to his British-accent speaking car, Kitt, through a watch. I want you…
Author:Maggie Washo

Forgiveness: Discover a life-changing resolution

After all the New Year’s glass clinking, off-key singing and midnight kisses, our thoughts typically turn to self-improvement. When the ball drops on December 31 (or the next day when the hangover wears off), most of us wipe the slate clean and start fresh with…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Fitness Fads

There are more than 150,000 fitness and health clubs operating worldwide. About 20 percent of those are located in the United States and are made up of about 50 million members; of course approximately 67 percent of people with memberships never actually use them. Interestingly,…
Author:Courtney Hampson

C2 Fashion: Casual winter resort style for men

Leather Island Belt – $75 Peter Millar Golf Shirt in Patriot Navy – $98 Peter Millar Sweater – $245 Tommy Bahama Denim – $98 Sperry Eye Cross Lace in Blue – $100 All items from Knickers Scott Barber Tee – $80 Peter Millar Pants – $125 JT Spencer Belt – $98 Alex Cannon Sweater…
Author:Special to CH2

“Let’s take it from the top…a 5, 6, 7, 8!”-

Broadway veteran Paul Canaan brings musical theater skills workshop to Hilton Head Whether you’re an aspiring thespian or a seasoned veteran of the boards, if you dream of taking your talents to a Broadway stage, you’ll have an opportunity this January to learn musical theater skills…
Author:Jane Stouffer

The Crazy Crab Harbour Town: Celebrating 30 years of sumptuous seafood and fun

In 30 years, siblings Andrew Keller from Atlanta and Katie Keller McKay from Memphis haven’t missed spending a part of every summer on Hilton Head Island. It was 1986 when their parents first rented a home for a week on Snowy Egret in Sea Pines,…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Will your business thrive in 2016?

Small business ownership is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. However, operating a business is no easy task. According to a recent survey, 43 percent of small business owners anticipate no revenue growth this year.* Obviously, many small businesses are merely surviving,…
Author:Dominick N. Biangone

Injury Prevention and Care on the Slopes

This is the time of year when many Lowcountry residents migrate north or west in search of some true winter weather and fun on the mountains. This is also the time of year when we in the sports medicine community see a number of injuries…
Author:John P. Batson

Atlantic Community Bank:Celebrating 10 Years of Creative Community Banking

Pictured above from left to right: Mollie Sandman, Bob McKinney, Ansley Goodman, Michelle Pennell, Susan Sherry, Todd Hoke The first incarnation of banking was believed to be in ancient Assyria and Babylonia around 2,000 BC where grain loans were exchanged for the transport of…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Paul Taylor 2:Dance Company Dazzles at The Arts Center

“Taylor 2 is a kind of a miracle…the dancers are considerable talents who unite fearlessness with skill.” — New York Times One of the seminal artists of the 20th and 21st Centuries, dance maker Paul Taylor continues to shape the landscape of modern dance that he…
Author:Andrea Gannon

Jennifer & Thomas: Love in the lowcoutry

Celebrant: Hon. Joanne Assini
Ceremony: Liberty oak, The Sea Pines Resort
Reception: Sea Pines Beach Club
Catering & Cake: The Sea Pines Resprt
Photography: Photography by Anne
Makeup: Bride’s Side Beauty,
Hair: Robin Yancey
Flowers: The Bluffton Flower Shop
Reception Band:Deas Guyz
Invites, Programs, Menus: Pretty Papers
Transportation: Sea Pines Trolley

Author:Special to CH2

Amanda (Lenns) and Chris (Lane)

Ceremony: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist · Reception: Westin Savannah Harbour · Florist: Harvey Designs Wedding and Groom’s Cakes: Minette Rushing Custom Cakes · Band: Men of Distinction · Lighting/Dance Floor Monogram: All About You Wedding Planner: Posh…
Author:Special to CH2

Coastal Event Rentals

A splendid party has a very particular sound. The seamless melting of voices, one on top of the other, one beginning and another ending without pause, creates a pleasant din, above which music accompanies the conversation with mood-altering waves of melodies selected to set a…
Author:Kitty Bartell

7 Tricks to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like most normal human beings in America, you begin January by packing away the holiday decorations and watching football on television. Then you make your New Year’s resolutions. The list of goals for the New Year usually consists of some combination of…
Author:Kent Thune

2015 C2 Holiday Gift Guide

Author:Special to CH2

C2 Fashion: Holiday Musts... Mom and Daughter

1. Pelle Moda Rivka Black Shoes – $160 Diamond Stick Necklace Kismet – $1045.00 S. Kalan Rose – $1100.00 14K Gold Plated Diamond Round Ring – $320 P. Roland Floral Print Strapless Dress – $490 All items from Porcupine 2. DL Margaux Skinny Jeans in Grey – $178 Trina Turk Red Top – $234 525…
Author:Special to CH2

Arts Center’s Mary Poppins Brings Magic to the Island

What comes to mind when you hear the name Mary Poppins? Do you imagine spoonsful of sugar, magic-powered umbrellas, a bottomless carpet bag and a voice like an angel who makes every chore a game and turns every life lesson into a song? Many would…
Author:Laura Jacobi

Realtor Brad Wilson: Hilton Head’s Humble Ambassador

Special thanks to Vince and Laurie Fultz

Author:Kitty Bartell

Not JUST for the Grill:The Benefits of Charcoal

Experimenting with our beauty routines is one of life’s most sincere pleasures, at least for women. Remember when we were 12 or 13 years old, trying on purple nail polish at a sleepover or wiping a garish shade off our eyelids, then laughing and starting…
Author:Denise K. James

It Takes a Village

The world is small. Bluffton and Hilton Head seem to be the sun sometimes, everyone and everything revolving around them. One can easily play six degrees of separation—or more likely two or three degrees. And that warms my heart. Two and a half years ago,…
Author:Courtney Hampson

Editor's Note

Whoa man. That’s Deep. As I was reading through this issue in its entirety, it dawned on me that we had tackled a few thought-provoking topics in amongst the usual fluff of a holiday issue. Which is great, because I like it when someone makes me…
Author:Maggie Washo

Eyes Wide Open:Learning to see myself

It was an ordinary day when I unsealed the envelope that opened an old wound: “Welcome to our Fiftieth High School Reunion.” My immediate response was “Hell no! I won’t go!” The only happy time I can recall in school was acting in plays. I…
Author:Elisabeth Nantz

The Face Place by KC

Like easing gently into a bath of liquid and light luxury, it would be extremely easy to overlook the hard science and years of training and experience that make a visit to Kathy Cooksey at her studio, The Face Place by KC, so effective for…

The Real Truth about Fake Breasts

From “apples” to “zeppelins” and everything in between (including my favorite, “pointer-sisters”) there is no shortage of euphemisms for the word “breasts.” In five minutes of Googling “nicknames for breasts,” I found 244 examples. I attribute the colorful and extensive collection of breast-isms to the…
Author:Becca Edwards


In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite emerged from an oyster, giving this bivalve a reputation that was tough to beat. On Easter morning, I sat at Chef Brandon Carter’s kitchen table at his home in Bluffton. He was mixing Bloody Marys. His daughter Bailey was at…
Author:Courtney Hampson

How to Give Yourself ‘the Present’ This Year

Which is worse – having no presents or having no presence? December is a unique time of year in that it is one of both reflection and of looking forward. We recall traditions, friends, and family and we look back on the year that has nearly…
Author:Kent Thune

History for Sale:Church turned antique shop a local treasure

The last time she saw him was at a funeral. He drove up in a long white car, and was dressed entirely in white, all six feet and four inches of him. He wore a white hat with a single eagle’s feather, which added to…
Author:Steve Nichols

Keeping up Appearances:Why looks matter and when they don’t

In a recent informal survey, I posed the question: How has your outward appearance affected your life—career, personal relationships and/or self-esteem? Both men and women responded much as I expected. To sum up: It’s what’s inside that counts. Call me superficial, but I believe that the…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Abiding by the Law of Attraction

When we speak on topics of beauty and health, we often and ironically overlook one of the most powerful yet simple means of making ourselves more beautiful and healthy: positive energy. Beauty is much more than physical appearance. It is a feeling that you project…
Author:Kent Thune

Lawton Stables

Generosity is the soul of all great teachers. Whether teaching in a classroom or teaching by example, sharing knowledge, experience, and resources are the hallmarks of society’s best educators. Hilton Head Island residents Didi and Andrew Summers are teachers by example rather than by profession,…
Author:Kitty Bartell

What’s in a Lie?

Have you ever told a lie? Be honest. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t. Maybe it was a benign one. Something like, “No, you don’t look bad in that!” or “This is the best fruitcake ever!” (because no one in their right mind…
Author:Becca Edwards

Line in the Sand: The best things that happened in 2015

Opinion 1: Barry Kaufman Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure how we wound up here. I could probably piece it together by reading Courtney’s half of this column, but why start now? I think, going by the now-traditional email chain full of personal insults and death…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett A Piece on Peace, and Gifts, and Vision… You’ve doubtless heard the story. Now nearly 101 years ago, beginning on the eve of 24 December, 1914, some German and British soldiers along WWI’s western front put down their armaments to partake of a brief…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

Memorial Health Legacy Center: Collaborative Care at the Heart of the Matter

In this time of media- and money-driven medical marketplaces and with new drugs gaining FDA approval daily, medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries can seem overwhelming as insurance and coverage questions flummox and befuddle both patients and physicians. The doctors at Memorial Health’s Legacy Center in…
Author:Kitty Bartell

A Touch of Class: Old Fort Pub continues tradition of excellence

SEA ISLAND BOUILLABAISSE Local Shrimp, Scallops, Crawfish, Mussels, Roasted Tomatoes, Tasso Ham, Collards In most businesses, change is driven by a variety of factors including social trends, economic considerations and customer demands. As society in general has become more casual, so the local dining scene has relaxed…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

A Widow’s Guide to Holiday Survival

It’s been 14 years since my husband passed away and I am just now, this year, far enough along in the grief process to publicly share a few thoughts on the topic of holidays and how to survive them. While that may be shocking to…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

To Our Health: The Pros and Cons of Drinking Wine

Since the oldest winery was founded in ancient Armenia in 4100 B.C., people have raised a gourd, glass or jug of fermented grape juice. Wine flowed through the rise of the Greek empire, serving as a symbol of trade, religion and health. It spilled into…
Author:Becca Edwards

2015 New Business Round-Up

2015 New Business Round-Up

Author:Special to CH2

Sucks to be Santa

special thanks to charlie schroeder

Author:Special to CH2

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