May 2015

Bluffton Village Festival:a celebration of bluffton life

Once upon a time, there was (and still is) a cool, eclectic town, renowned for the originality of its people—a town by the banks of the beautiful May River, known for its artists, good food and Lowcountry living. Quirky, eclectic, different, unique are all descriptors…
Author:Laura Wilson

Welcome Summer Camp!

Now that summer has arrived, we finally get to enjoy the warm weather, beach days, boating and all of the lovely things our glorious area has to offer. Along with this comes the question of childcare. With so many options to choose from, finding the…
Author:Courtney Hillis

10 Things To Do For Mom @ Shelter Cove Harbour

As Mother’s Day approaches, figuring out what to give your mother, grandmother, wife or favorite aunt can be challenging. “She has everything,” you say. Wrong! And even if she does, she deserves to be recognized in a way that says, “I cared enough to put…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Pelican's Point

A pelican, a mentalist, a comedian, and a musician all walk into their favorite Hilton Head Island restaurant… This may sound like the lead-in to a joke, but it only begins to describe what you might see or experience at Pelican’s Point, a completely renovated waterfront…
Author:Kent Thune

Parks & Recreation Hilton Head Style

It was fall 2002. While Chaplin Park wasn’t quite completed, the huge ball fields were in use. Crossings Park was eight years old. Steve Riley, Hilton Head Island’s town manager, was coaching his son in six-year-old soccer. “We’d had practices up at Crossings. We’d had…
Author:Paul deVere

Ode to Mom

Special thanks to Camila, Bonna, Beth and Julie • A big shout out to Whole Foods Hilton Head for hosting our shoot.

Author:Special to CH2

May River Theatre: State Fair!

Spring time is the perfect time for a state fair, and May River Theatre’s first show of the season is smack on with their version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s State Fair. I call this show one of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “sleepers,” as most people know…
Author:Barbara K. Clark

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett Welcome may, graduation month! And congratulations to all who are celebrating this achievement at our area’s fine schools. For each of you, this May of 2015 will be remembered as a month of new beginnings. As you look forward with buoyant expectations…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

Line in the Sand: Is facebook a major time suck?

Barry Kaufman I’ve thought about it, and instead of writing a column this month I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures of my lunch, tell you all about my awesome new phone, share a mind-blowing news story that probably isn’t true but reinforces my…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

Letter to My Mother

TO: JUNE WHITWORTH WEAVER 1 Pearly Gate Way, Heaven You were right. The boys were only after one thing. The mean girls were jealous. My skirts were too short, my heels too high and my bangs too long. You were right. Sunglasses help prevent wrinkles, and night cream…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Life with Boys

Being a parent to boys or girls, whether they are biological, adopted or inherited is the hardest job E-V-E-R. As an only child and the youngest of my cousins I had very limited exposure to helping raise anything except a cat. And I certainly didn’t…
Author:Laura Jacobi

Why Less is More When Investing Your Money

Life can be simple, but we make it complex. This universal truth also applies to how we handle our money. For the past 700 years, the teachings of science often refer back to one simple idea put forth by a medieval philosopher, Sir William of…
Author:Kent Thune

Longevity of the Boil

The first time I saw Jevon Daly, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, wearing tiny red spandex shorts and fishnet stockings. This was somewhere around 2008, and Silicone Sister was onstage at Remy’s on Pope Avenue. I was hooked. This was shear…
Author:John Cranford

C2 Fashion- April Showers Bring May Flowers

Yala Orchid Kai Top – $59.99 (Louette) Salaam Skirt – $85 (Palmettoes) Vintage Bouquet Alice Hobo Clutch – $103 (Louette) Silver Lynn Sam Edelman Shoes – $60 (Belk) Others Follow Floral Peplum Dress – $65 (Bleu Boutique) Flower Necklace – $225 (Bleu Boutique) Lafont Oakland Sunglasses – $420(Spex) Lucky Brand Toffee Barillos…
Author:Special to CH2

HILTON HEAD INSTITUTE:Bringing Hilton Head island Courageous Conversations

How do we cope in a world where change occurs so quickly, creating uncertainty about our future? That’s just one of the questions being posed and explored by the Hilton Head Institute, a unique organization right here on Hilton Head Island that brings together some…
Author:Special to CH2


SPECIAL THANKS TO: The HeritageClassic Foundation and the Sea Pines Resort for hosting such a class act
event for over 47 years

Author:Special to CH2

Q&A with HEATHER THOMSON, Real Housewives of New York City

With the inundation of reality TV shows and a fame hungry culture that seems to thrive off of superficiality, I had developed a cynicism toward Insta-glaming celebs, believing their definition and my definition of reality were starkly different. Yet, sitting down with Heather Thomson of…
Author:Becca Edwards

Handbags & Shoes for Mom

Author:Special to CH2

Food & Wine - The Case for Rosé: Pairs Well with the Lowcountry

Being from Hilton Head, I often get, “No way. You are a local? No one is from here.” After their look of amazement and confusion, the next question is usually, “What was it like growing up here?” and “What a wonderful life it must be.”’ At…
Author:Clayton Rollison

Overcoming the Paradox of Financial Freedom

Conventional wisdom says that freedom is obtained by financial means. But this is an illusion. In fact, it is the pursuit of money that is among the most enslaving of human endeavors. Consider this: Hundreds of millions of people are led to believe that one particular…
Author:Kent Thune

MONEY LESSONS FROM THREE FAMILIES: Stories to help you navigate tough conversations about money, health, and estate planning.

One family found an uncovered box of cash with $70,000 in small bills under grandma’s sofa. Another family was devastated by the news that the financial decision maker was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yet another couple found $27,000 in paper bags and pockets of…

May 2015 Editors Note

That’s kind of how I felt putting this issue together. See, here’s the thing about April on Hilton Head Island: It’s very difficult to get hold of anyone. Between Easter Week and the RBC Heritage, people are busy. Our clients are gone on vacation because…
Author:Maggie Washo

Tips to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes made by divorcing people

Understand your financial and emotional limits. When you understand yourself, you are better equipped to be objective. This saves time, which leads to cost savings. If you are not prepared to look at reality—without the emotional entanglements—the outcome will never be what you need, let…
Author:Catherine Shanahan

Cleaning for A Reason

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Knowing the effects the disease has on patients and their families, Kety and Christopher Gomez, owners of HH Cleaning Services, LLC, decided to put their cleaning services towards a good cause. They have teamed up with…
Author:Courtney Hillis

Circle to Circle: Planning for Sea Pines to Coligny Circle: Your input requested

During the 1960s and early ‘70s, the Coligny Circle area became the commercial hub of the island. It was spawned by and grew because of its proximity to the beach, the concentration of cottages along North and South Forest Beach Drives, nearby hotels, and the…
Author:Special to CH2

Welcome to The Boardroom

The Boardroom Team (from left to right): Brendan Reilley, Caitlyn Overstreet, Anthony Triceri, Thomas Reilley, Alana Allison and Scott Gruber The best things in life are not planned—they happen. This universal truth sums up the evolving story of the Hilton Head Island hot spot, The Boardroom,…
Author:Kent Thune

At The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina presents Gypsy

Let the cast of Gypsy entertain you at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. The blockbuster musical will run from April 29 through May 24. The Tony Award-winning musical is loosely based on the true story of Mama Rose and her efforts to raise daughters…
Author:Laura Jacobi

Sun City Hilton Head:Not Your Grandma’s Retirement Home

Sun City’s official ground-breaking ceremony in may 1994 If the term “senior living” conjures up visions of blue-haired ladies shouting “Bingo” or decrepit old men playing shuffleboard, prepare to be awakened. One visit to Sun City Hilton Head, and you may be counting the days until…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

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