November 2013

Talking Is Easy...Why Isn't Reading?

Nine-year-old Cole is one of the brightest children in his third-grade class. He has a fantastic vocabulary and knows everything there is to know about football—he can even tell you who played in each of the last 10 National Championship games and who won. But…
Author:Jessi Dolnik

Decorate Your Halls

Getting in the holiday spirit and decorating your home this season can feel like getting up early to exercise. You know it’s time. You know it’s good for you. And you know you will be energized afterward. Yet, the motivation might not quite be there.…
Author:Rebecca Edwards

New Headmaster Speaks to Digital Natives: HHCA Sets a New Course

On July 1, 2013, less than one year after arriving on Hilton Head Island, Dr. Daniel Wesche was named headmaster of Hilton Head Christian Academy. This dynamic new leader isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet, setting ambitious goals and creating a diploma-driven program…
Author:Kitty Bartell

November 2013:Mayors

Thanksgiving: Family, Food and Football Thanksgiving for us has always meant family, food and football. There has always been turkey and all of the usual accompaniments, many more than any reasonable person would try to eat. My father liked his cranberry sauce tart and with the…
Author:Drew Laughlin, Lisa Sulka

Hilton Head Island Community Thanksgiving Dinner: Gratefully celebrating 15 years

Thanksgiving, the holiday, is a day when America gathers around tables laden with sumptuous feasts from turkey and dressing to buttery mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, surrounded by family and friends. Thanksgiving is also a feeling—a peaceful place of gratitude in one’s soul that is…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Thanksgiving Traditions

Kim Crouch, CH2 We potluck a turkey dinner, blending northern and southern traditions in a party-like atmosphere and whoever takes the turkey carcass makes a Pennsylvania Dutch turkey soup for everybody the next day! Catherine Davies, CH2 For the past 8 years I have been a vegetarian, which…
Author:Special to CH2

Black Friday:’ Tis the season!

Waterboarding, starvation, bamboo shoots under your finger nails, sensory deprivation, Dr. Phil, ex-wives, Black Friday… all methods of torture in one form or another. ’Tis the season to be pushed to the ground at Best Buy so you can get your still turkey-greased hands on…
Author:Courtney Hampson

Taste of the Season: The culinary event of the year

The Lowcountry culinary scene has become known for the great chefs that define it with their innovative cuisine. With more than 250 restaurants, the area’s scene has never been hotter, and nowhere is this more evident than at Taste of the Season, the Lowcountry’s culinary…
Author:Special to CH2

Thanksgiving Recipes

CQ’s Pumpkin-Tini This is a sinfully delicious dessert cocktail that we L.O.V.E. A great cocktail to serve before Thanksgiving dinner—and after! Serves 6 to 8 people or 3 to 4 drunks Ingredients 1 pumpkin pie Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka Grey Goose La Vanille Vodka Grey Goose Vodka White Crème…
Author:Special to CH2

Bluffton Christmas Parade: Comedy, Community and Candy

For many people who live in and near Bluffton, the first Saturday of December, around 11 a.m. is the most magical time of the year. For nearly 50 years, Blufftonians and their guests have lined the streets of Old Town to cheer their neighbors, laugh…
Author:Debbie Szpanka

Thanksgiving: Being Better: Stepping one-down this Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving … the weather is crisper and Lowcountry autumn colors have begun to appear on the trees. The scent of baking pies and roasting turkey calls you to slow down and take a long breath of appreciation. Family and friends celebrate the day playing…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Golf Tips: How to Alter Trajectory

A number of instances during a round of golf call for hitting the ball on a lower trajectory. Sometimes hitting it lower is out of necessity and others it is your only option. Shots out of the rough or into the wind are two that…
Author:Pete Popovich

Line in the Sand: Common Core?

Frank Dunne, JR. I was caught a little off guard when Maggie and Miss C threw Common Core on the table, because I didn’t know anything about it at the time. Common Core? What’s that? Some new Pilates modality? Nevertheless, Courtney’s enthusiasm to take the thumbs…
Author:Frank Dunne Jr., Courtney Hampson

November 2013: Editor's Note

I Must be Getting Old Either that or I’m just losing my nerve. In this month’s issue, we did a story about tattoos and the reasons people get them. It all started when I got the September issue of GQ in the mail. On the cover…
Author:Maggie Washo

Sweetening the Deal: Live to Give—A God Thing is getting competitive

What began only a few short months ago as a little shop operating on the principle of giving it all back is sprouting and growing like kudzu on the side of a Carolina roadway. Deb Copeland, author and former business consulting entrepreneur, now turned retail…

Q&A with John Rush, CRPC® Financial Advisor

Jeff Page: Are today’s baby boomers confident in what they have saved for retirement? John Rush: No, in fact it is quite the opposite. Recent studies have revealed the following: -42 percent fear that they might outlive their savings. -57 percent of pre-retirees do not have a concrete…
Author:Jeff Page

Medical Section: Avoid Skin Cancer

Treat your skin with TLC The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that more people are being diagnosed with melanoma. It notes that melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer among young adults ages 25-29 years old, and white males 50 years of age…
Author:Jessi Dolnik

Medical Section:Lessons for Life: Former football star shares story, motivates youth

Kendall Simmons took plenty of punishing hits in his Super Bowl-winning football career, but none was bigger than a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes that could have derailed his life were it not for dramatic lifestyle changes. The retired athlete now faces challenges of a…
Author:Michael Paskevich

Medical Section: Concussions in Sports

Concussions are defined as traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are very common in sports such as football, soccer, cheerleading hockey and lacrosse. In recent months, these sports related injuries have been a hot topic. The NFL recently settled a lawsuit, awarding past players $765 million…
Author:John P. Batson, MD, FACSM

Medcial Section: Fasten Your Seatbelt…Detour Ahead

Driving an 18-wheel tractor trailer truck requires a great deal of training and a whole lot of practice to be able to navigate all the surprises that big rig may throw at you. Recently, I was ordered into the driver’s seat, told to buckle my…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Medical Section: You Can Stop Gum Disease

This is a mighty big statement that requires an explanation. First, think about this question: If there were a species whose only means of getting nutrition was by chewing food, and if this species had rampant tooth and gum disease causing the loss of those precious…
Author:Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS

November 2013 Series of Fortunate Events

Look out, Lisa! Jack Roberts attended his first Bluffton Town Council meeting on August 13. He announced to Mayor Sulka that he wants her job in a few years. Anthony Barrett, town manager, introduced the sixth-grader and announced Roberts’ wishes to run for public office. Another Big…
Author:Special to CH2

Prep's Midsummer Night's Dream: Magic, Wonder, and Family Fun

What: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Who: Presented by Hilton Head Preparatory School
Where: At the Hilton Head Prep Courtyard
When: November 9 & 10 @ 7 p.m.

Author:Andrea Gannon

Savannah Food & Wine Festival:A World-Class Culinary Event

The Savannah Food & Wine Festival is poised to set the bar high this November with its culinary celebration of one-of-a-kind wine dinners, tastings, cooking demonstrations, classes and more. A stellar line-up of chefs, cookbook authors, events and premium wine and spirit brands from around…
Author:Special to CH2

Faces DaySpa & Lash Studio: Where health and beauty go hand-in-hand

Trying to relax in yoga class, I hear the instructor say, “Exhale, touch your toes.” Reaching down, I am so appalled by the sight of my feet that I gasp and think, “I need a pedicure ASAP.” Thankfully FACES DaySpa fit me in that afternoon,…
Author:Rebecca Edwards

INK: The Very Personal Reasons Behind the Tattoos

Make-Up by: SkinZin

Author:Rebecca Edwards

Meet CH2's Bachelor/Bachelorette Nominees

This year’s contest & party was Sponsored by:
Advanced Integrated Controls, CQ’s, South Island Square, The Porcupine, Old Fort Pub, Hospice Care of the Lowcountry, The Art Café, Bomboras Grille, and Outside Hilton Head

Author:Special to CH2

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