November 2012

The Art League of Hilton Head - Craft Hilton Head 2012

The Art League of Hilton Head announces awards honoring Best In Show during the Craft Hilton Head 2012 opening night reception that took place on the evening of Thursday, November 15.

Author:Special To CH2 Magazine

Meet CH2's Bachelorette Nominees

Tune in Next Month to see who made the Top 10!

Author:Special to CH2 Magazine

GEE WHIZ! Philly's Boasts Best SANDWICHES In Town...Period

We’re off to see the whiz The wonderful, wonderful whiz… At Philly’s, located in the Fountain Center on New Orleans Road, this whiz is a unique, tasty, cheesy, homemade concoction that goes on Philly’s traditional Philly Cheesesteak. It’s not out of a can or jar; it’s not…
Author:David Tobias

HATS OFF! Rev Up your Fall Style with a Chapeau, Lid or Fedora!

Hair by Tracee Spencer of Salon Artistry
Make-Up by Jessica Shefisck, Skinzin – Special Event Makeup
Model – Catherine Davies
All Hats from Saks Fifth Avenue off 5th

Author:Special To C2 Magazine

Is Your Home Dressed For Success?

It is said that if one dresses for the part, he or she is more likely to act the part. If that is true, what can be said about an interior space dressed for the part? In other words, what is the value of a…
Author:Kelly Hughes

Editor’s Note: My Favorite Charity

I have been listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning for as long as I can remember. It’s a family-friendly syndicated morning show based out of Dallas, Texas with a cast of six different personalities (Kidd, Big Al, Kellie Raspberry, J-Si, Jenna & Shannon). It’s…
Author:Maggie Washo

C2’s Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Author:Special To C2 Magazine

Tips From A Golf Pro :How to Increase Your Golf Flexibility

Last month in our article re: the “X Factor,” we discussed swing theory and why it is unwise to limit one area of body rotation while attempting to increase another. Attempting to increase rotation in one area of the body to compensate for a lack…
Author:Pete Popovich

American Wood Reface: Why Replace when you can Reface?

It’s time for a new kitchen. It’s no longer functional. Maybe you’re trying to sell your home, or maybe you’re just tired of the old worn out cabinets and fixtures and you’re ready for a brand new look. But then you’re reminded of the time…
Author:Frank Dunne, Jr.

Healthy Environments – Everybody deserves a healthy, Energy Efficient Environment

As the owner of Healthy Environments, I am frequently asked three questions: “Why are there so many problems with mold here?”; “Why do I have so many allergy symptoms since I moved into my home?”; “How can I lower my energy costs in this heat?” Here…
Author:Tim Silcox: Owner of Healthy Environments

Hello My Name Is: Harry Miller (Babe)

Hi, My name is Harry, but my friends call me Babe. You may have seen me at the beach or walking Sofie my goldendoodle. I grew up in the boring/exciting town of Rockville Center. When I was five, my hero was my father, and now…
Author:Harry Miller

Heritage Fine Jewelers – A Few Glittering Suggestions for Your Holiday Shopping List

LET THIS BRACELET AND RING BRING YOU A REFRESHING RAINBOW OF COLOR! The 18KT yellow gold bracelet contains a total carat weight of 4.46 in various semi-precious stones that are surrounded by a total carat weight of 1.93 in diamonds. Complete the look with this…
Author:Special To C2 Magazine

New Programs Expand on Hospice Care: Honoring Veterans and Supporting Companions

In school, most children learn a great deal about how life begins—how the human body grows and changes throughout its life cycle, but rarely how the life cycle comes to an end. Talking about dying and death is difficult at best in our culture, and…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Interior Motives: Making your home a masterpiece

How many roles does Michelle Pearson play before she changes a light bulb, picks out a wallpaper pattern, designs a floor plan or places a pillow? The owner of Bluffton-based Interior Motives probably plays more parts than there are colors in a paint chip wheel. “Many…
Author:Debbie Szpanka

KPM Flooring – Royal Fiber: The Custom Queen Holds Court

Floor coverings have a noble, ancient, and even romantic history. Kings and queens were the first to enjoy the luxury and beauty of rugs. Evidence of their importance in ancient cultures dates back more than 2,400 years before the birth of Jesus, and has been…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Nov 2012: Letters to the Editor…

Ms. Washo, Your magazine implores the readers to “save the date” of October 25 at Reilley’s Plaza to meet CH2’s Bachelorettes of 2013. After seeing the photograph of them I doubt that anyone with any class is going to be interested in being there. Real “ladies”…
Author:Special To C2 Magazine

Decisions, Decisions

Have you ever been paralyzed by a decision? Big decisions can be a crisis and sometimes not making one is the only reasonable solution. It’s the same with small decisions, like deciding between the chicken noodle or tomato Florentine soup. Instead of giving up and…
Author:David Tobias


Drew Laughlin (Hilton Head Island) USCB at Coligny The Town of Hilton Head Island recently completed a financial feasibility and economic analysis of two concept plans for the Coligny Beach/Pope Avenue area. One overriding theme of this analysis was that the town should move to install public…
Author:Drew Laughlin and Lisa Sulka

Charity Corner - Your Community's Foundation

Members of the board and staff of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry are frequently asked by friends, neighbors, members of the media, and acquaintances to explain the community foundation.

Author:Carolyn Torgersen

Our Town - Celebrate Taste of the Season: The Lowcountry's Holiday Tradition

Wine, dine and enjoy award-winning cuisine at Taste of the Season, the culinary event of the year. The Lowcountry food scene has become as hot as the great chefs that define it with their innovative cuisine. With an outstanding selection of diverse cuisine and our…
Author:Special To C2 Magazine

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - Hilton Head Prep Presents Tony Award-Winning Musical Comedy

The competition is intense. The words are hilarious. And the kids are unique. So let the games begin! For its fall musical production, the Hilton Head Preparatory School Performing Arts Department is proud to present the uproariously funny 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. This…
Author:Special to C2 Magazine

Now Is The Time To Spruce Up Your Vacation Rental Home

Fall is upon us, and like the arrival of spring, the change of season brings renewed energy and a desire for change. For those of us in the vacation rental business, this is the time of year to assess summer’s wear and tear on our…
Author:Jessica Maples

Tail-Waggers: Wagging a tail at sustainability

Jack Johnson sings a mellow tune in the background. Olive, a five-year-old Basset Hound rescue, rolls on to her back and telepathically sends messages of love, peace and belly rubs with her puppy dog eyes. And, chilling on a stool behind the counter of her…
Author:Rebecca Edwards

While Healthcare War Rages on, Bluffton-Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine Gives Neighbors a Medical Safe House

It’s a subject that puts anxiety in the lives of the young and fear in the lives of the old. It puts neighbors, friends and family in the crossfire of a war of words. Mostly though, it puts millions of Americans in a financial, mental,…
Author:Debbie Szpanka

Get Ready for the 'What-ifs'

The future holds many uncertainties, and your retirement is no exception: “At What age should I retire?” “How long will I live in retirement?” “When should I start taking Social Security?” “How will rising medical costs affect me?” That’s why planning is so critical, and…
Author:Wells Fargo Advisors

When to Hire an Interior Designer

Your home should be a reflection of you. Your personal style, lifestyle needs, and general attitude towards living all go into the mix of colors and fabrics and furnishings that make a house a home. Take a good look around your house. Does it look…
Author:Gregory Vaughan

Bully for You

It was a simple scene at the pool. Four middle school guys, all slim and athletic, shirts off, bouncing in and out of the water, all comfortable with each other, trading verbal and physical jabs—a poke here and a push there. Then the Big Guy…
Author:David Tobias

John Rush & Associates – A Gentle Touch Builds A Better Machine

The inner-workings of any functioning machine are a combination of insightful design, well-fitting parts, and a ready supply of fuel. Some machines are complex configurations of metal and grease and oil, while others are simpler, but no less ingenious layouts of wires and plastics and…
Author:Kitty Bartell

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