October 2011

October 2011: Hilton Head and Bluffton MAYOR

DREW LAUGHLIN: With the public’s assistance, the Town of Hilton Head Island is simplifying the commercial permitting process based on Work Simplification Principles: listening to the customers, simplifying the process, and changing to a single accountability. Drs. Terry Ennis and Bob Gentzler volunteered…
Author:Drew Laughlin and Lisa Sulka

Finding The Payoff In ENERGY-EFFICIENT Cars?

Based on the number of fresh models being introduced this year, the demand for energy-efficient cars appears to be reaching new heights. Hybrids-which are powered alternately by gasoline and battery – have steadily gained traction over the years. And, more recently, cars which are strictly…
Author:John Rush

Does Everyone Really Drive a USED Car?

Everybody drives a used car. For over 10 years now, I have been airing this statement over the local airways, and I am always amazed by the response it receives. For the most part, it has always been a positive response (thank heavens or I…
Author:Mike Cody

Muscle Cars

This article is about cars, but this is fair warning; if electric cars, hybrids, or those little deathtraps that they laughably call smart cars are your thing, you should turn the page now. This won’t interest you. Are they gone? Good. Those folks tend to get…
Author:Frank Dunne, Jr.

Lowcountry Car Clubs - Sharing The Road

Attention all Lowcountry gearheads, motorheads and self-styled classic car nuts. You have a home. Actually, more than one. Celebrate Hilton Head recently shifted gears and put pedal to the metal to catch up with two local car clubs to learn more about the timeless beauty of…
Author:Special To C2 Magazine

ELECTRIC PIANO: Pop On In For The Sterlin & Shuvette Show

It’s a few ticks before nine o’clock on a breezy Wednesday evening at the Electric Piano, one of Hilton Head’s most popular musical hangouts. Sterlin and Shuvette Colvin walk in the front door past a sign outside that says “Not your typical piano bar” and…
Author:David Gignilliat

FACES DAYSPA - Spa Treatments NOT Just For Women Anymore

By nature, man is a warrior. In foreign territory, he observes the movements of others, scans the scene and tries to blend; hoping the natives never suspect he is not in full control. Culture shock may attempt to enter his psyche, yet he swats it…
Author:Debbie Szpanka

October 2011: Tips From a Pro - Extra Long, Belly & Regular Putters: Which One Is Right For You?

This year, more than at any time in the modern era, long putters (meaning extra-long “broomsticks” and belly putters) have become the topic of discussion on the PGA Tour. What was once considered an anomaly and a last attempt to solve putting issues before giving…
Author:Pete Popovich

QUALITY GOLF CARS: Your One Stop Source For Golf Cars and Service

Bruce Simmons is no stranger to golf cars. Prior to opening Quality Golf Cars in 2008, he worked with the EZ-Go golf cart company for over 20 years all over the country. His last assignment was manager of the Bluffton EZ-Go showroom before it became…
Author:Peter Zink

Country Club Of Hilton Head: The Place For Meetings, Events and Special Occasions

I’ll let you in on a little secret…if you need to throw together a meeting or other last minute group event, there are open dates at the Country Club of Hilton Head (CCHH) in November. “It’s a relatively slow month because everybody’s gearing up for…
Author:Frank Dunne, Jr.

Be A Kid Again: Learn to Play Golf

Has the game of golf piqued your interest? Has your initial reaction to learning the game of golf been something like, “I’m too old to start learning golf; I’m not athletic enough; I will be too embarrassed to miss the ball; I just won’t be…
Author:Rita Slaveskas

The Shores Are Alive. Hilton Head Prep Presents The Sound Of Music

Hilton Head Preparatory School’s performing arts department will perform the beloved Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music, in November. The elaborate stage production features 31 student cast members, 15 crew members and a collaborative, 24-person orchestra comprised of students from various Beaufort County…
Author:Pamela Capriotti Martin

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS: Just What The 'Doctor' Ordered...

You’d think that sending in a crew of guys to clean out dust, mold and crawly (or formerly crawly) nasties from a house’s ductwork, attic and crawl space would be all about making things more aesthetically pleasing. Yeah, sort of.

Author:David Tobias

Service COVERT STYLE. Why Settle For Less?

Three enormous HVAC guys sat shoulder to shoulder across the tiny truck bench seat, sporting three-day beards and wearing dirty brown quilted jackets. Larry, Darrell and Darrell, squeezed out of the truck with effort and hunched over the on-the-fritz compressor unit. Larry towered over brother…
Author:David Tobias

KIINETICO: Do You Know What's In The Water?

Sharks and jellyfish? No. Not that water. I’m talking about the water that you use to shower and shave, do the dishes and laundry and— for some of you at least—drink. All it takes is one taste of untreated water from your kitchen faucet to clue…
Author:Frank Dunne, Jr.

Debunking The Myths of Hiring an Interior Designer

In today’s real estate market, it is more important than ever to protect your investment. Whether your property is a sprawling family estate in Palmetto Bluff or a quaint beachside cottage in Sea Pines, when building or remodeling your home, it pays to invest in…
Author:Gregory Vaughan

October 2011: Hello My Name Is - LAVARN LUCAS (Hilton Head Fire Chief)

My name is Lavarn, but my friends call me…

Author:Lavarn Lucas

October 2011: High Spirits - OKTOBERFEST BEERS

With nights getting cooler and days getting shorter, October is a perfect time for the arrival of the fall seasonal beers, especially the Octoberfests or Oktoberfests. These rich, amber colored beers are full of flavor and excellent with smoked or spicy meats (think sausage!) as…
Author:Krissy Cantelupe

October 2011: A Line In The Sand - Halloween

Frank’s Opinion: Courtney has a seasonal question for this month’s Sand column: “Halloween, scary movies, scaring yourself just to scare yourself? I don’t get it.” Taken at face value, I’m pretty much on the same page (figuratively) with Miss C on this one. Can you…
Author:Frank Dunne, Jr. and Courtney Hampson

Back In The Lowcountry. Lowcountry Spine & Sport

The secret to success is simple: if an omen or oracle tells you to do something, pay attention. Then just take the hint and do what it says. Dr. John Batson grew up on Hilton Head Island, learned to windsurf at South Beach, spent time kayaking…
Author:David Tobias

Confidence Lost: The Perilous Impact of High Frequency Trading

Investment in American corporations through stock ownership has not only fueled the spectacular growth of the American economy, but has also formed the backbone of millions of Americans’ retirement savings. Through 401(k) plans, IRAs, and investment accounts, we have prudently diverted a portion of our…
Author:Emily Johnson

SEPTEMBER 2011: A Line In The Sand - Speeding Tickets

What happens when a police cruiser is parked beside a highway on the blind side of a curve or the down side of a hill where nobody can see it until the last second? Right. The lead car driver suddenly applies the brakes and in…
Author:Frank Dunne, Jr. and Courtney Hampson

SEPTEMBER 2011: Letters To The Editor...

Dear Ms. Washo, I am writing this email to hopefully inform you of an error I noticed on your current magazine and fellow article. I noticed you had interviewed Mark Pellegrino for your magazine and was instantly intrigued by this and while I enjoyed the article…
Author:Special To C2 Magazine

Chronic Cough: Hidden Causes & Cures

Chronic cough can be defined as a cough lingering for eight weeks or longer and is one of the more frustrating problems a patient can experience. In fact, more than half of patients suffering from chronic cough will become clinically depressed. The purpose of this…
Author:Thomas Beller

SEPTEMBER 2011: Mayor - Hilton Head and Bluffton

Drew Laughlin (Hilton Head Island Mayor) – Town News
Lisa Sulka (Bluffton Mayor) – Local Economy Expansion and Diversification

Author:Drew Laughlin and Lisa Sulka

Hilton Head Island: Italian Heritage Festival

The posters for the upcoming Hilton Head Island Italian Heritage Festival are hard to miss. Striking, to say the least. Advertisements for the event feature a whimsically tilted replica Harbour Town Lighthouse, suggestive of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the famous bell tower in Italy’s…
Author:David Gignilliat

Fall Fashion Forecast

Fall Fashion Forecast. Featuring clothes from Porcupine, The Back Door, Palmettoes, The Stock Exchange, Patricia’s, Radiance, and Luciana.

Author:Special To C2 Magazine

Childhood Reading Difficulties: What Can Be Done?

Imagine waking up for work each morning knowing that when you get there, the entire day will be a struggle. You feel incompetent and unsuccessful. You have a very difficult time meeting basic goals, and the feedback you get from your supervisor confirms that you…
Author:Jessi Dolnik, MA, CCC-SLP

CH2's Bachelors of the Year ALUMNI: A Q&A With The Guys Who Took The Title

In remembering some of the fonder moments of the last few years at CH2, we would be remiss not to mention the Bachelor of the Year contest. It was, after all, the shameless exploitation of these good-hearted young men that put CH2 on the map.…
Author:Special To C2 Magazine

The Resort Doctor: Hickey Wellness Center Goes Beyond Traditional Medicine

John Morabito had a problem. Diagnosed with a bone marrow disease called pancytopenia, bone marrow transplant centers in New York told him he had only six-eight months to live. But Morabito wasn’t ready to give up so easily. He took a trip to Hilton Head…
Author:Peter Zink

SEPTEMBER 2011: Editor's Note - When Five is A Lot!

Three years ago the CH2 crew went on a weekend getaway to Palm Key. The first day was packed full of granola activities—kayaking, yoga and such. That night we had a big BBQ party and perhaps just a tad too much to drink. The next…
Author:Maggie Washo

This Catch 22 Is No Paradox...FRRRRESSSSHHH!

Let that word just roll off your tongue and purse the lips for the ssssssshhhhh part. It’s a two-syllable word if you do it right, and it’s one of those onamonapia words. It somehow is just what it sounds like. It’s such a fun word to…
Author:David Tobias

LIFE AT CH2 - A Walk Down Memory Lane

LIFE AT CH2…A Walk Down Memory Lane

Author:Special To C2 Magazine

SEPTEMBER 2011: Our Town - Lt. Dan Weekend: Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band

You remember the scene. (If you haven’t seen the movie Forrest Gump, welcome to Earth). There’s Lt. Dan, played by actor Gary Sinise, sitting on the pier in his wheelchair, shoulder-length hair, that Tiparillo stuck in his mouth. And, as Forrest, played by Tom Hanks,…
Author:Paul DeVere

Cancer of the Prostate is an Inevitable Cause for Concern. For Men.

Prostate cancer are two words most men don’t like thinking about – but become an inevitable cause for concern as they approach 50 years of age and beyond. Board certified urologist, Dr. Richard R. Vanderslice on the active medical staff of Hilton Head Hospital points out…
Author:Edward Thomas

SEPTEMBER 2011: High Spirtis - The Art of Celebration

Has it really been five years since CH2 appeared on the scene? I can’t believe how fast time passes. From Wine Talk to the newly renamed High Spirits (I love that name), I have had a fantastic time writing each month. Since we are celebrating…
Author:Krissy Cantelupe

SEPTEMBER 2011: Golf Tips From A Pro - Are Your Shafts Giving You THE SHAFT?

In their pursuit of lower scores and more enjoyment of the game, golfers are finding that, next to a truly proficient teacher, technology is playing a greater role than ever before. A too-often-neglected and rarely mentioned aspect of this technology pertains to golf shafts. You…
Author:Pete Popovich

Retirement: Getting an Early Start on Saving for Retirement

Many people assume they can hold off saving for retirement and make up the difference later. But this can be a costly mistake. Waiting too long to start saving can make it very difficult to catch up, and only a few years can make a…
Author:Morgan Keegan & Company Inc.

Palmetto Bluff Makes Music to Your Mouth: A Tribute to Southern Culture and Cuisine

In 1910, President Taft faced off against House of Representatives member James A. Tawney, who called into question the president’s travel fund and “injected the matter of Southern hospitality into the debate.” President Taft, so flustered by the intimation of wrong-doing regarding his travels and…
Author:Courtney Hampson

SEPTEMBER 2011: A Series of Fortunate Events

Owens Wedding
Cindy Brown and Steve Owens (surrounded by their children) were married June 24, 2011 – on board a cruise ship to Nassau, Bahamas…

Author:Special To C2 Magazine

Short Selling: Is Short Selling Worth the Risk?

By now, you have probably decided to ride out the current market volatility or you are ready to sell. We just do not have a clear picture of the future of our economic environment. We know our country has financial problems, the housing and job…
Author:Robert Star

Follow the 'Lead Dog' To South Beach for Fall Festivals & Events

The fall and winter is the time for new beginnings at Hilton Head Island’s South Beach Marina. Just as the tide flows in and out on Hilton Head’s 14 miles of beaches, there is a seasonal ebb and flow to the bustle of activity on the…
Author:David Gignilliat

Women's Back Pain. Yes. It's Different

Pain in the neck and back area is the number one complaint among older Americans, and physicians now understand more clearly that pain affects men and women differently. According to studies by The Journal of American Geriatrics Society, women typically seek professional help more quickly…
Author:Edward Thomas

SEPTEMBER 2011: Chuck Hyatt (Harold's Diner)

Hello my name is…Chuck Hyatt

Author:Chuck Hyatt

SEPTEMBER 2011: What You Need To Know About - South Carolina Incomes Taxes, Part 2

Who knew? After two years of writing articles on big subjects like Investing, Insurance, Federal Taxes, etc., I focused my last missive on the limited subject of South Carolina income taxes and got the greatest response yet from CH2 readers. Okay… I can take a…
Author:Lew Wessel

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